He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 36

Not So Blind

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1984 on USA

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  • Prince Adam offers a blind boy the chance to see the singing crystals. Trouble arises though when pieces of ice break the crystals causing a bright flash which leave He-Man, and Ram-Man blind.

    One of those rare He-Man episodes not featuring a bad guy. Also one of those rare episodes that is primarily about suspense and has no battle scenes.

    This episode was a bold story about people's perceptions about blindness and the treatment of blind people.

    We begin with Prince Adam listening to one of the elders telling a story about He-Man. Lous one of the kids who loves He-Man would love the chance to meet He-Man. Of course Adam is right there and fulfills the kid's request. He takes things a step further and offers Lous the chance to take a journey to hear the singing crystals. The crystals are located on a dangerous journey featuring a messed up obsolete bridge, cave ins and much more.

    When He-Man, Ram-Man and Lous finally get to enjoy the singing crystals, the stalagmites in the area fall down. The trio duck for cover but the stalagmites cause a couple of the crystals to break making a bright flash. The flash makes He-Man and Ram-Man temporarily blind.

    Lous offers to guide back to get help using his sense of sound and smell. Like I said overall this was uniquely different from other He-Man stories. Clearly a character driven episode. The writers made Lous the hero of the story by having him guide He-Man around. He-Man of course using his strength helps to complete the journey back.

    There is one minor thud. There is one very politically incorrect if not nasty comment by Ram-Man which I am surprised that the writers wrote in at the time. Ram-Man asks Lous what is the worst thing when you are blind. LMAO. Wow.

    I mean the answer to that should be obvious but why was this question asks is bizarre.

    Like the other episodes on Season 2 DVD set of He-Man this one doesn't have any commentary. I can only assume then that the writers didn't take into consideration how politically incorrect that scene.

    Ignoring that though this is still a very special episode and really set He-Man apart as a great cartoon.

    I mean it was already recognized as a high quality action cartoon but this episode showed that they could incorporate a very personal issue like blindness.