Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 6 Episode 2

Love, Amazon Style

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Oct 04, 1999 on USA
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Love, Amazon Style

When Hercules saw the Amazons waiting tables and dancing in a chorus line, he knew they had to be under a spell cast by Aphrodite. Sure enough, the Goddess of Love was responsible. She had broken up with Hephaestus, which threw her powers out of whack. Meanwhile, Deimos put the Amazons to work in a mine, digging for the Cronus Stone. Finding it, he turned the Amazons against Hercules and Iolaus. But Aphrodite finally confessed her love for Hephaestus, breaking the spell. Deimos vanished, and the Amazons returned to normal.


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  • When a sad Aphrodite casts a spell of love on a tribe of Amazons, Deimos takes advantage by ordering the Amazons to follow his every order. Hercules must reunite Aphrodite with lover Hephaestus to try and break the spell. A really bad episode...moreless

    This is the single worst episode of the series in a long time.

    The story is silly and boring, and has little redeeming quality about it.

    The plot involves Aphrodite, feeling down after breaking up with Hephaestus, casting a spell of love on a group of Amazons. For reasons not entirely clear, this results in them working in a drinking and gambling club, carrying out man's every whim and being exploited by Deimos. Herc must try to reunite Aphrodite with Hephaestus in order for her to break the spell.

    Neither one of the two halves of the plot are interesting, both being very silly and rather childish in places.

    Although I wasn't too sure about her at first, I have grown to quite like Aphrodite in more recent appearances, but here she does nothing but add to an already terrible episode.

    The single worst thing about this episode is the terrible character of Deimos. With respect to Joel Tobeck who plays him, "irritating" doesn't do him justice, and he mugs and goofs as if it's hilarious, but I found it rather embarrassing to watch.

    Hephaestus, first seen in the third season episode 'Love Takes a Holiday', is now played by a different actor, Jason Hoyte (who I understand also played the role in 'Young Hercules'). In my opinion he is miscast, and what could have been a very interesting role (hinted at in 'Love Takes a Holiday') falls flat.

    In an almost throwaway piece of dialogue, Hercules tells Iolaus that Salmoneus has been sent to prison for tax fraud. I guess that's why we never see him any more. Although it's great to have Iolaus back in the land of the living, I do miss the odd episode where Hercules would be partnered with the ever-scheming but lovable Salmoneus.

    To sum up... did I mention that this is a BAD episode?!moreless

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    • Iolaus: You know, Hephaestus has a point. You can't just break a schedule at the drop of a hat.
      Hercules: It takes two people to make a relationship, Iolaus.
      Iolaus: Oh, here we go again.
      Hercules: I mean, come on, it's just give and take and give and take...

    • Hercules: Aphrodite! Hephaestus! Hey, you guys made up!
      Aphrodite: Not exactly. I tried, but somebody had to be stubborn.
      Hephaestus: Oh, pl— tell your royal highness if she thinks that's makin' up, she's nuts!
      Iolaus: I don't think he thinks you gave it a fair shot.
      Aphrodite: Ha! Well, tell that overgrown excuse for a god that it wasn't my fault we started fighting in the first place!
      Hercules: She says it was your fault to begin with.
      Hephaestus: The Tartarus it was! Maybe if she took an interest in what I do!
      Iolaus: She's not interested in his work.
      Aphrodite: Maybe if he did something else every once in a while.
      Hercules: He works too much.
      Iolaus: Yeah, but, Hercules, it's a big job! He's gotta take it seriously.
      Hercules: That doesn't mean he should be neglecting his girlfriend.
      Iolaus: Oh, please! If she wasn't so needy-
      Hercules: Well, if he wasn't so selfish-
      Aphrodite and Hephaestus: (in unison) Hey! Stop fighting!
      Hercules: You're right. This is getting us nowhere.

    • Vargus: Hey, Deimos, aren't you worried that he's gonna mess up your plans?
      Deimos: What, Hercules? Aw, don't make me chuckle! Once I get these Amazons to do what I want, I'll squish him like a bug!
      Vargus: You could do that?
      Deimos: Yes, my trusty, dimwitted companion. What we're after will make all the Gods tremble in fear. Zeus will bow down before me! (he laughs maniacally)
      Vargus: What's so funny?
      Deimos: Shut up and laugh!

    • Deimos: Here's an idea. You and me, sandy beaches, frolicking in the surf au natural...
      Aphrodite: Feeling sleepy, Deimos? 'Cause you're already dreaming. Rather lick frogs. (she pops out, and Deimos falls on his face)
      Deimos: Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet!

    • Iolaus: Look, not all men are trying to hurt you, all right? Some of us are decent, caring people.
      Kayla: Okay, you've made your point. You're not a pig. So after this curse is lifted and I cut off your head, I'll feel real bad about it.
      Iolaus: I'm sensing a little hostility here.

    • Iolaus: Deimos, why can't you be more like your cousin?
      Deimos: (looking confused) Strife? He's dead.
      Iolaus: Catch on quick, don't you.

    • Hercules: Uhhhh, hi Sis? You're looking kind of, ummm...
      Aphrodite: Bummed, I know. I've got a case of the total blahs, and somebody told me that bareback riding would lighten my aura.
      Iolaus: Ummmm, Aphrodite, when they said `bareback,' they meant... The horse.
      Aphrodite: Duh! Why would I feel better if he were naked?!
      Iolaus: Can't argue with that.

    • Hercules: Iolaus, we have enough food.
      Iolaus: No, we have enough nuts and berries. Tonight, we're gonna have man food. Rabbit stew!
      Hercules: Huh?! I think you've caught every rabbit in this forest. I'd be surprised if there's anything left.
      Iolaus: Yeah, I am kind of public enemy number one to the rabbit community, aren't I?

  • NOTES (2)

    • The line about Salmoneus being in prison for tax fraud was ad-libbed by the cast. It was put in because they realized that Sal wouldn't be brought back for the show's final episodes, and they just wanted to mention him in some way.

    • Disclaimer: No Conniving Mischievous, Over-The-Top Deities formerly and presently known as Deimos were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


    • Aphrodite calls her horse 'Secretarius'. This is a reference to the famous race horse, Secretariat, who won the 1973 Triple Crown.

    • Cyrano de Bergerac
      When Herc helps Heph by coaching him from the shadows as he talks to Aphrodite, it's following the story of Edmond Rostand's classic play, Cyrano de Bergerac.

    • Title: "Love, Amazon Style"
      The title of this episode is derived from Love, American /a>, a comedy anthology series that ran from 1969 to 1974. No Amazons fall in love in the episode, however.

    • In the opening scene, Aphrodite is riding on a white horse, nude. This could be a reference to Lady Godiva (whose real name was Lady Godgifu), who is well known for her horse ride nude to protest her husband's (Leofric III of Mercia) taxes on the people of Mercia and Coventry.