He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 2

The Energy Beast

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1984 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Adam: I wonder that it means by "absolute power?"

      What power can be more absolute than the powers of Greyskull? Or perhaps this intrigued Adam, thinking along the same lines.

    • In one of the series' biggest continuity breaks ever, Palace Eternia is overshadowed by a huge mountain in this episode, which has definitely never been there before! Apparently the storyboard artists weren't too pleased about Rowby Goren making this absurd change, but as Goren himself has stated, "they were used to me being weird".

    • At one point Cringer remarks, "I wish I'd taken the bus". OK, so it's meant to be a humorous line, but... buses on Eternia???

  • Quotes

    • Adam: Come on, Cringer, we got work to do.
      Cringer: Couldn't you wake me up when it's over?

    • Teela: I can't restart the thrusters! We're stuck!
      Cringer: Stuck?! In the middle of a mountain?! Ooh, I think I feel faint... (snorts) and I always feel faint!

    • Adam: Mount Eternia is acting up again.
      Cringer: That's the worst acting I ever saw!

    • Adam: I wonder that it means by "absolute power?" We should go inside and investigate.
      Cringer: Maybe we'd better wait for an invitation.

    • Teela: In today's story Orko found out how important it is to have patience.
      Orko: I couldn't wait to go into the ancient temple. But I ended up causing a lot of trouble for me and everyone else.
      Teela: I'm happy you learned your lesson. Oh, by the way, I guess I'll be seeing you at the big parade tomorrow.
      Orko: Tomorrow? I've got to wait until then? Oh, why can't we have the parade today?!
      Teela: Orko.
      Orko: Okay. I'll be patient, but it won't be easy.
      Teela: See you next time.
      Orko: Hope it's soon!

    • Adam: All all systems ready, Teela?
      Teela: My instruments check out.
      Man-at-Arms: (on radio) Your course is already set. I just hope you don't run into any problems. The roto-rocket is still in the experimental stage.
      Cringer: Experimental?! Oh,boy...why didn't I take the bus?!

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