Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 5 Episode 15

Greece Is Burning

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Feb 15, 1999 on USA
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Greece Is Burning
Althea, Hercules' former dance partner, became a fashion designer and tried to enter her designs in Oena's fashion show. But Count Von Verminhaven barred Althea as a favor to Oena, who was Althea's rival. Hercules decided to help Althea hold her own show, but he was arrested by the fashion police for wearing leather in the summer. Things got worse when Oena stole Althea's designs and burned her work. With help from Hercules, Titus and the Widow Twanky, however, Althea's show was a great success. Twanky even got revenge on Verminhaven, who had wrongfully destroyed her reputation.moreless

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  • Michael Hurst directs as Hercules helps Althea achieve her goal of putting on a fashion show, and calls upon the aid of the washed up Widow Twanky. Very much a retread of last season's '...And Fancy Free', with fashion in place of dancing...moreless

    I wasn't too sure about this episode. Michael Hurst is always very funny as Widow Twanky, and doesn't fail to deliver laughs here, but I feel that Twanky would have worked better as a one-off joke; I hope they don't overuse her.

    Speaking of Hurst, not only does he play Widow Twanky in this episode as well as directing, he also plays the beggar outside Twanky's closed down dance school, credited as Billy Wagstaff!

    Anyway, the story itself is very much a retread of the fourth season's dance episode '...And Fancy Free', this time with fashion in place of dancing. Once again Hercules comes to the aid of young Althea, and helps her achieve her dream of staging a successful fashion show (just how many dreams as Althea got?!). They call upon the help of Widow Twanky, who has gone out of business after one scathing review.

    The villains of the episode are spoilt brat Oena and her crooked uncle Count Von Verminhaven, the same as those seen in '...And Fancy Free'.

    I found 'The Fashion Police' to be a one shot joke and very silly, and one of the things that doesn't really make this episode stand out as one of my favourites of the season.

    For the second episode in a row, we get a pop music montage, as well as Right Said Fred's 1991 song 'I'm Too Sexy' being used heavily later on in the episode, despite the series being set thousands of years before this song was released! I personally found this rather distracting and pointless.

    The episode isn't quite bottom of the barrel material, but I hope they don't offer up too many silly episodes such as this down this end of the season, and spoil what may very well be the best season of the series.moreless
  • Nice to see Widow Twanky again!

    Hercules is once again drawn to the problems Althea has; from a dancer to a fashion designer, everyone needs the help of our favourite demigod.

    Of course a feminine touch is always needed, so they contact Widow Twanky.

    It\'s hard to review a ridiculous show like Hercules because most of the silliness is probably intentional. The costumes Althea makes are ghastly. The bad guy makes me think of various fashion designers, which is good. Widow Twanky (especially in the red wig and dress) is adorable.

    The serious part of the storyline with issues wasn\'t as annoying as it could have been. There was theft and destroying people and both Althea and Twanky were great.

    Kudos to Michael Hurst. His performance was excellent with the camp reserved to the funny bits and real angst and drama brought to the dinar for the dance sequences.moreless

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    • Hercules: (after being threatened by Von Verminhaven) Thanks for the tip. Now let me give you one. If you or your goons get in my way again, you'll all be out of style faster than you can say 'tube top.'

    • Von Verminhaven: (to Oena) My darling, I can't stand to see you like this... so I'm leaving.

    • Fashion Policeman: (To Hercules) You are under arrest for violation of article 1A, section 10, subset 234D of the fashion code - wearing leather in the summer.
      Hercules: Oh, well then why aren't you out arresting cows?

    • (After beating down a particularly nasty patron who hired her for a dance)
      Twanky: Hercules was right; I deserve better than this! I deserve respect, I deserve consideration, I deserve to be spit-polished by the Olympic weightlifting team! But as I can't have that, I shall settle for my dignity.

    • Twanky: You know, this takes me right back to my modeling days when my twelfth husband, Lord Longfellow, known in the more exotic ports as Three-Legged Willie, demanded that I give up the catwalk and bear him in an heir!
      Althea: What did you do?
      Twanky: Well! I said to him, 'Dick,' I said 'I'm a career girl.' But he would not take no for an answer. So I cut off his aspirations. Do you know, even though it ended badly between us, I still carry part of him with me.

    • Hercules: Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but Von Verminhaven has turned his into the law. Althea had the courage to remind you that it's okay to be different. Well, you all have your own style. Don't let him take that away from you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Disclaimer: Due to incredibly bad taste and a despicable dress code, the Fashion Police were locked up indefinitely immediately upon completion of filming this motion picture.