Encore Action (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Hellfire
      Episode 13
      The fight between Alucard and Incognito is continuing, though with a surprise attack by Incognito, the tides of the battle turn dramatically. Meanwhile, Integra and Walter decide to head out to the Tower of London themselves, though the British military is making that goal quite difficult to reach. However, when Incognito reveals his true intentions to Integra, she realizes that the fate of the world rests on Alucard’s shoulders.moreless
    • Total Destruction
      Episode 12
      After Integra Hellsing's meeting with the Queen was cancelled, she begins to hear reports that her soldiers at the Tower of London are encountering fierce resistance. To make matters worse, Hellsing has been labeled as a terrorist organization and the British military begins their attempt to put an end to their operations. Meanwhile, Alucard heads into the Tower of London in hopes of encountering Incognito while Integra and Walter try to figure out what exactly they should do next.moreless
    • Transcend Force
      Episode 11
      Integra Hellsing is still recovering from her wounds, though to make matters worse; there have been several attempts to take the Queen’s life in recent days. The Royal Knights of the Round Table decide to hold a conference, though Integra cannot attend due to her wounds. However, when Integra receives the word that the Queen will be coming to Hellsing headquarters to hold a secret ceremony with her, she sends her soldiers to the Tower of London in an attempt to trick those responsible for the attacks into falling into a trap. Meanwhile, Seras Victoria has been deployed into another unit within Hellsing and she is trying to figure out why she is seeing some strange visions, though when she goes to meet with an acquaintance, something occurs that puts all of their preparation into jeopardy.moreless
    • Master of Monster
      Episode 10
      After she had cut her own throat in an attempt to prevent herself from becoming a ghoul, Integra Hellsing is undergoing an emergency operation in order to save her life. As Alucard and Seras watch on as the operation is occurring, Integra begins to have subconscious thoughts, in which she reflects back to how she met Alucard and how she became the leader of the Hellsing organization.moreless
    • Red Rose Vertigo
      Episode 9
      While in the middle of a raid on an old castle, the Hellsing organization is ordered by the S.A.S. to fallback and let them handle it. However, Seras Victoria senses an unwelcome sign coming from inside the castle, though she doesn’t have time to investigate the reason behind her feelings. When everyone returns back to Hellsing Headquarters, Integra Hellsing gets an unexpected visitor, her sister Laura, though several unexplainable events start to occur that causes Seras to wonder what exactly is going on.moreless
    • Kill House
      Episode 8
      After a recent raid in a Chinese factory results in the destruction of all the evidence that was inside of the building, Integra Hellsing attempts to strengthen her organization’s ability to find the people responsible for spreading the computer chips that are causing artificial vampires. Meanwhile, Seras Victoria and an MI-5 agent head off to get some information on their own regarding the situation.moreless
    • Duel
      Episode 7
      As the Hellsing organization attempts to recover from their losses during the invasion that occurred the day before, Integra Hellsing decides that it’s time for some vengeance. Seras Victoria is deployed alongside her unit in hopes of finding and destroying the individuals responsible for the attack, though when Integra is visited by an unwelcome guest from the Vatican, Alucard heads out in hopes of finally getting to duel Paladin Alexander Anderson.moreless
    • Dead Zone
      Episode 6
      Jan and Luke Valentine are continuing their assault on the Hellsing organization headquarters, though Walter, Seras and Alucard are well prepared to fight them back and they take up their positions. Walter and Seras plan to fight off Jan and his ghoul army, though Alucard decides to sit back and wait for Luke to head his way, in which he then plans to fight him. However, with a meeting of very important people taking place on the third flood, along with the fact that the Hellsing organization doesn’t know who is the true mastermind behind the attack, Integra Hellsing realizes that it’s going to be somewhat more difficult than she originally expected.moreless
    • Brotherhood
      Episode 5
      Seras Victoria is continuing to cope with the fact that she is a vampire, though things are starting to look better as she’s being treated as one of the normal Hellsing members. However, things take a turn for the worse when two vampire brothers murder a government agent, which puts Hellsing in the position of investigating the issue. Unfortunately, when the brothers decide to make the first strike and attack the Hellsing organization’s headquarters, the Hellsing soldiers must make a defensive stand: a position they don’t typically like to take.moreless
    • 10/25/03
      There have recently been a series of snuff films being released, though the Hellsing organization becomes interested when one of their own members is killed in one of the videos. Seras Victoria is deployed alongside her unit to destroy some ghouls in an apartment, though when it turns out that their raid is being shown live on national television, Seras begins to investigate the situation on her own in hopes of finding the individual responsible for putting the Hellsing organization into jeopardy.moreless
    • Sword Dancer
      Episode 3
      There have been recent reports of artificial vampires being created; though Hellsing finds proof in this when an Italian college student has been found with a computer chip implanted in his brain, which permitted him to be just like any normal vampire. However, things become even more complicated when the deceased student comes back to life, still being a vampire when the chip was already removed; Hellsing heads out in an attempt to bring the deranged vampire down, though they discover that the Vatican has its own plans for the artificial vampire.moreless
    • Club M
      Episode 2
      Seras Victoria is undergoing training, as she was merely an inexperienced officer before her ordeal just a few days earlier. As she copes with her new abilities, she soon learns that she will have to hold her own in the organization if she wishes to survive, though she cannot help but attempt to cling onto whatever humanity she has left. However, she doesn’t have much time to contemplate such things, as two psychotic vampires have been murdering families in London and her unit is assigned to put an end to the two delinquent’s existence.moreless
    • The Undead
      Episode 1
      There have been some recent reports about missing people in the small town of Cheddar. Despite the fact that the police knew what they were dealing with, they disregarded all warnings and sent their men to capture the culprit, though it ended in disaster. In hopes of putting an end to the plight of the city, the police finally turn to the Hellsing organization, a group of elite soldiers who dispose of vampires in order to make the world a better place. A Hellsing member named Alucard is sent to Cheddar to find the vampire responsible for the carnage in that city, though his fate soon becomes intertwined with a young female officer who isn’t aware that her life is about to be changed forever.moreless