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  • The end

    Think site needs updating returning 2016 !!!!! It's been confirmed that season 3 will be on Netflix from 23rd October ....... That's the good news bad news anyone following it will also be the final season :(
  • One of the best shows of its kind!!!

    Too bad they separate seasons by a gap larger than a year, I mean, the last ep in S02 was in November 2014, and the S03 premiere is set for 2016, wtf with that?!

    But, the show is great and much better then for example Penny Dreadfull!!!
  • Terrible, to cliche and no originality

    It is like the "Supernatural" boys meet "Twilight" all the worst parts an non of the good and it has .. The acting is good in some places but the stereo types they try to enforce, even when the situation doesn't call for it, makes it absolutely disconnecting. Its almost like they cant decide if they should be a soap opera, drama, action flic, musical, like I said .. Not an ounce of originality, especially the second season which seems incapable of not explaining every scene multiple times through words as if the viewer couldn't understand their incredibly thin and unoriginal action, I couldn't say plot because there simply isn't any. I would have given the first season a 5 out of 10 but the second season they completely put on the training wheels, disconnected from the first season and completely forgot that there should be a plot not only to the series but also the episodes.
  • season 3

    Hi. is it back tonight? saw on eztv that it stood listed on the schedule tonight...

    i like this show, the crazy stories are just so awesome and CRAZY!! and Famke is great!
  • Season 3 - WHEN???

    Anyone know when season 3 will air???
  • I love the unique charterers and story

    This show is amazingly great! I can't wait for the new episodes. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    I wonder if some reviewers like to give every show bad reviews. Everyone has a right to their opinions I guess

  • Miranda must DIE

    The show is really brought down by Miranda. She's not hot. She's covered with nasty tattoos and she does two things - looks slack jawed at everyone and whines and freaks about everything. I was sooo hoping she'd be dead by now. The show needs some hot girls to pull it forward.
  • The worst show ever made.

    Most of the show consists of dialogue that doesn't make much sense and doesn't move the plot forward. The background music that's playing as people are talking is really annoying. The characters are terrible. The plot is boring, stupid and kind of depressing. The ending of season 1 (in particular the bacon grease incident) is without a doubt the dumbest thing ever written. (Yes, I've seen Under the dome, and I stand by my statement).

    I'm not one of those people who say "this is the worst I've ever seen" about half the things they see. In fact, I don't think I have ever said it about anything else. Hemlock Grove is the worst show I've ever seen.
  • Hollow and boring first seson but 2nd wa suprisingly watchable

    What we got here is concoction of characters from supernatural and fictional tales. Werewolf, vampire, witch, mad scientist, frankenstein, religious hunters and maybe someone else I forgotten. It's not that I don't like these supernatural characters per se but in this story... they just aren't interesting. Story lacks believability, characters are stereotypical and in general it is just plain boring. You can skip two third of the show to skip all the meaningless talking and still get the main point of action what happens there. Even if show got a little life spark at the end it really didn't touch my curiosity so much that I would really want to see second season.


    As the first season was quite boring/plain and little bit weird then I hesitated some time before even started to watch second season. But to my surprise it is quite normal and watchable. Characters are more interesting, story has something in it and its like more colorful. If first season was worth only 3 points then for the second I could give even 7.
  • Love this show!

    Loved the first season and the second one gets an A too.. Can't wait for season 3, if there will be one. I hope so! :D

    But what happened with Olivia's accent in season 2? Someone?
  • Fantastic

    I loved the show. I started. watching & was addicted immediately. I watched Season 1&2 in 2 days. Is there a season 3 on the way?
  • must watch!!

    I absolutely loved both seasons!!! Hope they make a season 3!!!
  • An amazing show

    I really enjoyed season one. I'm half way trough season two and I can't stop watch it.

    I like the story, the atmosphere, the characters, the acting, ecc ecc.

    This show is so unusual: it's creepy, dark, funny, weird, sad, brutal, crazy, ... I just love it.

    Fortunately, not your usual vampire\werewolves\supernatural been tv-series: thx guys, I would have been so disappointed to see another teen soap-opera with boring acting ans story.

    Edit: After finishing season 2 I was a little disappointed.

    The last episode of season 2, for me, was a major letdown especially the last 20-15 minutes. I hope the writers don't screw up season 3, because just this last 20 minutes felt like another show.
  • good season

    The 2nd season was a bit all over the place, but still pretty good. A lot of things have zero explanation. It was a fun distraction for the weekend.

    crazy ending, which i'm not sure i liked.
  • Anne Rice meets Stephen King

    True Blood meet the new show in town . I give a 9 for the casting and acting and a 9 for the writing and directing and I give the show a 10 for finding a away to put them together . This year didn't leave me disappointed but left me wanting more .. Bring on season 3 ........
  • This show is incredibly twisted in the best way EVER!

    Love loved this show from episode one it has a really good cast but to be honest there are times when the acting is questionable. The bromance is beautiful and hilarious you'll be laughing and crying though season one and two. Its a lot to keep up with and they barely explain anything still a really good show I encourage anyone who loves a good horror show to watch this!
  • Show is good.

    Frost-m13: fyi, jacob and the others were not werewolves. They were shapeshifters with the ability to shift into wolves. Also, if this show ends up making some big ass bear sized wolves then I'd lose some respect. Each show has their own interpretation, and I like the way this one is going. I can't wait to binge watch this!
  • Nice Show But Has Some Opportunities

    Season 1 was good, I was just disappointed with the the wolves, those were not werewolves but dogs, its too small to become a werewolf. Please don't use dogs, make it big as we've seen on Twilight (we used to that anyway). Can't wait for the season 2. Make it better.
  • BRILLIANT. Nothing will ever change how real this program is. MUST WATCH IT!

    I think the program was really realistic, When i found out there was more Seasons to come on Hemlock Grove, I literally burst through the roof. It is such a brilliant program/film. I've heard a few people say its a bad program, Well maybe if you watched it you would see the reality of Werewolves and Vampires, Although they are myths, This program just makes you think otherwise, I wan't to see what turns Letha into. Because at the end it showed her in an Incubator, With no hair and veins through her skin, Or it could be that its Christina, But because they buried her. She might awaken from her grave and seek revenge on Peter and Roman and Letha. Who knows. Its just such a tongue twisting Program, Must see.
  • Come Back!

    I usually ignore "horror shows", finding most of them silly or boring. Hemlock Grove is the exception and I very much hope that this show returns!!!! Please bring it back for Season 2 and do it soon!!! Thank you

    This show is one of my favourites, the graphics are great and it has a great story line it's very unpredictable and the way the wolf changes is one the best I've seen in any other movie or show! And other then that it's filmed in my city I would love to meet at cast I've probably watch the whole season a couple of times! This is one the best supernatural shows I've seen none of the cheesy crap!
  • I think it's a good show

    I'm on the 4th episode and I think it's worth my viewing time. I especially like Famke Janssen 's rich snob accent. When she calls her love-affair Dr. "Dahling", it completely cracks me up.

  • I love it

    I watched the whole first series In two days and am so excited that they are makeing a season 2 can't wait
  • awesome forget the narrow minded people

    I loved this show and I am glad netflix is doing a second season. I find that the people saying they stopped it after a few episodes or thought it was slow are daft and narrow minded. Too many things in life are fast paced as is and essentially that ruins the plot. Especially in book-movie combos. They always botch it up and screw up the basic storyline. So its nice to have something that yea was a little slower paced, but brought it all to light at the end giving you a taste of what a continued story can be, making you crave more. Unlike the crap job they do with as my above sample (book-movie). I end up not wanting to finish the movies series because by the time they do the second, they have already left way too much out that's important, or screwed the pooch just cause they wanna hurry through it. I'm looking forward to more of this dark drama, just wish they had started sooner to have it out sooner.

    Oh and I'm pretty sure the high average rating speaks for itself
  • Bad show - no idea why it wasn't canceled

    After the first two episodes I hoped that the story will develop quite soon. Unfortunately it didn't. After watching six episodes I was tired. Tired of so many mysteries that do not stick together, tired of new characters' introduction without develeping the old ones, tired of everything. Jumps that writers did from one episode to another without any link to the previous cliff-hanger are a bit upseting . To wrap it up - a messed up show I wasn't encouraged to complete watching. I was supposed to be scared but I was amused by lack of any sense. I am still wondering why it wasn't canceled...
  • Started good but drastically declined down the pit

    First of all, how would you classify such a show? As What? Horror ... nah, Science fiction ... nah, thriller ... absolutely not!

    There is no continuity, its jumpy, well one episode they are into something then the next episode they jump to something else then dig it again and then distract you with the sex scenes, in addition to the odd mixtures of everything; is the writer in comma or on drugs? I am sure the writer is a psycho.

    Do not waste your time

  • This show is written so ambiguously, which I think is both it's greatest Strength and Weakness

    I'm currently on episode 7 of Season 1, so maybe my review is premature, but I'm not sure. the show takes strides to hold onto as much information as possible. There's little reveal of actual mysteries throughout the episodes, it more of adds onto the story each and every time (duh, but in a way where there's little-to-no unraveling of the story), yet it knows how to keep from getting too stale. The characters aren't too great, there's very few that are worth rooting for so far but at the same time there's very few who are too annoying, they're all just sort of there.

    Now, given all that. I'm intrigued. I'm getting pulled into the mythology more and more as the series goes on. I just want my questions answered. If the finale of the first season doesn't fulfill that at least halfway, Ill be annoyed. And yet I'll probably be back for Season have a problem.
  • Much better than I expected, it's uncanny how well this show is paced :D

    Started out not liking this generic show, but it didn't take long before I loved it. Once the actors all settled into the story and the plot kept unfolding, I was surprised at each turn it took. I won't reveal anything, but if you can hold out till the end, you will be rewarded with a great story :D
  • Excellent series loved it !

    Loved it from start to finish , can't wait for season 2 ! Better than vampire diaries
  • love!

    i loved it!! can't wait till next season!!