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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 5 Episode 9

For Those of You Just Joining Us

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Jan 04, 1999 on USA
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Episode Summary

For Those of You Just Joining Us

Studio head B.S. Hollingfoffer ordered the producers and writers to a retreat at Camp Wannachuck, where he hoped they would come up with some better ideas for Hercules episodes. Kevin Sorbo, who really is Hercules, arrived at the retreat and offered touching stories about Hercules and a noble death for Iolaus. He also saved his co-workers from three attempts on their lives, all perpetrated by Hollingsfoffer in disguise. The studio head had been working with Ares in exchange for his own network. Realizing the God of Waractually existed, the writers then wondered whether there might really be aHercules.


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  • Bruce Campbell directs, as studio head B.S. Hollingfoffer orders the producers and writers to come up with better stories, so they head off to a corporate retreat camp, but once there, someone keeps trying to kill them. Another fun modern-day set episode.moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    This episode is a sequel to the surprise fourth season hit 'Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules'. Like that episode, it is set in the modern day, and features caricatures of many of the 'Hercules' production and writing staff.

    Things get off on a suitably scathing note with studio head B.S. Hollingfoffer (Robert Trebor) watching a clip from last season's terrible 'One Fowl Day', with Hercules battling a giant chicken!

    I love it how when Rob Tapert (Bruce Campbell, who also directs) says that he doesn't care about quality, Hollingfoffer responds "You don't have to tell me twice, I saw last season". Last season WAS overall pretty bad, but it's great that they can send themselves up about it.

    Hollingfoffer also gets in that he wants to see "I want action. I want romance. I want to see Salmoneus on more episodes"– I wonder why that could be (maybe something to do with Trebor playing him?!). Sadly, Salmoneus had made his last ever appearance in the series a few episodes earlier, in 'Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My'.

    Anyway, Hollingfoffer demands that the production staff comes up with better stories for the series, so off they head to a corporate retreat camp. They are guided by the irritatingly happy Sunny Day ('Xena''s Renée O'Connor).

    All of the original cast from 'Yes Virginia, There Is A Hercules' return, expect for Ted Raimi and Paul Glover as writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, which is a shame because they were funny in the first episode. Oh yes, and Gina Torres doesn't return as casting director Beth Hymson either. But other than that, the crew's all here, and Kevin Sorbo is along for this ride this time as well.

    The episode is supposedly set between the fourth and the fifth season, with the crew (or mostly, Sorbo) coming up with ideas that make up the first few episodes of the fifth season. (Sorbo, who is really Hercules in the modern day, comes up with some really complex ideas, and then just shrugs them off with "...What do I know, I'm just an actor"!)

    There are a ton (an Acme ton!) of fun little runners in this episode, such as the suggested ways of killing Iolaus, and the crew's little nicknames for Sorbo ("Sorbo-potamus" is my personal favourite).

    All of the cast are great, but as with the original episode, Michael Hurst is hilarious as the washed up gambler caricature of writer Paul Robert Coyle. Watch out for the horrible hair his body is covered in, in the sweat lodge scene – gross.

    One scene the episode does lack from the original is the classic toilet theme-humming sequence, although Sorbo can be heard whistling the theme, and O'Connor whistles the 'Xena: Warrior Princess' theme in one scene.

    At the end there is a great reveal as to who's been trying to kill them during the episode, in a great 'Scooby Doo' parody. It did stretch the imagination a bit, but it was funny how they pulled up the mask to reveal... well, I won't spoil it here.

    As with 'Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules', this is a really funny modern-day set episode. It works well for regular viewers of the series, but also has a number of in-jokes for hardcore fans who know the ins and outs of the series and its staff.

    Both of the episodes are great, but if I had to choose the best one, the original might just slightly beat this one, simply in that it was the first time we had seen anything like it. This one is excellent too though.moreless
  • We return to modern times where Hercules, pretending to be the actor Kevin Sorbo, shows Rob Tapert and all the rest at the Action Pack why the world still needs Hercules. The gang of writers and producers are all played by the Hercules 'Verse regulars.moreless

    This was the most amazing clip show ever written for any tv show ever. Most of the time clip shows are throwaways, reusing clips already shown with a minimal amount of new stuff to make a new, cheap episode for a show running over budget in money or time. But in this episode the new material is so absolutely hilarious with its tongue in cheek self mockery that you forgive them for recycling old material just to see what they\\\'ll think of next. Hudson Leick as the chain smoking Liz Friedman is tops, but Bruce Campbell\\\'s Rob Tappert is great too. Add a guest appearance by Renee O\\\'Connor with her Texas accent in the forefront and the laughs never stop.moreless
Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

Rob Tapert

Guest Star

Hudson Leick

Hudson Leick

Liz Friedman

Guest Star

Renee O'Connor

Renee O'Connor

Sunny Day

Guest Star

Tamara Gorski

Tamara Gorski

Norma Bates/Morrigan

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Kevin Smith (II)

Kevin Smith (II)

Jerry Patrick Brown/Ares

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