He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 7

The Great Books Mystery

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1984 on USA



  • Trivia

    • In Teela's Quest it is said Teela was a baby 20 years ago. In Once and Future Duke it is said that Adam and Teela are the same age. Which makes Adam 21 years old in this episode.

    • When Orko handed the Unicorn book to Adam for his birthday gift, the book was significantly thicker than when he located it at the Temple of the Sun.

    • At the end of the episode when Adam blew out the candles on his birthday cake, we must surmise he is 19 years old as of this episode, as there are 19 candles on the cake.

    • This episode suffers from poor continuity regarding the Temple of the Sun. In its previous appearance, the temple was shown to have no entrance other than a hidden opening in the roof- but here, it has a clearly visible exterior entrance.

      When Teela and Orko reach the Temple of the Sun, they appear to have walked there on foot- even though the temple is located miles away from the Palace, on the Sands of Time! In its other appearances it took the heroes a long journey in the Attak Trak to reach it!

  • Quotes

    • He-Man: That big wind is coming back for more. Let's make a mud pie!

    • Adam: We must find those books!
      Cringer: Can't it wait? I have plans for a cat-nap! (pauses, realizing what's about to happen) Uh oh...
      Adam: By the Power of Greyskull!
      Cringer: There goes my cat-nap!

    • Sorceress: Books are knowledge, and that is too precious to lose.

    • Teela: If I can do it, you can do it.
      Adam: But you're as nimble as a cat.
      Cringer: Not all cats are nimble. You'd never catch me trying that!

    • Teela: You sure have your hands full.
      Orko: Well, I have lots of reading to catch up on.
      Teela: Good for you Orko. You know when you open up a book, you're really opening a door to a wonderful world of entertainment and information.
      Orko: That's for sure. I'm finding out all about science and dragons and sports, but mostly bodybuilding.
      Teela: You have a book on bodybuilding?
      Orko: No, but carrying all these books sure builds my body!
      Teela: Oh, Orko.

    • Skeletor: You're clever, Batros. You have a brain that could warm my heart...if I had a heart.
      Skeletor: Well, He-Man, did you think you could just walk into Snake Mountain?
      He-Man: I did think of calling ahead.

  • Notes

    • This episode features the second of three appearances of the Temple of the Sun.

    • Batros wears a bat symbol on his chest which looks very like the emblem worn by the Horde in the She-Ra series. This has led to speculation that Batros may have a Horde connection, or that his symbol may have influenced Mattel in designing the Horde symbol, but it is probably just coincidence.

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