He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

USA (ended 1984)


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  • Who is He-man? This was a cartoon show in the early 80s. Based loosely on fantasy. Good versus evil. And good winning in the end. Our story takes place on some planet called Eternia. With Kings and Queens and magic being the key. One amazing show for all.

    Living in the 80s I was blessed with being able to watch this cartoon show every chance I got. I was a fan of the muscle bound beach bum He-Man. Looking back alittle more. It was like I saw what everyone else saw. Being that young. There is good in all people. Even the bad characters from the show. This cartoon show had all types of characters from all over. Being strong willed to the cowardly. I can actually relate to that. In the end having all the power and greed will get you nowhere in life. When your young and you have everything going for you. And in one step it can be all be taken away. Your left out in the cold naked and helpless. Its important for young kids to know whats going on in the world. The more they know the more they can deal with what is going on. Im talking educationally speaking of course. This world needs alot more heros more now then ever. And this cartoon show inspired me to do alot when I was young. Not for the glory or rewards. But for the simple facts. There are rights and wrongs that we all as people that live by. There also comes a time when every person must fight for something that they each believe in. If its right or wrong im not here to judge people. Im here just to say this cartoon show had an amazing effect on me while growing up. And the results speak for themselves.