He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 1

Diamond Ray of Disappearance

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 1983 on USA

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  • Diamond Ray of Disappearance.

    Skeletor finds the lost ‘Diamond Ray of Disappearance’, which has the ability to make anything or anyone disappear to another time dimension when pointed at them. He rounds up his army from the Universe, and they attack Eternia. Skeletor makes the King, Queen and Man-at-Arms disappear and He-Man, along with Teela, Orko and the others have to stop Skeletor and destroy the diamond ray in order to get everyone back.

    This was a good episode such that we get to see all the good guys and bad guys of the show fighting each other. This moral of the episode in this story was not to take the easy way out, even if it might seem tempting. Hard work always has best results. This series used to be my favorite as a child, and I am glad that they decided to put this on DVD.