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A secret war is brewing in the night, a war in which humanity is only a pawn. The Hellsing organization has been protecting both Queen and Country for centuries, though with each day, the threat of the living dead continues to loom over the unexpected denizens of the world. Even armed with powerful automatic weapons with silver armor-piercing or mercury-ignition rounds, the Hellsing organization finds it difficult to banish these demons from the face of the earth. That is where Alucard comes in, a powerful vampire of unknown origin, though he serves Integra Hellsing with fierce loyalty.

However, one night in the town of Cheddar, Alucard comes across a young female police officer who is being held hostage by a vampire priest. Through a question he asked, the young woman, Seras Victoria, decided to become a vampire and Alucard became her master. She must now struggle with the loss of her humanity as she attempts to become a suitable member of the Hellsing organization, though with the terrors of the night growing more and more problematic with each passing day, she must overcome her weaknesses if she wishes to survive.

Hellsing is based on the manga of the same name, created by Kourta Hirano. It aired on Japanese television from October 10, 2001 to January 16, 2002. In the U.S. it was licensed by GENEON Entertainment and aired on Starz's Encore Action from October 4, 2003 until December 27, 2003.

Hideyuki Tanaka

Hideyuki Tanaka

Enrico Maxwell (Jap.)

Nachi Nozawa

Nachi Nozawa

Paladin Alexander Anderson (Jap.)

Ralph Lister

Ralph Lister

Walter C. Dornez (Eng.)

Steven Brand

Steven Brand

Paladin Alexander Anderson (Eng.)

Takumi Yamazaki

Takumi Yamazaki

Incognito (Jap.)

Victoria Harwood

Victoria Harwood

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing (Eng.)

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  • The best short anime serie ever.

    I still can't believe that this short serial containing 13 episodes could possibly thrill me. But it does! I love the way Arucard talk with his enemies, the way he abuse them, mock them and at last crush them. He is a strong character which I prefer the most. He never gives up and he continuously fight for his own reason, not because he choose to fight with evil, but because he loves to fight and he despair those who kills and rampages without any reasonable causes. Seras Victoria, the second main character, is opposite to Arucard. She values every life and struggles with her conscience every time she have to pull the trigger. After all she is a human trapped in vampire body. She is not as perfect as her master Arucard but still very fascinating.

    Those two made that show worth remembering.moreless
  • This review is over the series not the OVA I loved this series but I do have complaints

    Hellsing was a great and way too short show. I don't normally watch things about vampires because thanks to emo or goth culture being a vampire has become overrated, but in the case of Hellsing I found the plot to be amazing. My only feeling with the show is that it could have kept going.

    Incoginito the antagonist of the seres is a vampire and much like Alucard (the protaganist and vampire) is in the service of a family. The thing is after he was defeted by Alucard (sorry if I spoiled anything but I bet you couldn't guess the good guys win) the series ends. My thought on it was wait so we as an audience will never find out what family sent Incognito. And I don't want to hear it was Nazis, because yes that is who are pulling the strings in the OVA but not necassarily in the series not to mention Incognito isn't in the OVA. Another thing that comes up is what about Anderson? They made such an importance over him and yet his rivalry with Alucard is never settled or affects the ending. Hellsing is a great series that could have kept going,the writers strayed so far from the manga when making up the character Incognito that they could have made there own story arc of the Hellsing organization trying to find out who sent Incognito. Like Integra says in the series "Search and Destroy."moreless
  • I dont really watch anime. But this was cool.

    As a said I dont really watch much anime but this was really cool. It has a good story, fascinating characters, amazing bad guys, and all the gore you could ever want. A friend of mine (a big anime freak) ordered me to watch this show. He said "its the kind of thing you like" and boy it was. Now some parts are really weird but over all its pretty easy to follow. An awesome really strong vampire slaughters alot of little vampires. Now what I dont get is if he is so strong then why not unlock all his power at once. (if you saw the show you would get it)moreless
  • Hellsing, the TV series, is basically a generic action series....with vampires.

    Don't get me wrong, Hellsing TV is not a bad series. However, its not so much that they change the story line that the original manga had, but they first of all, don't have very proffesional editting done within the show. Furthermore, with only 13 episodes in the entire series, there isn't much time to expand upon, and develop, the many interesting characters, which the series has. So, while this show is decent while it lasts, in the end, its just not enough. However, I still reccommend this series to anyone who likes action, and vampires. But, if there are people who really wish to have the true Hellsing experience, they can either read the manga, or watch the OVA series (which is actually a remake of this series, except it follows the original manga's story line this time, and has far better animation). This series does tend to get a little bit bloody and violent at parts, therefore I do not reccommend it to children, or anyone under the age of 13 for that matter. However, for people of ages 13 and up, it should be fine. Also, like I said, the OVA series is great, and I would actually give that one a rating of 8.5/10. Unfortunately though, this is a review of the TV series, and I have to be honest. So, as I just said before, it is decent, but not good enough to pass as anything above average.moreless
  • Dark and full of action. Plot twists around every turn.

    This is the first anime I watched from start to finish and it has to be one of my favorites. Every character brings something different to the table and they compliment each other perfectly. Most of the anime occurs in dark settings. It really helps to add suspense to theis action packed anime. The basic story is a vampire named Alucard works for a secret organization known as the Hellsing organization. He is sent on missions to destroy "unnatural" vampires who turn humans to ghouls. Many of these vampires are being created through electronic chips implanted in their heads.

    When we first see Alucard he is headed into the town of Cheddar where a vampire preacher is turning it's inhabitants. While fighting a female officer is injured. After the fighting, Alucard transforms her into a vampire to save har life but she doesn't fare well because she refuses to drink donated blood. From here, the story follows Alucard and Seras from the attack on the Hellsing castle to the final battle against Incognito. But why is Alucard so eager to aid the humans and why is he so powerful? You'll have to watch and find out.moreless

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