He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 13

Betrayal Of Stratos

Aired Unknown Unknown on USA



  • Trivia

    • If the door can only be opened twice a year, how does Whiplash get in and out on a regular basis? If he uses Skeletor's portals, could the demons not use that to get in and out, making the door pointless?

    • Where exactly was Stratos' sister, Delora, during the whole episode? Wasn't she around to defend her brother?

    • Why exactly has Skeletor stolen the Egg of Avion? Although he says "Soon we'll all have wings" after stealing it, it's hard to imagine the Egg giving Skeletor flying power. Plus if he wants it for his own personal use, why does he hide it in the Demon Zone, when the portal there only opens twice a year?

    • In this episode Whiplash appears to live in the Demon Zone, and its ruler, Kraal, states that they can only open the portal to Eternia twice a year. If this is the case, how come we see Whiplash so often in other episodes?

  • Quotes

    • He-Man: Today Stratos of Avion learned the true value of forgiveness. When someone does something we don't like it can be hard to forgive. It's at times like these that we must remember everyone does a second chance. We all make mistakes. And when we do it's nice to have a friend who will understand and give us another chance. Right my friend?
      Orko: Right!
      He-Man: See you next time.

    • He-Man: When someone does something we don't like, it's hard to forgive. It's at times like these that we must remember: Everyone deserves a second chance.

  • Notes

    • This episode features the third (and final) appearance of Stratos' race, the Birdpeople of Avion. It is the second episode to focus around the Birdpeople after season 1's "Reign of the Monster".

  • Allusions

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