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  • Season 1
    • Episode Twenty Four ( Final Episode)
      Tam and Steve decide their only option is to sell "Henderson's Point" as they know how much trouble the town is in, but then Mrs Phelps arrives from the museum and tells them the markings are authentic and over 2000 years old.
      Mrs Phelps suggests selling to the government, as they would preserve the land and not destroy it.
      Tam and Steve discuss selling to the government with Wal who agrees to look into it for them.
      Wheeler arrives to finalise the details, Tam tells him that they won't sell to him, he goes mad and Mike throws him out.
      Mike and George are called away to a car smash on the other side of town.
      Char and Cowboy have a heart to heart and agree to just remain friends.
      While Mike is away at the car smash and Wal in the city sorting out the government offer, Wheeler comes back and threatens to blow up the cave unless Tam and Steve sign "Henderson's Point" over to him by ten o clock, when Tam tries to contact Mike, Wheeler tells her not to bother as he has been called away.
      Andy sees Wheeler and Rutt at the "Point" getting ready to blow up the cave, he tries to stop them and Wheeler takes him hostage.
      Tam and Steve gather the local kids to help out as Brains leads a parade of five.
      Wheeler is about to have the cave blown up when Tam and Steve arrive, they are shocked that he has kidnapped Andy and demand his release before they sign, Wheeler just agrees to untie him, and realising Steve is stalling, tells Cooper to blow the cave.
      The parade kids arrive there is a lot more now, including Char and Regina and they stand in front of the cave, Cooper refuses to blow it up with them standing there, so Wheeler gets Rutt to threaten them with his gun.
      Mike and George realise they have been sent on a wild goose chase and head back.
      Cowboy gets bored studying and goes to join the parade, Barry tells him they are all up the "Point" saying Mr Wheeler is going to blow it up, Cowboy heads straight to the "Point".
      The parade kids move out of the way of the cave scared of Rutt and his gun and Wheeler gives the order to blow up the cave.
      Cowboy rides up on his horse and grabs the plunger throwing it over the cliff, the rest of the kids battle with Cooper and the others and Wheeler and Rutt make a run for it.
      Cowboy catches Rutt and Mike and Steve finally get Wheeler who offers to do a deal with them.
      Tam and Steve decide to leave with Wal for a new life in Melbourne.
      Mike and Steve pledge to be friends forever.
      Hendersons Point is finally sold to the government, to be preserved and Haven bay will be a tourist town.
      Cowboy gives Tam his hat and her first proper kiss.
      Char gets a new job in a store, and Brains gets a new gang and the new name of "Bronco". The Henderson Kids say a tearful goodbye to Haven Bay, Uncle Mike and all their friends.moreless
    • Episode Twenty Three
      Cowboy start's work at the bank and Char realises things are never going to be the same again. Brains is told that it is time he found some friends his own age now that the gang was finished, he is heartbroken. Cowboy's work mates take him for a drink to celebrate his first day and he misses the bus, making him late for the Haven bay Show meeting, he bumps into someone and on appologising realises it's Wal, Wal makes a hasty exit. In order to get people to sign up support for the Haven Bay Show Brains gives aways Cowboy's kisses, Char is furious. Cowboy tells Steve that he has seen Wal and he hasn't left town like they thought. Steve finds Wal who tells him he only agreed to Wheeler paying for his flight and he isn't working for Wheeler. Char charges into the bank and publically dumps Cowboy or Colin as he is now called, when he pulls out of the parade. Tam is shocked to see Steve pull up at the school gate's in Wal's car, she walks away but Steve convinces her to talk to him. Brains tells Cowboy he's not a mate anymore when he finds out he won't be in the parade. Wal asks Tam and Steve to live with him. Three days to the deadline and Wheeler ups the stakes, he tells Tam and Steve Haven Bay is dying and he can save it if they sell him "Hendersons Point" Wal tells him that if the "Point" is so important then why is his offer so cheap, so Wheeler multiplies it by ten.moreless
    • As The Worm Turns (Part 2)
      Steve receives the letter from the museum and is disappointed that the markings are fake, he tells Andy who says nobody had been near the cave because he was there all the time. Steve phones the museum where Mrs Phelps abruptly hangs up on him for wasting her time. Tam goes to see Cowboys dad to reason with him, only he says Cowboy has to stand on his own two feet. Mike and Wal continue to fight infront of Steve and Tam and Steve blows up at Mike. Char gets Cowboy a job on fishing on her dad's boat, only he makes a fool out of himself and gets sea sick. Wheeler threatens Wal when he tries to pull out of ripping off Tam and Steve. Mike and Pat finally announce their engagement to everyone and Tam and Steve are thrilled. Steve goes to the museum to confront Mrs Phelps and when she realises he is the real Steve Henderson, they work out what Rutt did, Steve and Mike think they have finally got Wheeler. Cowboy applies for a job in the bank, he marches in telling them that the place really needs him, and he is the man for the job, the boss tells him, he will tell him what the bank really needs, but surprisingly Cowboy gets the job anyway. Steve confronts Rutt about posing as him and tells him he's a wimp who is about to get everything that is coming to him. Rutt confesses everything to Wheeler to give him time to cover his tracks. Wal is reluctant to go and confront Wheeler with Tam,Steve and Mike, but they go to pick him up anyway. Angry that Wal is there Wheeler tells Tam and Steve that Wal is working for him, when they don't believe him, he shows them receipts for his airfair and a check for a substantial amount of money when they sell "Henderson's Point". Shocked they turn to confront Wal, but he has gone again.moreless
    • As The Worm Turns
      As The Worm Turns
      Episode 21
      The search is on for Tam when her horse returns without her, Wheeler is determined to find her as he knows how they can repay him, but it is Cowboy who finds her and she is brought home. Back at home Tam has a go at Wal for being at Wheelers, he say's he met with Wheeler but told him it was the kids land and it was up to them, he wasn't going to interfere, Tam is still not sure. Mike also has a go at Wal and warns him not to hurt Tam and Steve, Wal reminds him he is their father and Mike is only their uncle. Wheeler's deadline gets closer and he admits to Rutt that without "Hendersons Point" he faces financial ruin. Rutt hides in the cave and over hears Andy and Steve discussing getting somebody from the museam to look at the markings. Cowboy campaign's to save the Haven Bay Show against his fathers wishes, they argue and he leaves home, moving in with Mike. Rutt poses as Steve and shows the expert from the museam some chalk drawings on a wall, he also gets her to write a letter to Tam and Steve proving the marking's are fake. Tam decide's to trust Wal again but he moves into the pub because of him and Mike constantly fighting. Wheeler is meeting with someone privately, he tells them everything is riding on them and he doesn't care what posistion they are in he must get the "Point" the person is revealed to be Wal.moreless
    • Episode Twenty
      Episode Twenty
      Episode 20
      Wal gives Tam and Steve presents for Ted as he is leaving and Steve is gutted. The gang throw a surprise party for Ted which is a flop because he can't stay. Steve is furious with Wheeler as his best friend is forced to leave Haven Bay for good, they all give Ted presents which Tam puts in a bag for Ted to open later, then say a tearful goodbye. Sylvia comes back but Steve finds it difficult to be around her after what her father has done. Wal invites Sylvia for tea and comments on how they don't have very much in common. Steve spends the whole of the dinner mouthing off about Wheeler and Sylvia tells him despite everything she still loves her father, they agree to just be friends and Sylvia gives him back the necklace he gave her. Steve talks things over with Wal instead of Mike and it upsets Mike. Wal goes on a mystery drive and avoids Mike and the kids claiming he didn't see them, mike is suspicious. Mike later questions wal who admits he is broke, they have an argument and Tam over hears that Wal is 3000 pounds in debt. Tam decides she wants to sell "Henderson's Point" to help out her father, she discusses it with Steve and they agree to talk to Wal after school. Tam goes for a ride and spots Wal's car at the Wheeler's she goes to look and see's Wal and Wheeler smoking cigars, laughing and discussing "Henderson's Point", she rides off but her horse is bitten by a snake and she is thrown to the ground unconscious.moreless
    • Episode Nineteen
      Episode Nineteen
      Episode 19
      A stunned Tam and steve finally meet their father Wal Mullins, Mike and Pat leave them to get to know each other. Pat agrees to marry Mike and although he is happy, he doesn't like Wal being back. Wal gives Steve a new watch and Tam some riding boots, Mike offers to put him up for the night. Ted hurls a brick through the Wheeler's window because he is having them evicted. Tam and Steve discuss their dad, Tam likes him but Steve isn't so sure. Mr Barton is asked to talk to Ted after he is arrested, but Ted stubbornly decides to leave school and get a job, Barton Tells Ted if he walks out the door there is no going back, Ted smirks and leaves. Wheeler has plans to open a golf course and Cowboy decides to go for a job, only the protesters are there so he decides against it, Ted gets through and is about to sign when he sees his father is also a protester. Wheeler arrives and takes great pleasure in offering Ted a job knowing how much it will hurt his father. Steve and the others shout to Ted not to sign and eventually he trashes the table and rushes to hug his dad. Wheeler demands the police supervise the eviction of the Morgan's and as George is busy Mike has to do it, Wheeler is thrilled, but Tam and Steve aren't and they go off with their father angry at Mike. Up at the "Point" Wal discusses selling "Henderson's Point" with Tam and Steve and say's if the price was right he would sell.moreless
    • Episode Eighteen
      Episode Eighteen
      Episode 18
      Glynis drags Char down to the police station wanting her charged and she also threatens to sue her, Wheeler arrives and backs Glynis up. Char is sacked from the salon and the Kernow's face finacial ruin. Mike and Pat get closer and he proposes to her, but she needs time to think about it. Steve finds Char sobbing up at the "Point" and tries to help, but she only wants Cowboy. Government buyers are also interested in owning "Henderson's Point" and Wheeler is terrified they will succseed. Wheeler ask's Steve about the government proposal and Steve enjoys winding him up, saying her is very tempted by their offer. Rutt Jones tries to take the Kernow's boat when Mr Kernow is late with his payments, Char rushes to get Mike but instead bumps into Steve who has an idea how to help them. Wheeler agrees to dropping the law suit and giving the Kernow's more time to pay if Steve promises not to sell "Henderson's Point" to the government. Glynis is furious and protests, so Wheeler sends her to stay with an Aunt in Melbourne. Char returns to school and get's welcomed back by the other kids. Wheeler tells Rutt he is about to play his trump card over Tam and Steve. Mike answers the door to Wal Mullins, Tam and Steve's father.moreless
    • Episode Seventeen
      Episode Seventeen
      Episode 17
      Wheeler tries to have Steve arrested, until Sylvia say's she invited him over, so instead Wheeler sends her to boarding school. Tam feels bad because she was supposed to be looking out for Steve but got too excited for Trevor. Char discovers her father's financial problems are worse than she thought when he hasn't bought any buscuits, she decides to leave school and get a job, she gets one in the local hair dressing salon. Trevor has celebrity status at school now, but he tells Tam he still want's to play classical music and go to the Conservatorium. Glynis Wheeler calls into the salon to make an appointment and drops $100 on the floor with out noticing, Char waits for her to leave then picks it up. Brains tells Steve he saw Sylvia at the station and she is leaving on the next train, Steve leaves his class and rushes after her, leaving Ted and Brains to cover for him. Steve gets to the station before the train leaves in time to say goodbye and give Sylvia his necklace, Rutt comes back from buying her ticket, but surprisingly agrees to let them say goodbye when Steve stands up to him. Glynis comes back to the salon and Char's boss tells her to get Glynis ready, Char tells Glynis she dropped the money and Glynis greedily snatches it back, then demands Char colour her hair, reluctantly Char has a go, but Glynis decides it's much too blonde and shouts at her, nervously Char has another go and accidentely turns it green.moreless
    • Open Night ( Part 2 )
      Tam tries to befriend Trevor getting some stick herself in the process. Sylvia finds out Steve was at the Wheeler's when Ashley show's her his shoe, she takes it back to Steve and admits he was right. Steve and Sylvia take her dog Janey for a walk and lose her, while looking Sylvia almost falls down a large hole, Steve save's her but they can both hear Janey down there. Tam takes Trevor to meet the others and they give him a hard time, he is about to leave when Steve comes rushing in about the dog and they all go to help. Trevor and Tam stay by the hole as the others go off to get equipment, Trevor suddenly decides to go down and get the dog despite his fears, the ladder is broken near the bottom and he falls, but he still manages to save the dog and finds another way out, as Janey runs back round Tam begins climbing down the ladder to see if Trevor is alright and the others arrive back and think Tam rescued the dog, despite Tam's protests and Trevor is left alone again. Sylvia invites Steve to check out the computer while her parents are at the open night. Tam agrees to be a look out at the open night for Steve so she can warn him if Wheeler leaves. At the open night Trevor is threatened by Regina's punk band not to stay too long on stage and Mr Barton announces that Trevor has been accepted into the classical music conservatorium, and he will be leaving Haven bay. Trevor begins his recital then shocks everyone by singing and dancing rock and roll instead, Tam gets Regina's band to back him and he is a star, but his gran leaves. Disgusted Ashley Wheeler also leaves and catches Steve and Sylvia in the Study.moreless
    • Open Night
      Open Night
      Episode 15
      Sylvia tells Steve she had nothing to do with a set up, but then Wheeler appears claiming he is stalking her. Nerdy Trevor Cathcart is locked in the equipment shed and teased when his over bearing grandmother won't leave him alone. Tam and Regina argue over who has to make the delivery to the Catchcarts for Pat, Tam loses. Tam is really impressed when she hears Trevors piano playing and it reminds her of the music her mother used to listen to, but Trevor's grandmother chases her away because he has to practice for a recital. Sylvia sneeks over to see Steve and they make friends, but then when discussing her father they fall out again. Tam gets locked in the store cupboard with Trevor and he goes mad, she tries to calm him down, he is afraid of the dark. Steve helps Barry get a Japenease business man out of a ditch, then finds out he is on his way to see Mr Wheeler. Steve heads to Wheeler's and over hears the Japanease man and Wheeler drinking a toast to Henderson's Point, Steve is leaving when Rutt spots him and chases him into a barn, Steve is trapped as Rutt locks the door with them both inside and gets ready to beat Steve. While searching the barn for Steve, Rutt is too far away to stop him getting through a shaft,he grabs at his foo but he just gets his shoe, Rutt finds himself locked in the barn as he has lost the key and Steve escapes.moreless
    • Episode Fourteen
      Episode Fourteen
      Episode 14
      Steve tells Tam what he saw on Wheeler's computer and she wants to tell Mike, but Steve needs proof first. Tam and Regina spend the project money. Steve invites the gang to Sylvia's party but Ted doesn't want to go because she is a Wheeler. Steve asks Cowboy for help in how to date girls, so Cowboy sets up a double date in Pat's shop and tells him to copy what he does with Char. Tam and Regina take the others up to the cave, but Andy frightens them off by making ghost noises. Despite watching Cowboy and Char, Steve can't bring himself to make a move on Sylvia. Tam and Regina's friends want their money back or they are going to tell the teacher what they did. As Glynis arrives to pick Sylvia up she and Steve finally kiss. Tam and Regina are the only one's without a project now and are kept after school. At Sylvia's party Wheeler tries once again to buy "Hendersons Point" and explodes at Steve when he turns him down, he tells him he can't see Sylvia any more as he is sending her to boarding school and that she set him up anyway. Steve storms out of the party as Sylvia protests her innocence.moreless
    • Episode Thirteen
      Episode Thirteen
      Episode 13
      Mr Morris's replacement issues a project on the history of Haven Bay, as all the girls have a crush on him, the race is on to turn in the best project so Tam decides to show Regina the cave. Steve meets up with Sylvia Wheeler again, but she gets angry when he give's her some home truthes about her father. Sylvia later turns up at the house to appologise and they agree to leave her father out of it. The other girls in their class realise Tam and Regina have a project lined up and offer to pay to be a part of it. Steve introduces Sylvia to the other kids, while riding her back home on his bike they are going fast down a hill and Steve's breaks fail, they crash over a barrier and Steve has injured his leg, Sylvia insists on taking him to her house to tend to the wound. More people want to be in on Tam and Regina's project and they find themselves making a bit of money. Mr Wheeler comes back and is surprised to see Sylvia and Steve there, Sylvia explains about the bike accident and he is nice about it, Steve is surpised that he invites him for dinner. After dinner Ashley Wheeler lets Steve play on his computer, Steve stumbles onto a Rising Sun Project and the subject is Hendersons Point, Oblivious to the fact Steve has seen the disc Ashley Wheeler quickley hides it. Sylvia is allowed a birthday party and Wheeler tells her to bring Steve and Tam.moreless
    • Out of the blue (part 2)
      Mr Morris gives Ted a job at his home. Char gives Tam a friendly warning that Cowboy is hers. Brains crashes into Glynis Wheeler's car on his new bike, she drags him into the police station wanting him charged, Mike however is only interested in where Brains got his bike from and how he paid for it. Brains claims he saves all his money and numbers each bill so he knows how much he has, he also paid for the excursion with the numbered money. When Ted later pays for a drink with a numbered note Brains accuses him of being the thief, Ted is furious and claims he got the money in wages from Mr Morris. Mr Barton questions Ted as to how he paid for the excursion, Ted storms off. Steve helps Mr Barton set a trap to catch the thief, announcing he has savings to take to the bank going in Mr Barton's safe. The money is stolen and a search is on for the person with blue hands, as a blue dye was in the tin. Ted refuses to show his hands and confesses he is a theif, but not of the school money, from his father as he didn't want to be the only kid not going on the trip, Mr Barton is stunned! Steve catches the real thief in the paint shed trying to get dye off his hands ... Mr Morris. Prompted by Char, Cowboy finally tells Tam he is spoken for, but agrees to be friends, she tells him she's pulling out of the flag race. Mike arrests Mr Morris and Steve goes to tell Ted. Steve is later smitten by a blonde girl on the beach, he goes to talk to her and finds out she is called Sylvia, a car pulls up to take her home, it's her father...Ashley Wheeler.moreless
    • Out of the blue
      Out of the blue
      Episode 11
      Steve goes to Mike about Mr Aston and Wheeler's latest scam, Mike believes thay have a case but Mr Ashton calls on Ashley Wheeler for help and they both manage to wriggle out of it, as it is just Steve's word against theirs. Money has been going missing from the school and Mike wants Tam and Steve to spy on their friends. Mr Morris plans a school excursion to the city, but Ted refuses to go, Steve realises it's because he doesn't have the money, but when the dedline arrives Ted pays his money the same as everyone else and Steve is suspicious, as is Mr Morris and Mr Barton. Cowboy has entered a Rodeo and tells Tam there are girl events too, so when he trains her for the flag race Char get's jeallous. Brains is keeping secrets from the gang, he has some how managed to buy himself a brand new bike. Andy turns up at the school to visit Steve the same time the excursion money is stolen. Mike turns up at the Kernows to question Andy who has dissappeared.moreless
    • Episode Ten
      Episode Ten
      Episode 10
      Tam has taken Cowboy's hat to get fixed, and wears it herself. Steve meets a man up at the "Point" called Mr Aston, he claims to be from the museam, Steve takes him to the cave where he waits five seconds before rushing out with claustophobia, taking a sample first, he tells Steve the markings are fake. Cowboy throws away his porridge that another drover has made causing another fight. Later when Tam visits, Cowboy finds porridge in his boots and has another run in with the bully causing Cowboy to get fired infront of Tam. Steve helps to save Mr Clarke's cows from going over a cliff when Rutt Jones cuts the fence, but when the Clarke's dog spooks the cows it is Cowboy who save's the day, giving him back his self respect. Char is over joyed Cowboy is back as is Tam who give's him back his hat. Andy is furious that Mr Aston has said the markings were fake and demands proof, so he and Steve head to the Powell's pub where he is staying, Regina helps them to find his room just as he gets a phone call from Mr Wheeler. Cowboy decides Wheeler has gone to far and something needs to be done.moreless
    • Episode Nine
      Episode Nine
      Episode 9
      Mr Barton helps Steve look into the agricultural prints, Steve pretends he has litter duty so Ted and the others don't know and Mr Barton is impressed when he see's Steve picking up rubbish when he doesn't need to. A drover winding up Cowboy falls and breaks his leg, this leads to Cowboy being offered a job. Mike offers to help find Tam and Steve's dad and brings a print out home of thousands of Walter Mullins's from the station. Char is upset that Cowboy has left, but he is not having an easy time of it when he finds he will be riding a motorbike instead of his horse. Rutt Jones spy's on Steve and steals his letter to the museam from the post office. Steve tells Tam about the cave, when she becomes suspicous of him and threatens to ask him questions at the dinner table in front of Mike. Mike finally asks Pat to dinner. Tam bumps into a drunk and is shocked to find it is Cowboy with the other drovers. Mrs Clarke is worried about Cowboy's lunch and gets Tam to deliver it, she see's him getting a hard time from the other drovers and that his precious Cowboy hat is almost destroyed.moreless
    • Episode Eight
      Episode Eight
      Episode 8
      When Ted is hit by a tomato by one of the protesters he enlists Brains's help to get revenge on the rain forrest protesters by pulling down their tents. Cowboy takes Tam for a ride, where she daydreams about them riding off together. Steve is interviewed on TV at the protest. Tam and Cowboy find out about Glynis's horse and that she has to do something to earn it. Tam is suspicious of Glynis when she denies knowing about the horse and tells Steve. Steve enlists the others to help set Glynis Wheeeler up at the dance. While Cowboy keeps mike busy, Steve spills a drink on Glynis and when she goes to clean up, the other kids lock her in the toilet and question her. Wheeler arrives at the dance and announces the closure of the Mill, the rain forrest protesters are thrilled, but Ted isn't. Glynis escapes the toilet and lands in a pile of mud, she storms back into the dance telling her father he can get his precious "Henderson's Point" some other way, when Mike tries to comfort her she tells him she can't stand him or his kids. Pat tells Mike he is lucky he has the kids looking out for him and he realises how stupid he has been with Glynis. Steve's interview is shown on TV and he say's he is only staying in Haven Bay until his father can be found, Mike is really hurt.moreless
    • Episode Seven
      Episode Seven
      Episode 7
      While up at the "Point" Char, Ted, Cowboy, Tam and Brains spot Steve and Andy in the sea. Andy tells Steve he can't take both their weight in the water and he must tread water himself. Cowboy and Ted swim out to Steve and Andy, while Char radio's through to her Dad's boat, Mike is with Char's dad also searching. When Cowboy saves Steve, Tam develops a crush on him. Mike has a go at Steve and Steve tells him he didn't want to live with him any way. Wheeler makes new plans to get hold of "Hendersons Point" by enlisting the help of his spoilt daughter Glynis, he promises to buy her a horse if she can romance Mike Henderson into getting the kids to sell the "Point" Char asks Cowboy to teach Tam how to ride a horse, Tam is thrilled. Steve is given a job from Cowboy's dad. Glynis puts her plan into action by asking Mike to the dance. Rain forrest protesters rent Cowboys land infuriating Ted.moreless
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6
      Andy and Steve become friends, Andy begs Steve not to sell "Henderson's Point" and in return he will show him the secret of the land. When Regina fails to return a terrified Tam heads to the police station to find there is officers already out looking for her and Regina including Uncle Mike. Andy takes Steve to a hidden cave and shows him some aboriginal prints of historical value, Steve wants to investigate further. Regina is being held captive by Terry and Stan and when she starts to get nervous Stan starts filling a syringe ready to drug her. Tam is reunited with a very angry Mike at the police station, from her statement they know exactly who has Regina and set out to look for them, they reluctantly let Tam go to because she has seen the car. Tam spots the car down a side road and the police raid the house in time to save Regina, Tam is left in the car and when Stan rushes into the road she hits him with the car door. Regina and Tam have an emotional reunion but then find out they could have been sold into prostitution. Char discovers her father has financial trouble. When Tam and Regina return to school with a hero's welcome they lie about what happened, saying they went to parties with rockstars. Wheeler tries to get Tam to sell "Henderson's Point" but she tells him not for all the money in the world. Steve and Andy go fishing, a storm starts so they try to rush back but the sail hits Steve knocking him overboard, when Andy jumps in to save him the boat sets adrift leaving them both stranded in the middle of the sea.moreless
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      Mike and Regina's father search frantically for Tam and Regina, they have made it to Melbourne and are having a great time dreaming of staying in fancy hotels and playing video games all night. Problems start when Regina's purse is stolen with both her's and Tam's money in, knowing they can't tell the police because they'd be sent straight home they are forced to spend the night in a bus station, in desperation they turn to Tam's best friend Claire, but she isn't interested and has new friends now. The local kids question Steve about Tam and Regina running away, wishing they had gone with them to the exciting city. When a local city kid Terry offers to help Tam and Regina, Tam is suspicious of his motives, but Regina talks her into accepting lunch, he introduces them to his friend Stan who tells them they could be models and invites them to a party with rockstars, Tam is unsure but Regina is desperate to go. Steve is visiting the "Point" when he sees the mystery person again, he gives chase but loses them again, then he is attacked by a boy called Andy, furious that he was following him. Stan sends Tam to pay for the burgers and when she turns around Regina is gone. Outside in the car with Terry and Stan, Regina is having second thoughts, but they won't let her go and Tam rushes out just intime to see the car drive off with Regina inside.moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      Mission Impossible for Ted and Steve as they try to get food to Bill and Johnny, while Rutt Jones, Wheeler's right hand man stays on guard with a loaded shotgun. When Rutt is talking to the sergeant Ted and Steve take the opportunity to sneak onto the roof, but Ted slips and almost falls into a tank of toxic waste, forcing his father to give up his protest and landing Steve in hot water with Mike. Tam breaks down in class while reading a poem similar to her life, but gains an unexpected friend in Regina, who gives her a decent spot on the netball team. Wheeler tries to get Steve to sell "Henderson's Point" against Mike's wishes and Tam doesn't want to sell either. Regina tells Tam that living in the pub means she never gets to go anywhere, Tam feeling homesick suggests they run away to Melbourne, so the excited pair board the bus and leave Haven Bay.moreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      Hanging on for sheer life, Ted and Steve are helped by Cowboy while Char, Tam and Brains cling onto him. Afterwards Steve and Cowboy call a truce but Ted isn't so easy. Mike has another shock for the kids, he's enrolled them in school, the first day gets off to a great start when Ted and Steve have a fight before registration,and Tam finds her favourite spot on the net ball team taken by the popular Regina Powell. Head teacher Mr Barton decides to make Ted and Steve work together on a science project, eventually Steve makes Ted see they are stuck with each other whether they like it or not, he ends up getting an invite to Teds for tea and gets involved in Johnny Morgan and Bill Chisholm's latest protest against Ashley Wheeler, they have holed up at the Mill and are threatening to destroy it unless Wheeler gives then their jobs back. When Steve agrees to help get food to them despite Mike, Ted finally agrees to be friends.moreless
    • The Crash (part 2)
      Mike travels to Melbourne to break the news of their mothers death to Tam and Steve, devastated the kids attend their mothers funeral then are reluctantly packed up to live in Haven Bay with Uncle Mike, until their father can be found. Ashley Wheeler who at first was furious for being stood up now believes the land will be passed on to Mike and vows to look after him, in a bid to get him to sell him "Hendersons Point". Labelled "Copper's Kids" by local bully Ted Morgan, Tam and Steve receive a frosty reception and find it difficult to make any friends in Haven Bay. Deciding to visit the "Point" there mother has left them they see someone disappear into the trees, surprised they follow but the person has gone. Later the local kids come to hang out at the "Point" and argue with Tam and Steve, then Ted arrives furious that his Dad has been sacked, he starts a fight with the Steve and they both fall over the cliff.moreless
    • The Crash
      The Crash
      Episode 1
      Introducing sensible Steve 15 and tearaway Tamara Henderson 13, two city kids who live with their mother Alice in Melbourne. A hard up family who find more financial problems when Tam crashes into a fruit stall while racing her brother home on her roller skates, he is on a bus. Alice considers selling up and moving to Haven Bay to stay with her brother Mike who is the local policeman. Meanwhile a ruthless business man Ashley Wheeler also from Haven Bay offers to buy Hendersons Point from them, but as it is sentimental to her Alice refuses, but does agree to meet up with him. Also introducing the Haven Bay kids Cowboy,Char,Brains and Ted who's father is also in a battle with Ashley Wheeler over the Mill closure. On her way to meet Ashley Wheeler Alice saves a little boy from being run over by pushing him out of the way, unfortunately she doesn't get herself out of the way and is killed by a truck.moreless