He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 41

Teela's Trial

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1983 on USA
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When testing out a teleportation device created by Man-At-Arms, Teela accidentally teleports Man-At-Arms away, and no-one knows where to. Overcome with guilt, believing she has caused a terrible fate for her father, Teela exiles herself to the Wastelands.

Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms has been teleported into the clutches of Skeletor, who has imprisoned him, forcing him to make weapons for his own evil crew. He-Man must rescue Man-At-Arms, as well as convincing Teela to forgive herself for her mistake.moreless

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    George DiCenzo

    George DiCenzo

    Some additional voices (not credited)

    Alan Oppenheimer

    Alan Oppenheimer

    voice of: Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Cringer/Battle Cat, Merman, Buzz-Off, Roboto, Melaktha, Yuckers and others

    Lou Scheimer

    Lou Scheimer

    voice of: Orko, King Randor, Stratos, Trap Jaw, Tri-Clops, Man-E-Faces, Kobra Khan, Mekaneck, Fisto, Clawful, Modulok, Sy-Klone,

    Linda Gary

    Linda Gary

    voice of: Teela, Evil-Lyn, The Sorceress, Queen Marlena, Dree Elle, Delora, Queen Elmora, Lady Valtera, Shokoti, Kittrina and ot

    John Erwin

    John Erwin

    voice of: Prince Adam/He-Man, Beast Man, Ram Man, Whiplash, Webstor, Granamyr, Icer, Count Marzo, Squinch the Widget, Zagraz, Pr

    Erika Scheimer

    Erika Scheimer

    Queen Marlena (in some episodes), additional voices (not always credited)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Trap-Jaw says, "We have you now, Teela," he is talking in TriKlops voice.

      • In the moral segment to this episode, Man-At-Arms is seen repairing a robot that looks like one of the Zaktons, from "Keeper of the Ancient Ruins", though it's probably not meant to be one of them.

      • In the scene where He-Man and Teela are trying to break into Snake Mountain, He-Man is given some dialogue that's so poor it's hilarious. Sounding more like a villain than a hero, he's gone nearly as out of character as Teela, insisting on smashing their way into Snake Mountain, thus making a confrontation with Skeletor inevitable, instead of sneaking in unnoticed!

      • When the Royal Family are waiting for word from Man-At-Arms, why is Prince Adam just sitting on his ass in the lab, waiting to hear from him? Shouldn't he be out scouring Eternia as He-Man, looking for Man-At-Arms?

      • Teela comes across as very out of character in this episode. It is not like her to punish herself and sink into despair over a mistake - normally she would relentlessly strive to compensate for her error!

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Man-At-Arms: Today Teela made a mistake. But instead of trying to correct it, she ran away. That was an even bigger mistake. Making mistakes is part of being human, but punishing yourself or quitting because of it, is no way to make things better. The right thing to do is accept your error and try not to make that same mistake again. That's a lot smarter than running away. Until our next exciting adventure goodbye for now.

      • He-Man: So long, Skeletor. Drop me a line, if you ever get this thing down from here. Oh, and watch that first step...it's a lulu.
        Skeletor: I'll get even with you for this, He-Man! I promise you that!

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