He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 33

The Region Of Ice

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1983 on USA

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  • He-Man Impersonator

    This I'll admit is another one of my favorate episodes because it's mainly played for laughs. The plot is pritty typical it's really what the characters to that counts the most. The trademark of this episode though is Orco who sees his friends have been imprisoned by the Ice King and since Adam is frozen before turning into He-Man, Orco the good friend he always is has to save them by the best of his ability. And of course he does it by impersonating He-Man. In a strange way and by luck itself he litterally pulled it off, it was just funny hearing all of the lines that he said to the Ice King and how nervious he was. You would think that anymoment something is going to go wrong as it always does with Orco but it doesn't. When the Ice King sicks an Ice Spider against him to test Orco, he wins by luck (or dumb luck) by firing fireball which hit by bounce around like pinballs and of course trap the bug and free Orco from the ice prison the bug put on him.

    Then of course there is the mission to save the Ice King's daughter. And they of course thort the villans with a lot of tricks, although I wouldn't say too much effort was needed due to some of the villians bumbling and usual stupidity, like my favorate trick had to be when the Ice King's daughter made the floor into ice and He-Man litterally played Bowling with the villians.

    My final comement is hands down to the funnest moement that tops them all when Orco points out that Prince Adam/He-Man is his assistant, comic gold.
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