He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 37

Revenge Is Never Sweet

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1984 on USA

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  • Orko frees an evil wizards whose hell bent on getting back at Evil Lynn.

    Well clearly by the title, the writers were trying to tell us the morality lesson right of the bat. Of course Revenge is sweet but that's not a message that the show would say since it was geared for kids.

    Anyhow, it was entertaining like any He-Man episode. The character of Kothos is drawn well here. One thing about the show is that they spend enough to make episodes look great. Kothos flying palace looks great.

    There's even a scene where He-Man does body surfing here. Skeletor is great as his usual self. There's a really funny scene where he says he won't sell Evil Lynn to Kothos for He-Man only moments to give her up without a thought. LMAO.

    Overall it was another memorable episode.