Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 5:00 PM Feb 13, 1995 on USA
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Ares thrived on conflict and bloodshed. Hercules did not share Ares' passion for killing, and when Ares tried to assemble an army of teenage boy soldiers to do his bidding, Hercules knew he had to stop him. With help from the powerful blacksmith Atalanta and the young widow Janista, Hercules must work to help the village against Ares and his new boy army.


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  • hercules is giving a message to a warrior's familly but he also finds out that there is a promblem with the kids of the town,many of them are worshiping ares and killing people.moreless

    this was a fair episode but not very well worked,many things seemed fake like the fight between ares and hercules,the hits from the arm of ares could killed or damaged hercules a lot,if you really watch the episode you will see many other things that shows the handly job of the episode.I dont like as i had already said the represantation of ares,especially his lame voice,ps i have the monster at which ares transformed on a game.However the episode has some intersting moments and is introducing a very admiring character,Atalanta.If it wasnt atalanta the episode wouldnt have this rating,the anxiety of hercules with atalanta,the sexual intense between them and generally their chemistry is very enjoyable,their is also the message of fighting for peace not for glory or power.If this is someone's first episode watching,i think he will not gain so much respect for the show,or he will not watch it again cause of the handly job but is Ok episode for the funs.moreless
  • A group of warrior kids align themselves with the warrior God. Hercules sets out to free them from the force of evil that is his brother.

    Unfortunately, in the fifth episode "Ares", the god gets his first body ... and it sucks. This episode is about a band of warrior boys who worship the war god. But the story doesn't begin there, it begins with Hercules (sidekick-free this week) coming upon a dead warrior on a battlefield. He gives Hercules a message to take to his wife and son. When Herc gets to the village, he finds the woman and boy easily enough, but also finds trouble in the form of the warrior boys. While there he meets a female blacksmith named Atalanta, his first real romantic girl-of-the-week this season.

    The Atalanta/Hercules relationship was probably the most amusing part of this episode. The primary kids (who looked like a band of Peter Pan style "Lost Boys") were good actors. Kid actors can easily be annoying and they mostly weren't. And the mother/widow and Atalanta were both good representations of strong women. I respected both characters. I adored when Atalanta dipped Hercules for a kiss and how he (the strongest man in the world) had all his words reduced to blubbering when she threw on her feminine charm. I liked that they allowed her to be a little butch and still have the feminine charm to reduce a man to a blubbering idiot. You very rarely see shows allow Muscular women the luxary of being seen as both strong and femine. I even love how Hercules was still protective of her despite it being clear she could beat the pants off of more than half of the men in the world. Basically, the meat of the story was good and watchable. Even creepy laughing "skull in the sky" Ares and "bubbling blood" voice-of-Ares worked in the course of the episode. But then there was the sad excuse for Ares in the end. I mean when the little punk kid that was running the band of Punk Kids went whining to Ares and begging the God to beat up little-bro-Herc for him, I knew how Ares would feel. You CAN ask Ares for help, but if you do then he loses respect for you. The kid learned that the hard way. But the Beast/Giant form of Ares was the worst excuse of a godly form I've ever seen. I mean I guess they were going for a monster form a kid would dream up, but it just looked like a big old pile of crap with glowing red eyes. I prefer the omniscient laughing skull in the sky, thanks.moreless
  • Visiting a war widow, Hercules finds that local male children are being lured into forming an army for Ares, and with muscular female blacksmith Atlanta he must put an end to the evil, in this reasonable tale...moreless

    After 'The Festival of Dionysus', which I personally found uninteresting, things move back up a notch with this episode.

    This story has a definite anti-gang theme, and in places almost plays like an Ancient Greek version of the 1987 movie 'The Lost Boys' (where a gang of youths become vampires).

    I've always found the title of this episode to be rather generic, and could have done with something more grabbing, and reflecting the corruption of youths of the story.

    This episode introduces Cory Everson as the muscular blacksmith Atlanta. Later on I found that I could not help but compare many (most) of such female guest stars to the mighty Xena, but Atlanta is a strong and likable character, and – especially being introduced before Xena – works very well. The character was popular enough to be brought back several times. Oh, and that costume! After a string of 'try out' companions in previous episodes, here Hercules is travelling solo, although he does spend much of the story with Atlanta. There are almost shades of 'Hercules and the Amazon Women', as Hercules is first shocked to find that the blacksmith is a woman, and later when he insists that going up against Ares is too dangerous for a woman.

    As I said on my review of 'The Festival of Dionysus', although I really liked what Kevin Smith did as Ares, at the same time I quite like these early versions of the gods, as giant, imposing, almost alien-like figures. At the same time though, I don't think they'd have got as many stories or as much scope using this more abstract version of Gods.

    Other than the inclusion of Ares himself, this is a monster-less episode, illustrating how the series was gradually moving from all out monster fests to wider ranging stories, something that would be used in many future episodes. It also has a darker feel to it that much of what we have seen previously.

    All-in-all, this is a very fair episode. It is one of those stories that once you know the plot, it doesn't have as much to offer on multiple viewings than some other episodes, but it is still a very reasonable offering.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: When Atalanta is possessed by Ares at the forge, she starts hammering a cold bar of metal. Metal must be heated red hot in order to hammer it into shape.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Hercules: I thought I'd find the blacksmith here.
      Atalanta: You did.
      Hercules: But you're... a woman.
      Atalanta: And you're a man. Which I could have figured out even if you didn't have your foot in your mouth.

    • Hercules: You must be the leader. You look like the kind of puppet Ares would like.
      Aurelius: A puppet couldn't kill you, Hercules. You fell right into my trap. I'm Ares' general.
      Atalanta: What kind of general could that be? General nuisance?

    • Ares: Time to die, little brother.
      Hercules: I hate my family.

  • NOTES (3)

    • At the end of the scene where Hercules is discovered under a pile of rocks by Janista and Atalanta, Hercules limps away with the help of Atalanta. He protests with "but," and Atalanta responds, "No 'buts' about it." When these lines are delivered, the camera focuses on Hercules and Atalanta's butts walking out of the scene. On the video commentary for this episode, Kevin Sorbo said the last lines were ad-libbed and that he convinced the director to focus the camera on their butts as they exited the scene.

    • Cory Everson, who guest stars as Atalanta in this episode, won the Ms. Olympia contest six years in a row.

    • Most of the stunties for the boy army were actually women.


    • Atalanta:
      Atalanta is a fierce hunter and athlete in Greek mythology. Her father abandoned her in the woods as a baby because she was a girl, but Artemis' favor helped her to survive until a hunter rescued her and raised her. She later joined a band of heroes who went after the Calydonian Boar which was terrorizing the countryside. Atalanta struck first blood, and was awarded the prize by Meleager, who finished off the beast, much to the dismay of the other hunters.