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Help Me Help You

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Help Me Help You take a bunch of people who are all really messed up in different ways and put them in a room together to try and help each other out. he group leader, Dr. Bill Hoffman, is probably the craziest and most self-obsessed of all, but his patients would never know it because he hides behind his very respectable celebrity image as a bestselling author of phenomenally successful self-help books. The series explores the comical side of group therapy as members of the group apply the good doctor's advice to the real world with enthusiastic effort, until they begin to realize maybe Dr. Bill should be doing the heavy lifting along with them

    Danson cast as corporate titan


    Help Me says "help me"

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    • The worst show EVER!

      This was the worst show ever! ABC is so dumb! I can't believe they cancelled Hope and Faith to put on this stupid show! I say cancel this show and bring Hope and Faith back at least have a decent show after Dancing with the Stars. Cancel it already its not funny. It's just plain dumb. Who would ever want to watch a show like this. Bring back some good shows such as Hope and Faith to boost the ratings up again! That was a bad move that ABC made by putting this on actual television! So all I say is Change the Channel!!moreless
    • "Becker" meets "Dear John".

      Ted Danson played a bartender, then he played doctor (forgive the pun) in an inner city clinic, and now he's a psychiatrist to the usual assortment of dysfunctional people.

      To show how "original" it tries to be, we have an oriental woman (one of Danson's patients) who, apparently, likes kosher meat - - I mean, Jewish men! Get it? See, Jews are supposed to like Chinese food, so, naturally, there must be Chinese people who like Jews! Hilarious! (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it!)

      The crux of the episode I saw, "Raging Bull" (the second word is quite apt), was that Danson's character took on a dismally ineffective boxer in hopes of using psychology to improve him. Basic training and pep talks don't work, but, during a group session, the boxer becomes enraged at another patient, who is very timid and insists on sitting near the boxer who refuses to move from the timid guy's usual seat on the sofa. The shrink uses this to his advantage by bringing the timid guy to the boxer's fights where, naturally, the boxer wins every time, as long as the timid guy is present. Later, the boxer physically abuses the timid guy in the gym locker room . . . Black guy beating up a white guy. What a wonderful message to send to the audience! But, wait! The timid guy actually becomes more extroverted, mostly because of his belief that he was instrumental in the boxer's improvement. Wow! Psychology at its best! Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention that another white patient, who is, apparently, gay, makes terrible, obvious, advances to the black boxer during session, but the boxer doesn't get mad at him. Makes perfect sense!

      The secondary subplot was of the Chinese woman, mentioned above, going on a blind date with a man she met through an online Jewish dating service. Laughs galore (sarcasm, again) when it turns out that he's Chinese! Of course, neither is Jewish, but they try to bluff their way through it. They go to a Sabbath service, during which the Rabbi welcomes them as "new members" (presumably to his synagogue) and even mentions them by name, which would seem to indicate that he met them beforehand, so why didn't he figure out that they weren't Jewish? They are finally "caught" when they are given the honor of saying a prayer over the sacramental wine, but they obviously don't know it when they start singing a completely inappropriate song (I forgot the name of it, which shows how bored I was with the episode). And, of course, despite their obvious mistrust, the two end up sleeping together; did anyone not see that coming? (no off-color pun intended!)

      The final subplot was of Jere ("Dear John") Burns' character as an overly aggressive (opposite of the timid guy?) manager, becoming hooked on a hand-held video game that his subordinates play. At the end of the show, he apologizes to one of the subordinates, then fires him (we aren't told whether he was kidding or not).

      Though there were no surprises in this episode (the first I've seen of the series), I'll admit to being somewhat "hypnotized" by it, not unlike watching a multiple, motor vehicle, highway accident. I'll give it another shot or two, to see if it improves, but I doubt that will happen: "Bob Newhart", this ain't!moreless
    • With some adjustments this could be a really funny show.

      Help Me Help You... I dont know where to start... I loved the first few episodes, they were so funny! After some time... it got harder to watch... I liked the openings the best because it was type across the screen what each persons problem was, and that was so funny. But the show didn't hold up to my expectations as a whole. Bill Hoffman's character was alittle off... in some way. I would record it on my dvr but I wouldn't want to watch it right away, I wasn't pressed, or that interested... I suppose it was good while it lasted... but I dont know if I see this show returning...moreless
    • Ted Danson is back!

      Along with "Cheers" and "Becker", Ted Danson can now add "Help Me Help You" to the list of funny shows. I'll be glad when some of these actors and actresses either stop putting dye in the hair or stop aging. Which ever comes first, let it be soon. His daughter on the show is sleeping with a geezer because of some "daddy issues", his wife left him for another guy, and he himself goes to therapy. How wonderful. His 5 patients are head cases and they don't know their doctor is one too. Its like the blind leading the blind. It's fun all the way.moreless
    • Hanging on by a thread

      Ted Danson can be a funny guy. His wry sense of humor can be amusing but this show has a long way to go. It certainly is not up to the quality of CHEERS - it\\\'s not yet up to the quality of BECKER. The character needs to be better written with more depth.

      He makes Bob Newhart\\\'s shrink character Dr Hartley look like a well-adjusted person by comparison.
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