He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

USA (ended 1984)


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  • Too much violence for it's time in history

    There was no blood and gore but it was still too violent for it's time in history and for the young mind. The animation, color, and creation of
    characters was brilliant, vivid, and very well done to say the least. The story line could also have been smoothed up instead of choppy or rough.
  • Almost reached status of ultimate pure delight, but still a great show

    I was born before this happened, so I never got to fully appreciate this great cartoon. In order to achieve the status of ultimate pure delight you need the following: a story with a narrative, good battles without going overboard with it, adventure, pure imagination, a little romance, characters you can care about, some decent acting, and good messages without being didactic. Animation can be dropped. Here's the strengths this show has: Appealing characters (everyone loves Orco even the girls!), brilliant artwork backgrounds and character designs, and most importantly a very imaginative story. So what kept this back? Stiff acting, didactiveness, and lack of narrative. (Pokemon attained that honor though some will disagree). However, even with those three setbacks, I can't help but watch it from time to time. "I have the power!"
  • A great show in retrospective

    I used to watch it when i was a child and I thought it was great.
    But nowadays when i get the chance to watch it I realize that I wasn't that wrong (things tend to differ as you grow up).
    Mostly when you compare it with the new version, then you can see clearly how good it was.
  • I'm Adam, Prince of Eternia....

    Well, i was yet to be conceived when this show came out-1983? jeez! Well somehow i saw it when i was growing up and i had no idea it was old. I used to say those lines-"By the power of greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER!! So awesome! I think they showed this in I Love The 80's on VH1 or something and it was one of the popular catchphrases of the 80's. Well, by today's standards, it would suffer greatly. So they tried to revive it back in 2002 with a modernized version, i never payed attention its like one of those movies that doesn't need remakes, in this case a tv show.
  • 'by the power of greyskull'

    this was one of my after school cartoons back in the mid-80's. i make this review short the best part of the show i liked when prince adams finds someone i distress he transforms into he-man by sayin by the power of greyskull. i thought that was really awesome. and when the live actiomn movie came out in 1985 with dolph lungeon. and that movie was awesome right to the t base on the cartoon.
  • By the Power of Grayskull

    In the mystical planet of ‘Eternia', lives Prince Adam, a prince who leads the lazy life of royalty. Known by only a few close friends/allies, when Prince Adam holds up his magic sword, and says ‘by the power of Grayskull', he turns into the mighty hero, ‘He-Man'. Together with his friends (such as Teela, her father, Man-at-arms, mysterious Orko and Adam's wimpy cat, Cringer, who turns into Battle Cat), He-Man must battle ‘the masters of the universe', who strive to gain control of Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Grayskull is the magical centre of Eternia, from where He-Man derives his powers, and is the one place he must defend from the evil Skeletor.
    When it comes to a cartoon that had brut force and action, nothing can go past the 1983 series of ‘He-man and the masters of the universe'. In an era that had so many great cartoons, ‘He-man' stood tall and was a great success. He-man would have to go up as one of the great cartoons of all time. Once Prince Adam held up his magical sword and turned into ‘the most powerful man in the universe', every kid in the 80's was in for the ride of their life.
  • Still Amazing

    I was born in 1986 so this is before my time, but I have been DVRing this series on MeTV. I was amazed at how good this show is and it really has stood the test of time.

    The animation is decent, though sometimes it looks like characters aren't looking at other characters. The fight scenes are cool and amazing, and the characters are likable.

    Seriously no wonder this is still a cult hit even after almost thirty years. It's enjoyable and I'm still DVRing it. It even had life lessons thrown in and are able to make it subtle with the lesson fully exposed at the end of the episode.
  • Who is He-man? This was a cartoon show in the early 80s. Based loosely on fantasy. Good versus evil. And good winning in the end. Our story takes place on some planet called Eternia. With Kings and Queens and magic being the key. One amazing show for all.

    Living in the 80s I was blessed with being able to watch this cartoon show every chance I got. I was a fan of the muscle bound beach bum He-Man. Looking back alittle more. It was like I saw what everyone else saw. Being that young. There is good in all people. Even the bad characters from the show. This cartoon show had all types of characters from all over. Being strong willed to the cowardly. I can actually relate to that. In the end having all the power and greed will get you nowhere in life. When your young and you have everything going for you. And in one step it can be all be taken away. Your left out in the cold naked and helpless. Its important for young kids to know whats going on in the world. The more they know the more they can deal with what is going on. Im talking educationally speaking of course. This world needs alot more heros more now then ever. And this cartoon show inspired me to do alot when I was young. Not for the glory or rewards. But for the simple facts. There are rights and wrongs that we all as people that live by. There also comes a time when every person must fight for something that they each believe in. If its right or wrong im not here to judge people. Im here just to say this cartoon show had an amazing effect on me while growing up. And the results speak for themselves.
  • He-Man shows us the good in everyone.

    He-Man revitalizes my spirit when I watch. I'll continue watching forever. I also recomend it to all the children and young at heart I meet.

    My favourite episode of all time would have to be 1-18 The Creatures From The Tar Swamp. It was the one I remembered best from my youth. I'm not sure why it just "stuck" there.

    This show teaches as well as entertains the watchers. It always leaves you with a message of goodness, which in my opinion can be so hard to find in cartoons today. Do yourself a favour, start watching again, or watch it for the first time. You will be glad you did.
  • One of the best cartoons ever!

    I loved this show. He-Man VS. Skeletor! It got no better than this! Throw in the beautiful Teela, Evil-lynn, and of course, the blond stunner herself...She-Ra, and this show ruled! Skelator was always trying to take over the planet, defeat he-man, etc.. Ok, the stories got a little monotanous, but the characters were great! Ram-Man, Beastman, etc.. Taking Orko out woud've been a good move, but bringing She-Ra in, now that was smart. She was the cartoon equivalent of Pamela Anderson. She had those cool high boots, the mini-dress, the nice figure, the long flowing gold hair, she was gorgeous. He-Man of course was huge, ripped to shreds, and nice. Yes, it was a perfect world. Even the nerds were cut and ripped to shreds! Probably the most stupid thing was nobody realized that Prince Adam was He-Man! Common, this dude didn't even have a mask! His hair wasn't that different at all! We're these people idiots! I mean, common, this was worse than people not knowing Clark Kent was Suprman! Oh well, at least this was a cartoon! One thing I loved most about this show was it's superb use of colors..way ahead of it's time. Right at the peak of hand-drawn animation cel's....now that was art. I miss the quality of these old shows. Computer imagery is ok but not as rich in my opinion. Good VS. Evil, cartoon style, and good ALWAYS wins!
  • This was one of the best cartoons on in the 80's! A cartoon that is still good today.

    Man I remember this show. I rushed home from school everyday just to watch He-Man. I was always sad when it was over but I watched it everyday. How could you not. I liked playing with all the figurines that were made. The castle was really cool. This cartoon is one of the best of all time in my opinion. I plan on buying the season sets as soon as they are available to buy. Watching them now I think that it was cool that at the end of every show they had a message for you. I hope others enjoyed this cartoon as much as I did.
  • When you talk about 1980's classic cartoons, somewhere in that sentence will be 'Masters Of The Universe.' This was truly a classic cartoon and ahead of its time. He-Man and the masters will always be there to save the world.

    I admit, I had every single 'Masters Of The Universe' (MOTU) toy. I even kept a check list and yes, I had them all. People, creatures and vehicles.

    MOTU cartoon was a hit during the 80's, and what kid didn't watch this show? This was my favorite cartoon growing up, as I watched it all the time on TV.

    Season One Volume One is currently out on DVD for any fan of the cartoon. I've enclosed a website below more about the DVD.

  • Heman and his alter ego Prince Adam with his friends battle the evil sorcerer Skeletor over Eternia.

    This has to be one of the best if not the best Cartoon from the 1980s, wow, nearly thirty years later its still one of the best cartoons out there. Filmation did an excellent job putting
    together an action,adventure cartoon and blending that with morality tales involving bravery and magic. You just can do it better than this cartoon. This was the cartoon every kid in the 80s watched together with toons like Transformers or GI Joe. The storylines varied and were all intriguing.

    It was also interesting to see Heman and his alter ego Prince Adam fight with one another. Adam was always looked down upon from his father even though he was smart and Heman was consistently praised primarily for just his strength. The friends were are interesting, Orko, Teela, Man At Arms and the Sorcereress to name a few all had their side story. Just a great cartoon.
  • He-Man managed to blend science fiction, sorcery, and superheroes in a way no one could ever duplicate.

    What kid DIDN'T watch this show in the early 80's? Based around a toyline, He-Man sold figures and vehicles while still managing to tell the exciting story of fantasy superheroes in a truly unique world. What was most surprising was the fact that the show went out of it's way to preach pacifism, opposed to violence. The heroes never hit the villains, but they kept it interesting all the same, teaching moral values (although one must take issue with Ram Man's absurd "Don't hit things with your head" closer).

    A show that helped shape my life, and a true class act.
  • Outdated.

    If it's possible to be classic without standing the test of time, then He-Man & The MOTU can be calld a classic. Unlike other popular old cartoons (Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, G.I. Joe, The Smurfs, etc.), MOTU has aged. Bad dialogue and repetitive animation & voice-acting make it less than timeless in the eyes of some (me included). However, there is magic/greatness here as well as some great episodes. The transformation of Adam/He-Man is still as cool as ever, the comic relief of Cringer & Orko is still funny and the lessons most episodes try to teach its viewers are genuine while not being preachy. If you have young children, get them hooked on He-Man before they get hooked on the outright violent stuff like Pokemon & Power Rangers of today. If you're an adult who can't reach the kid inside, pass this by.
  • A classic cartoon of the 80's that nearly every boy/kid can relate too. Come on...you know you had at least one He-man toy in your room. Now outdated, but worth its weight when watching it brings back so many memories.

    A classic cartoon of the 80's that nearly every boy/kid can relate too. Come on, you know you had at least one He-man toy in your room. Now outdated, but worth its weight when watching it brings back so many memories. The picture quality is not very good but then again, were any shows during that decade? The storylines can sometimes seem cheesy, but in some episodes there are actually very adult themes. While not something I would watch if it were brand new to me, it is something I enjoy watching now as it stirs up memories of my past. I still remember standing in front of the TV as a boy holding my He-man sword saying "By the power of Greyskull" or "I have the power!".

    My final review: Great if you remember it from the past...not so great if it is your first time ever seeing it.

    I didn't realize that this show only lasted for one season. It seems like I grew up with it. I really liked Heman, and his scary cat, despite the fact that this more of a macho show geared towards boys. Awesome cartoons are obvious to anyone of any gender. Skeletor was a classic villain, and the animosity between he and Heman was real. It was a lot of fun to watch Heman transform into a superhero and his trusty tiger go from a scary cat to a fierce lion. Heman was a truly creative show that had a lot of entertainment value.
  • Swagger is the name of the game on He-Man!

    While He-Man was clearly targeted at children, the dialogue, stories, situations and solutions were definitely enough to keep adults tuned in. Frankly, Skeletor was about as smart-a** as you could get, Evil Lyn was a witch worthy of a spot on The View, and He-Man, well, he had no problem telling anyone where to get off!

    The action was top-notch, and aside from a few animation cost cutting measures which forced suspension of belief, the show never got too silly to be effective.
  • "HEMAN Master Of The Universe"

    I always like this cartoon when i was a kid it is a true fav. to me. I would watch this show now days if it was still on it is the greatest cartoon i've ever seen. It is 90% better than all these new cartoons out today!. I will never forget Heman Master of the universe.
  • It's a classic baby!

    Talk about a frickin' classic cartoon. It's solely becauseof this cartoon that other ones like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Turtles were able to come about. I'm so glad the DVD's are finally coming out, and it's one of the few cartoons that still hold up...if you doubt me watch them with your kids.
  • Prince Adam who has an alter-ego called He-Man! He turns into He-Man when he holds aloft his magic sword and says some magic words. Together, He-Man an his friends defend Castle GraySkull and Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor.

    What an amazing adventurous cartoon from the 80's. It was huge back then and you can catch re-runs now on syndicate.

    A story about a prince who had an alter-ego He-Man. He could turn into this man when he holds aloft his magic sword and says some magic words. He then, was the most powerful man in the universe - who didn't want to be him when they were younger??

    The stories were great and always had non-violent fighting with no-one getting killed. A special message or moral of each story was always at the end of the show, to make sure you have learnt it - very educational.

    He-Man had a pet cat, Cringer who also had an alter-ego named BattleCat. I used to love BattleCat as together they were the ultimate duo.

    The picture quality and sound was ahead of it's time and spawned many other cartoons to match it - therefore She-Ra evolved.

    I still like to watch the re-runs and am copying them on DVD for my son to watch - keep it in the family, I say. He-Man will always be remembered!

    He-man is the best and will always be the best show ever aired I like all the charcters and all the heros and vallian but He-man will always be my favorite Charcter, Mainly because I think his personality is everything a hero should be, and one thing I values life
    The most powerful man in the universe in non-stop adventures as prince Adma struggles between his two lives and does a very good job of it by acting like the cowardly Prince then draw the magical Sword of power and cries out the five magic sword "by the power of grayskull" And becomes He-man what more can I say

    I do think some of the story's are a little silly but I tent to ignore them form time to time
  • I kinda' liked Adam; his body was just as sexy as He-Man's.

    I kinda' liked Adam; his body was just as sexy as He-Man's, but he was a prince. Yeah, I had a crush on He-Man. Something about muscles... cartoon or not, I wanted to cuddle up to He-Man... let him take his sword of power and poke me a few times. *snicker*
  • He Man And The Masters Of The Universe is one of my favorite cartoons ever. Every character was interesting in some way. Even the bad guys. This is one of the coolest cartoons ever made.

    Prince Adam yells out " By The Power Of Greyskull! " and goes from being weak little Prince Adam to the strong and Powerful He Man. His friends were totally cool. Teela, Man At Arms, Orko, Stratos, and many others. But the bad guys were just as cool. Skeletor and his evil group, Beast Man, Mer Man, Evil Lynn and many others. They hung out in Snake Mountain. This was one of the best cartoons ever made. And the action figures were very popular. Later He Man found out that he had a sister She Ra. I was never interested in her cartoon. But He Man was always a favorite of mine.
  • brings bad memories

    When i was a kid, there where two people i'd like to play as. Aladdin and and --he-man.
    i whould ethier have a vest on playing on the bathroom rug pretending t be alladin, or i'd have my play sword and become he-man.
    Back then he-man was so cool i loved every minute i play as him. the show had every thing action, adventure, bad guys, princesses, magic, fur bakinis and tiger, the show had it all!
    I love this show and will always cherish it with all my heart. He-man gets a ten outta ten yall. Anyway i will see you all later.