He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 8

Origin Of The Sorceress

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1984 on USA

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  • Soceress Begins

    This one is my favorate episode of all of He-Man, and of course it was written by one of my favorate writters and people in the entertainment biz, J Michael Staczynski. He always knew how to bring a three dimention into most of his stories and this one takes the cake. The Soceress I always found a facinating character because of how much mystery surrounds her, from how much she knew and how much power she was cappable of. Most of the time though we never really got to know her that well though, because she was always sort of a deus ex machina device used to get the characters going a certain direction. This episode makes her a more soulful character as well as tells a little about Eternia's past. In a way this episode sort of works on an emotional level because you realize that the Soceress in reality was a ordinary young girl who wasn't anyone special yet had certain strong desires to motivate her to do what she had to. You realize the role that she's taken is one where there is no going back toward, she will sacrifice her whole human life and never be able to walk among humans again or be able to have the same things as them, like have friends or love. The new role she'll is of great importance and responsibility where she of course where she will protect and save many lives.

    Basically it's really about roles we play in life, the importance of them but also the cost of them. Sorceress may have lost a lot in her life, but has also gain something great in return, it's all anyone of us can ask for.
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