He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

USA (ended 1984)


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  • One of the best cartoons ever!

    I loved this show. He-Man VS. Skeletor! It got no better than this! Throw in the beautiful Teela, Evil-lynn, and of course, the blond stunner herself...She-Ra, and this show ruled! Skelator was always trying to take over the planet, defeat he-man, etc.. Ok, the stories got a little monotanous, but the characters were great! Ram-Man, Beastman, etc.. Taking Orko out woud've been a good move, but bringing She-Ra in, now that was smart. She was the cartoon equivalent of Pamela Anderson. She had those cool high boots, the mini-dress, the nice figure, the long flowing gold hair, she was gorgeous. He-Man of course was huge, ripped to shreds, and nice. Yes, it was a perfect world. Even the nerds were cut and ripped to shreds! Probably the most stupid thing was nobody realized that Prince Adam was He-Man! Common, this dude didn't even have a mask! His hair wasn't that different at all! We're these people idiots! I mean, common, this was worse than people not knowing Clark Kent was Suprman! Oh well, at least this was a cartoon! One thing I loved most about this show was it's superb use of colors..way ahead of it's time. Right at the peak of hand-drawn animation cel's....now that was art. I miss the quality of these old shows. Computer imagery is ok but not as rich in my opinion. Good VS. Evil, cartoon style, and good ALWAYS wins!
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