Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 4 Episode 13

Armageddon Now Part 1

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Feb 09, 1998 on USA
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Armageddon Now Part 1

Hope, the treacherous daughter of Dahak and Gabrielle, went to the Ixion Caverns and freed Callisto. Hope gave the warrior-Goddess a mission: rid the world of Hercules. Callisto joined forces with Ares, and the two reopened the vortex to the alternate universe. When The Sovereign appeared, Ares snatched his pendant of Hind's blood -- a substance that can kill a God. But Callisto ripped the pendant from Ares' neck and used the blood to kill Strife. Hope then sent Callisto back in time to kill Hercules' mother, so Iolaus convinced Ares to send him back as well.


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  • Evil Hope returns and frees Callisto once again, and hatches a plot to kill Hercules. Callisto and Ares use their powers to free the Sovereign from being trapped in limbo, who has the only remaining Hind's Blood that can kill gods. A top-notch adventure..moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    The fourth season has its fair share of dud episodes, but it also has great ones such as this. This is the largest scale, and quite probably the best offering of the season.

    Things open in the final scene of 'Xena: Warrior Princess'' 'Maternal Instincts', where the seemingly dead Hope is on a funeral pyre. But it's far from the end of Hope, as her supernatural ashes re-gather and re-form elsewhere. The girl just won't die! Hope is now a horribly disfigured, and her plan this time is to bump off Hercules.

    The return of Hope and Callisto, paired with the return of the Sovereign (introduced in 'Strange In A Strange World' earlier in the season) makes for a top notch episode, crammed full of things going on.

    Callisto is at her most powerful and evil. It makes up for a slightly lackluster appearance in 'Maternal Instincts'.

    The scenes between Callisto and Ares play well, and overflow with tension (both sexual and otherwise).

    There are a number of good scenes in this episode, and it goes towards making up for some of the other duds in the season.

    I wasn't too sad to see Strife killed off, as he wasn't exactly one of my favourite characters. Even so, it comes as quite a shock, and makes the threat to Hercules all the more apparent. I've always liked evil twins, so naturally I like the Sovereign, Hercules' evil double from the parallel world. He reminds me a lot of the evil Garthe Knight, from another favourite of mine, 'Knight Rider' (second season feature-length episodes 'Goliath' and 'Goliath Returns').

    A grand adventure and one that really leaves you wanting to see the conclusion.moreless
Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo

The Sovereign

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Hudson Leick


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Kim Michalis

Young Alcmene

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Kevin Smith (II)


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Joel Tobeck


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    • The Sovereign: You're an idiot. You know that?
      Hercules: You know nothing about me.
      The Sovereign: Oh, yes I do. Oh, yeah. See, I've watched you in here. You should make people worship you- tremble in fear. But what do you do? Oh, you help them out. You solve their puny problems. You're pathetic.
      Hercules: Maybe you're the one who's pathetic. You ever think about that? Are you so happy with your own life?

    • Ares: (mourning Strife's death) He wasn't so bad. He tried hard. He... he was just no good at his job. (to Callisto) You didn't have to do this!

    • The Sovereign: (when he and Hercules are trapped together in the Netherworld) Oh, just great! Welcome to my nightmare!
      Hercules: It's not so bad.
      The Sovereign: Tell me the cup is half full, and so help me...!

    • The Sovereign: You people should fear me! Hide from me! Tremble at the sight of me! All I get are happy faces! I hate happy!

    • Ares: It took Hephaestus months to forge those weapons!
      Hercules: Well, Hephaestus needs a new hobby, like maybe knitting.

    • Hope: Welcome home, Callisto.
      Callisto: Hope? Why? It's over. Leave me alone.
      Hope: Your work's not finished, Callisto.
      Callisto: I've done all I can.
      Hope: Not yet. Your biggest challenge is ahead.
      Callisto: And what would that be?
      Hope: To rid the world of its greatest hero- Hercules.

    • Hercules: Don't you have any scruples?!
      Strife: Huh?
      Ares: What?!

    • King Tyndareus: (inviting them to a wedding feast) Won't you both join us?
      Iolaus: rhetorically) Hey, is the world supported on the backs of four giant elephants?!
      King Tyndareus: (pauses to think about it) Good! Well, that's settled then.

    • Strife: Callisto? She's a twisted sister. Next to her, the Furies are... mellow.

    • Ares: (drinking a toast) To victory!
      Callisto: To a world without Hercules!
      Strife: There's no stopping us now!
      Callisto: Us?!
      Ares: You obsequious toad, you weren't even there!
      Strife: Far be it from me to steal your thunder. You're the Man with the Plan, you're the Mistress of Mean! I'm just proud to be on the team.
      Callisto: (to Ares) Does this brazen brown-nosing actually work with you?!

    • Strife: (after Callisto defeats Ares) Let me be the first to welcome you to the club.
      Callisto: But I wouldn't want to be in a club that would have me as a member!

  • NOTES (1)


    • When Iolaus asks rhetorically if the world is supported on the backs of four giant elephants, he is referring to the Hindu myth that says the earth is supported on the backs of several levels of giant animals. The elephant Maha-Pudma stands on the back of the tortoise Chukwa, and they support the world.

    • Ares: You're not in Neverland now, pal. You're in my yard.

      Neverland is the magical home of Peter Pan, from the play and book of Sir J. M. Barrie.