He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

USA (ended 1984)


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  • Almost reached status of ultimate pure delight, but still a great show

    I was born before this happened, so I never got to fully appreciate this great cartoon. In order to achieve the status of ultimate pure delight you need the following: a story with a narrative, good battles without going overboard with it, adventure, pure imagination, a little romance, characters you can care about, some decent acting, and good messages without being didactic. Animation can be dropped. Here's the strengths this show has: Appealing characters (everyone loves Orco even the girls!), brilliant artwork backgrounds and character designs, and most importantly a very imaginative story. So what kept this back? Stiff acting, didactiveness, and lack of narrative. (Pokemon attained that honor though some will disagree). However, even with those three setbacks, I can't help but watch it from time to time. "I have the power!"