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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 4 Episode 10

Hercules on Trial

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Jan 19, 1998 on USA
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Episode Summary

Hercules on Trial

Hercules' good deeds landed him on trial when Kazankis, a Hercules impersonator, was killed. Charged with manslaughter, sedition and undermining the authority of the Gods, Hercules pleaded innocent on all counts. But Spencius, the government prosecutor, showed how Hercules' acts of heroism caused Kazankis and others to emulate his actions, putting themselves and their families at risk. Although Hercules began to doubt himself, he told the court that society needs heroes who are not afraid to risk their lives for others. The case was ultimately dismissed, and Hercules was freed.


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  • When a man impersonating Hercules is killed trying to do a good deed, the real Hercules is put on trial, accused of his heroic acts putting other in danger. A good episode, but not as powerful as it might have been...moreless

    The episode starts off with a man claiming to be Hercules trying to help at a mine cave-in, resulting in him being killed. The notion of a Hercules impersonator serves as something of a red herring at this point, as the story takes off in a different direction.

    Instead, Hercules is put on trial, for his many heroic deeds causing death and destruction around him.

    The episode was designed as a 'bottle show', a budget saver that uses limited and existing sets, and is low on action and special effects.

    Herc's lawyer is Dirce (Lisa Chappell), seen in the second season opener 'The King of Thieves' and later in 'The Wedding of Alcmene', and serves as the episode's comedy relief.

    Other characters that appear as part of Hercules' trial are Cassandra (Claudia Black) from the 'Atlantis'; Derk's wife Kara (Sarah Smuts-Kennedy) from 'Mercenary'; Daedalus (Derek Payne) from 'Doomsday'; Melissa (also played by Lisa Chappell) from 'War Bride'; and Jason (Jeffrey Thomas) with Alcmene (Liddy Holloway) from numerous episodes. (all characters are from third season episodes).

    The idea of Hercules being put on trial for the death and destruction that occurs around him is a good concept, and makes for an interesting episode (complete with 'Spartacus' style "I am Hercules" finish). It starts off very well, although I did feel it started to drag slightly in the middle, and the outcome isn't as powerful as it could / should have been.moreless
Claudia Black

Claudia Black


Guest Star

Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell


Guest Star

John Sumner

John Sumner


Guest Star

Kevin Smith (II)

Kevin Smith (II)


Recurring Role

Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway


Recurring Role

Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Hercules' lawyer is Dirce (Lisa Chappell), who also appeared in the second season's "The King of Thieves" and "The Wedding of Alcemene". Other previously seen characters who appear in Hercules' trial are:
      * Cassandra (Claudia Black) from "Atlantis" (third season)
      * Derk's wife Kara (Sarah Smuts-Kennedy) from "Mercenary" (third season)
      * Daedalus (Derek Payne) from "Doomsday" (third season)
      * Princess Melissa (also played by Lisa Chappell) from "War Bride" (third season)
      * Jason (Jeffrey Thomas) with Alcmene (Liddy Holloway) from numerous episode, but primarily here referring to "Once A Hero" (second season)

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Galea's Daughter: Are you really Hercules?
      Hercules: Yes.
      Galea's Daughter: Why did you kill my father?
      (Ares laughs uproariously)

    • Ares: (trying to get Hercules to join him) You and me- think about it!
      Hercules: You and me? A team? What color is the sky in your world?
      Ares: See, that's your weakness. You don't have the stomach for it!
      Hercules: No, it's just that whenever you're around, I lose my appetite.

    • Iolaus: He's such a liar, gives lawyers a bad name.

  • NOTES (1)


    • When the crowd steps forward and each says "I am Hercules", this is a reference to the Kirk Douglas movie Spartacus. When the Roman General Crassus offered to allow the rebellious slaves to live if they gave up their leader Spartacus, each man in the slave army stood up and proclaimed himself to be Spartacus. They were all crucified, but their spirits were never broken.

    • In the teaser, Iolaus is telling the story of the inventor/mathematician Archimedes, who discovered the fact that if an object is placed in water, the amount of water displaced is equal to the object's volume. Upon realizing this, he went running through the streets of Syracuse shouting "Eureka!", or, "I have it!"