He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 49

Wizard Of Stone Mountain

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1983 on USA

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  • He-Man vs. The Devil

    This episode at the time was controvercial, now by todays standards we can pritty much handle it. Basically the episode is the Faust tale all over again, it's like many other adaptions that have tackled this concept but it's done right.

    We can see Malik is a good man but has became angry toward his own unforfilled desired or love and being loved back. Like most people there is always that someone we wished was our significant other but never really could get due to certain complications or just simply it's not in the cards. He's became so consumed by the strong but misguided desire that he is unable to see how his beautiful assistant Kareen feels about him, let alone see that theres a beautiful girl in his castle that actually has feelings for him. And unfortunately he makes a deal with Locos (Who looks like one of those darn flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz, I can never forget those things they scared me when I was little) a mischivious demon who strikes a deal with Malik he'll give him everything he wants. But like in the Faust tale he's became a slave to his desire and evil itself and he goes down a dark desent from his village being partially destroyed and completely powerless to stop it, unable to save his assistant when in trouble, turning against our good guys, down to the payment itself to Locos master The Spirit of Evil (a.k.a. The Devil, Satan, Methasophles, and all other names). It's fun just to see He-Man, Battlecat, and the rest of the good guys go toe to toe against The Devil. Of course there is no way they can kill him since Satan is a spirial dynamic deity but still it's fun. And when Kareen makes a final sacrifice I thought was romantic. May'be the only flaw with the episode was part of the ending being a little campy with Telia for no particular or logical reason goes out with Ram Man. This campy flare seemed a little unnessary but oh well. Anyway the moral of the story is basically simple to never make a deal with evil. Evil may give you everything you want but in the end you get nothing. How what we think we desire isn't always what we really want or need. And what real love is.
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