He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 32

The Time Wheel

Aired Unknown Unknown on USA



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    • He-Man: I hoped you enjoyed today's adventure story. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we did have a real time wheel? We could turn it back to the Stone Age and meet some real cave people. Or into the future where we could see some of the wondrous things yet to come. Well we don't have a magic time wheel, not yet anyway. But we do have some things just about as good. They're called books. Reading books can be your time wheel to just about anytime or place you choose. Why don't you give them a try? You'll be glad you did.

    • King Tamask: What a warrior you would have made in my time!
      He-Man: I only fight when I must. And each time, I hope it is the last time.

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