Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 3 Episode 11

Long Live the King

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Jan 20, 1997 on USA
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Long Live the King
King Orestes, Iolaus' cousin and identical look-alike, hoped to establish a League of Nations to bring peace to all the kingdoms in the area. But King Xenon of Garantus had other plans. His assassin killed Orestes, and Iolaus assumed his cousin's identity to see the peace plan through. Thrust back into Queen Niobe's life, Iolaus and the young widow consummated their love for each other. But Xenon set Iolaus up for attempted murder and planned to slay the other kings. With Niobe's help, Iolaus foiled Xenon's plans and cleared the way for Niobe to continue her quest for peace.moreless

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  • In this unnecessary, Herc-lite sequel to the second season's 'King for a Day', Iolaus' help is once again needed by his look-alike cousin, King Orestes. But when Orestes is murdered, Iolaus must once more take his place to try and secure a peace treaty...moreless

    This episode is a sequel to the second season's popular-with-many 'King for a Day'.

    Whereas 'King for a Day' was played as a comedy, this one is mostly played as a straight drama. But where 'King for a Day' at least has some amusing scenes arising from misunderstandings and cover-ups from Iolaus posing as Orestes, this one just didn't have as much to do.

    Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) only appears in the first and last scene of this story, as he was away in America promoting the series at the time.

    Although Michael Hurst is always good value for money, for most of it I didn't find this a particularly interesting episode. The whole Iolaus-posing-as-Orestes situation had already been done in 'King for a Day', and this one just seemed like an unnecessary retread.

    And although I like examples such as 'King for a Day' and 'Xena: Warrior Princess' 'Warrior... Princess' and its sequel 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp', one-to-many 'look-alike' episodes can be quite tired and lazy.

    Not the worst episode of the season by a long shot, but not one of the best either.moreless

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    • King Xenon: How many horizons does it take to make a world?
      Boron: I don't know, King Xenon. Two?
      King Xenon: I want all the horizons, Boron. I want the world! Why would the Gods have put such thoughts into my head would they not approve the consequences?

    • Xenon Guard #1: (seeing Iolaus) King Orestes?!
      Iolaus: Hi.
      Xenon Guard #1: What are you doing in this part of the castle? Why are you wearing those clothes?
      (a beautiful woman comes from behind a curtain and leers, followed by several more. The guards are impressed, until a goat is led out as well)
      Iolaus: Um, not a word of this. To anyone!

    • Orestes: (mortally wounded) Iolaus, be the king. Make my plan succeed.
      Iolaus: (trying to tend Orestes' wound) Yeah, sure, sure. It's not important now.
      Orestes: Iolaus, I gave my life for it!

    • Hector: The last person to speak directly to Phaedron was Prince Vargas of Macadamia. Phaedron got so mad, he sacked Vargas' capital and cut off his- well, you know what they grow in Macadamia!
      Iolaus: (deciding discretion is the better part of valor) Oh, well, it's his kingdom, he can make the rules, it's only fair. (still thinking about it) Cut off his- ?!
      Hector: Snip!

    • Iolaus: Why do you- ? I mean, you don't have to tell me, it's none of my business really, but why-?
      King Phaedron: Why act like I'm crazy? Maybe I am. It started as a little joke that got out of hand. After a while I grew to like it- took on a life of it's own. Besides, it saves me from having to listen to a lot of POINTLESS PRATTLE!

    • Queen Niobe: Ready?
      Iolaus: Is the world flat?

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