He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 53

Return of the Gryphon

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1983 on USA



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    • Man-At-Arms: There was a really wonderful moment in today's adventure story.
      Orko: Bet I can guess what it was. It was when He-Man brought the water out of the lake.
      Man-At-Arms: No, that wasn't it.
      Orko: Well then, it must've been when He-Man lifted the whole top of the mountain.
      Man-At-Arms: That was incredible, but that wasn't it either.
      Orko: Well I give up.
      Man-At-Arms: The most wonderful moment was when Thad realized he must face his own responsibilities. In that one tiny second I saw a boy grow into a man.

    • Nalon: 200 years ago, the Gryphon came to our village and put the jewel in our care. We have failed in our task. Now that it is stolen, the Gryphon will return once more...to destroy us!
      Townsman: But that's just a myth, it's not...
      (interupted by a loud roar from the Gryphon)
      Nalon: There's your myth...in the flesh!!

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