He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 41

The Bitter Rose

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1984 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Trap Jaw shoots the rose and Beast Man accuses him. It's unusual for THIS to happen whereas it would most of the time be the other way around.

    • What are the Kex doing living in a village beneath Rose Mountain, when at the end of "Eye of the Beholder" they agreed to become the guardians of the Sea of Eternity?

    • Why are there other members of the Kex who appear like Garth, when in "Eye of the Beholder" it was explained that he had evolved into that form after being exposed to chemical reactions within the sea of Eternity? The most likely explanation would be that other members of the Kex jumped into the sea themselves to see if Garth was telling the truth, but the episode never explains this.

  • Quotes

    • Rose Goddess: All these years, I've been a prisoner of my own love sorrow. I was so bitter, I refused to allow anything else to grow on this mountain. Orko, because you chose me as a gift of true love, I am free...and fulfilled.

    • Beast-Man: I said hit the engines! You hit the rose!
      Trap-Jaw: Uh oh, this time we really messed up.
      Beast-Man: Uhh, what do we tell Skeletor?
      Trap-Jaw: Let's go back. We'll... we'll thing of something.

    • He-Man: Of all the problems we've come up against, the force of Mother Eternia is one of the greatest!

    • He-Man: This is no time for sleigh-riding, Battle-Cat.

    • Skeletor: What a foolish thing you've done, Orko, but I like it!

    • Orko: When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
      Cringer: Let's go going...to lunch!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

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