Henry's World

Family (ended 2006)


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  • Oh common people. This show is funny.

    How is this show not funny and original. It has a great running gag of eating mushy carrots and getting a wish from it. And its not like those stupid cartoons were theres never a bad side to a wish. *Cough fairly odd parents* Then its up to Henry and friends to go save the day from his messed up wish. I love this show for its vivid display of animated puppets. The ideas in this show is new. (Going to jupitor to find out that the rocks are made out of candy) This show also created Jo-Jo's Circus dudes.
  • Making wishes on carrots? Exciting? Don't think so.

    So you take a young boy living in a neighborhoos, and attending a public school with an ability to make wishes after eating mushy carrots for lunch. How lame? At first, you may begin to like it, and the theme song is a bit catchy, but after a couple of episodes, you'll just start to hate it!