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  • Season 1 Episode 64: Golden Disks Of Knowledge

  • The Sorceress is written very poorly in this episode (well by now we're pretty familiar with David Wise messing up character portrayals). She comes across as uncharacteristically narrow-minded and arrogant in the scene where Zanthor tries to peruade her to let him amend for his crime, at first totally refusing to believe he has changed and deserves a second chance. Also, why does Orko realise that someone is trying to contact The Sorceress before he Sorceress herself does? This serves to greatly flaw her character, making out that even Orko is more intelligent than her!

  • Season 1 Episode 63: Pawns Of The Game Master

  • Didn't the Game Master hear Prince Adam say "By the Power of Grayskull" and you think he'd be wondering where the light show and thunder was coming from?

  • Why did Adam take out the Sword of Power when riding Stridor? There was no need to draw the sword at all! Like in other 'missing sword' episodes, such as "Disappearing Act", it was done purely for plot convenience.

  • Season 1 Episode 62: The House Of Shokoti (Par...

  • At the end of the episode, Stanlin manages to overcome Shokoti's power with He-Man's sword, by simply utilising his inner bravery... so why did He-Man have no success doing the job himself? Does this make Stanlin braver than He-Man or something?

  • No reference is made whatsoever to Lord Masque's scheme from the previous episode- thus making the whole of part 1 seem more or less insignificant. Could this two-parter really not have been done as a single installment?

  • Season 1 Episode 61: The House Of Shokoti (Par...

  • When Adam says to Cringer we're far out of sight now before changing to He-Man and Battlecat, he is talking in He-Man's voice.

  • The moral of this episode is quite possibly the most ridiculous, and hilarious moral in the whole series. It features Ram Man telling the viewers not to go round ramming things with their heads like he does!

  • Why does no-one suspect that Adam is He-Man here, they seem to be swapping places interchangeably! It would have been a lot easier if He-Man had been in the form of He-Man throughout the whole episode.

  • What exactly is the connection between Lord Masque and Shokoti? He refers to her as his 'mistress' but what past do they share exactly? Why does he want to raise her temple so badly?

  • It doesn't make sense that Lord Masque could have risen Shokoti's temple from the Sands and then sunk it again, only to rise it again later. It is never explained why the temple sank so the entire mystery at the start of the episode is completely unnecessary.

  • Season 1 Episode 60: Evilseed

  • This episode is the first of two times in the series that we see He-Man and Skeletor forced to team up, the second being in the 2nd season's classic 'To Save Skeletor.'

  • Season 1 Episode 59: The Once and Future Duke

  • The moral of this episode is drowning. Swimming is fun and good for you, but going in the water can be very dangerous and the threat of drowning is very real. It is important to be aware of th rules and water safety, don't play jokes in the water, always be sure to swim in an area where an adult is watching you and never swim alone.

  • Season 1 Episode 57: The Remedy

  • The dragon Tactrill is a recoloring of the green dragon Warlock that appeared in the Filmation series Blackstar. It's an in-joke from Michael Swanigan that storyboarded the episode from both the series.

  • Season 1 Episode 56: The Huntsman

  • The moral of this episode is temper. When you lose your temper, you can't think clearly. We all get angry at times, but we should learn to control our tempers. It's better to stay cool and talk things out reasonably. Now it's not always easy, but it's usually the best way to solve any problem.

  • When the Baron is transporting the unicorn, why is he flying one of Skeletor's vehicles? Whoops!!

  • Season 1 Episode 55: The Witch And The Warrior

  • The moral of this episode was to make the best of a bad situation, you can come out a winner. So when things go wrong, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to work it out.

  • We get to see Evil-Lyn without her helmet in this episode!

  • This is Evil-Lyn's strongest episode in the whole series. The writer Paul Dini often gave Evil-Lyn big roles as she was his favorite character (apparently because he was going out with someone who looked like her at the time!), and often liked to focus on Teela as well. We find out the real reason why Evil-Lyn is working for Skeletor, and get an excellent insight into her character. It is also one of Teela's strongest episodes, and we get the impression that her and Evil-Lyn could almost be best friends if they worked together more often.

  • When Cringer arrives and He-Man changes him to Battle Cat, he just aims the sword at him and he changes. However, in "Temple of the Sun" he said "By the Power of Grayskull" to change Cringer- so did he not really have to say it, or is this just another example of bad continuity?

  • In one scene, He-Man transforms Cringer to Battle Cat right in front of Malik! Although this was probably just a mistake, it would be interesting to consider that Malik might have found out He-Man's secret somewhere between "Wizard of Stone Mountain" and this episode...

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