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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 5 Episode 19

Once Upon a Future King

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Apr 26, 1999 on USA
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Episode Summary

Once Upon a Future King

Merlin hurled the vicious warlord Arthur of Camelot and his sorceress advisor Mab a thousand years back in time to Hercules' world. But Mab helped Arthur conquer Britannia. Later she wanted to go back to her own time, and to do that she needed to kill young Merlin with the sword Excalibur. Hercules and Morrigan captured Arthur and the sword, but Mab took Merlin hostage. A fierce battle ensued, during which Hercules dispatched a giant knight and a reformed Arthur displayed newfound heroism. Merlin smote Mab, and Arthur returned to his own time as a proponent of peace.


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  • In 500 B.C., Merlin sends tyrannical Arthur of Camelot back to Hercules' time for the half God to set him straight. Younger Merlin leads Herc to Britannia to team up with Morrigan and stop Arthur and his sorceress accomplice. A reasonable 100th episode...moreless

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    This is the hundredth episode of the series, and a reasonable one. They don't seem to have made much of a thing of the hundredth episode – other than the time travel from the (then) future and the historical figure of Arthur of Camelot, it is in many ways a typical episode.

    The British people of this episode (and I'm a Brit myself) mostly speak in New Zealand accents. This probably sounds close enough for American viewers, but stands out to British ears.

    I did find it a bit annoying how Merlin called Hercules "old chap" every two seconds!

    The story itself is a fair one, although doesn't really hold any real twists or surprises. It did seem a bit of a stretch that Arthur was supposedly so terrible and bad, yet Hercules managed to totally set him on the straight and narrow in 44-odd minutes. Saying that, the scenes where Herc sets Arthur on the path of right are mostly quite well played out.

    Sorceress Mab's giant soldier towards the end of the story seems very much tacked on, to bring the story up to the standard running time. It seems very detached from the main story and not really necessary.

    Other than that, the story wraps up nicely, with Mab taken care of and Arthur returned to his own time, now on the side of good.

    All-in-all, not outstanding, and certainly not amongst the series' (or season's) best episodes, but a watchable and quite enjoyable adventure in itself.moreless

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