Henry Rollins Uncut: Specials

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  • Season 1
    • Henry Rollins Uncut: Northern Ireland
      Henry Rollins has long been a critic of the American occupation in Iraq and now travels to Northern Ireland to present a unique case study on the parallels of the conflict that turned Northern Ireland into a battleground for thirty odd years and represented decades of sectarian violence that was escalated by Britain's military occupation of the region. Henry conducts exclusive interviews with those who played a significant role during "The Troubles" of Northern Ireland and their thoughts on how America, too, can come to find resolution in Iraq. Interviews include legendary civil rights leader Eamonn McCann, who played a major role in "Bloody Sunday", the First Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson, and a discreet interview with a former IRA member who fought and killed for the resistance against the British Military and subsequently was sentenced to life imprisonment. With just a few days to explore the country around a sold out show in Belfast, Henry uncovers a staggering precedent to the American occupation in Iraq and the resulting sectarian divide that still shakes the region today.moreless
    • Henry Rollins Uncut: South Africa
      With an insightful and poetic narration from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Henry travels through South Africa to explore this beautiful country and the recently acquired freedom for its people. The end of apartheid signified new beginnings for the citizens of South Africa, but Henry discovers an under-developed, under-employed, malnourished population that faces the pandemic threat of AIDS as an everyday reality. To get a better understanding of local culture and its history, Henry explores relevant locations including a desperate shantytown and the Robben Island prison where he finds himself standing within the very cell that imprisoned Nelson Mandela for nearly two decades. At the University of Cape Town, Henry performs an illuminating stage show, where he shares personal stories and discusses the gravity of South Africa's racist history and the current hardships of its people.moreless
    • Henry Rollins Uncut: New Orleans
      Three years after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Henry Rollins ventures to New Orleans to examine the city's current condition first hand. Henry is overwhelmed by the lack of progress being made in the surrounding areas. In his search for answers, Henry instead discovers a fresh slate of devastating problems that now threatens this community post-Katrina. Even as tourism approaches pre-storm levels, tens of thousands of residents find themselves dealing with the depression of a city still living with the wreckage of the levee's breach and now being victimized by a surge in violent crime. Henry's stage performance, at the legendary Tipitina's music venue, is thus a tribute to the people of New Orleans who continue to persevere. Henry also has the opportunity to meet with music legend, Irma Thomas, the "Soul Queen of New Orleans", who explains how the music community has been affected and the role they continue to play in the aftermath.moreless