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  • Two city teens are forced to move to country town Haven Bay and live with their uncle when their mother is tragically killed, leaving them nothing but a piece of land that a ruthless business man will stop at nothing to get his hands on.

    This was Kylie Minogue's first big role as Char Kernow, her popularity was the reason channel four bought it and the only reason I started watching it, this soon changed however when the role of Tamara Henderson stood out a mile, played by Nadine Garner one of the leads of the series, she was in her first role ever, this was stated by the introducing above her name in the credits, the emotion she puts across at the death of her mother could make even the toughest person cry and her chilling scream at the end of episode 2 still makes me shudder, she rightly won a young actors penguin award for this series and it was well deserved, I soon forgot Kylie was even in it, until she was given her own central storyline.

    The thing with the Henderson Kids was, yes it was about Tam and Steve but the other kids got a central story too, starting with Ted (Ben Mendleson) and the emotional and financial struggles he had with his family, his bullying of Steve over the life he had, after a few near misses with both Ted and Steve's lives they became firm friends.

    Due to her talent for netball Tam got friends with the popular Regina Powell, together they featured in one of the most controversial storylines of the show, seeing them both run away to the city and Regina (Jane Hall) being almost sold into teen prostitution when she trusts the wrong people and finds herslf abducted by Terry (Steffan Dennis) and Stan, (strangely enough Jane now plays Steffan's love interest in Neighbours) Tam eventually goes to the police when Regina doesn't return, luckily she helps find Regina and she is saved, but they both realise what a close call they had, and Tam realises the city is no longer her home.

    These episodes warned against the dangers of going with strangers and put it across in a very effective way.
    Theft was also dealt with, with a surprising culprit revealed.

    The Henderson Kids never failed to get you hooked, with each episode ending on a cliffhanger I was always waiting for the next one.

    It also dealt with the pressures of growing up, for Cowboy (Mark Hennesey) he had to get a job droving and deal with the bully Suds (Peter O Brien), learn what he was good at and break away from his gang he had built up, while dealing with their devastation at him abandoning them.
    Char (Kylie Minogue) also had to grow up pretty fast, her fathers debts caused her to leave school and get a job to help out with the finances, only to find herself being sued when she accidently died the spiteful Glynis Wheelers hair green.

    The rest of the story focused on Mr Wheeler trying to get his hands on Henderson's Point by any means neccesary, and Tam and Steve refusing to sell due to the aboriginal markings found inside a cave, Wheeler use's daughter Glynis to try and talk uncle Mike (Nicholas Edie) into selling the land, luckily the kids work this out and she is shown up for who she really is.

    So when Wheeler's other daughter Sylvia (Annie Jones) and Steve start getting along, Tam is wondering if Wheeler is up to his old tricks, but it seems this is true love, its just a shame that when Wheeler realises Steve will not sell him the land,he bans them from seeing eachother, eventually they work out together what her dad is up to, but her father will always be an issue and despite everything she still loves him.

    Just as Tam and Steve are settling down in Haven Bay, their estranged father turns up and throws a spanner in the works, as decisions have to be made as what will happen to them now, and can their father really be trusted when he starts suggesting they sell Henderson's Point?

    Packed with adventure, romance, horses, drama, laughter and tears, as the kids deal with everything from the death of their mother to living on a farm and saving their land with their new firm friends, the Henderson Kids is a classic treasure I will never forget.
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