He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 45

The Problem With Power

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1984 on USA



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  • Quotes

    • Gen. Tataran: Not too bright, is he (Trap-Jaw)?
      Skeletor: As you can see, General, when I require intellegent assistants, I have to look somewhere besides Snake Mountain!

    • Skeletor: Trap-Jaw?
      Trap-Jaw: (fiddling with attachments) Yes, Master?
      Skeletor: Trap-Jaw, the General and I have important business to discuss.
      Trap-Jaw: Well, yes, Master.
      Skeletor: (irritated) It has nothing to do with you!
      Trap-Jaw: Oh, uh, yes, Master.
      Skeletor: Trap-Jaw...
      Trap-Jaw: Right here, Master!
      Skeletor: GET OUT OF HERE!
      Trap-Jaw: Right, Master, right.

    • He Man: Today I broke a promise, and proved myself unworthy of the great power that was given to me. And if I am unworthy, I can no longer permit myself to be He-Man.

    • He-Man: Let the Power... Return!

    • Skeletor: We are not going to defeat He-Man... this time, He-Man is going to defeat himself!

  • Notes

    • Originally Tom Tataranowicz wanted He-Man to actually kill an innocent bystander in this episode. But the Filmation bosses felt this was too extreme for a kids' cartoon, so they decided the dead man should be a villain in disguise faking death instead.

    • Tom Tataranowicz, who came up with the idea for this episode, based the story on an old Prince Valiant tale.

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