Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 5:00 PM Oct 02, 1995 on USA
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Bigotry thrived like an infection in the town where Lyla lived with her Centaur husband Deric and their son Kefor. Residents like Cletis, Merkus and Jakar were openly opposed to Lyla's marriage to a Centaur. Their group, the Cretans, torched Deric's house in the name of "Athenian purity", killing Lyla. Deric, in turn, killed Cletis and Merkus in self-defense. Jakar then kidnapped Kefor and incited the town locals to lynch Deric. Hercules eventually rescued Deric, who was being stoned by the mob. Deric regained his freedom, his son and his wife, whom Zeus brought back to life.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Hercules helps an old Centaur pal battle against bigots.

    This episode is marks the return of Deric and Lyla from the Herc Season 1 episode "As Darkness Falls". The Centuar Deric and his now wife Lyla are now raising a son, Kefor (who's 3 years old even though Deric and Lyla ran away just a season ago). Unfortunately the town they've settled in is just as bad (if not worse) than the one they left and the couple finds themselves under attack by bigots. Salmoneus and Hercules arrive in time to keep Deric from getting into more trouble and save the town from being taken over by illogical hate for the centaur and his family. It was very jarring seeing Lucy Lawless at first as I'm watching the re-watching the episodes (both Xena and Hercules) in airing order on my Zune, so after coming from a butt-kicking Xena episode I couldn't help but wonder why Xena was letting these townspeople push her around, then I'm like "Oh, this is Lyla". So I had an extra giggle when Hercules and Salmoneus acknowledged she looked like Xena. Which is also the series itself acknowledging they recycle actors a lot. Lucy just happened to get recycled to star of her own show. The episode was pretty good over all, I bought Deric's pain at losing his wife. He and Hercules' fight against the bigotry of the town is compelling and real. Kefor is adorable and he and Salmoneus' baby sitting adventures, funny and entertaining, keeping things level and light in the middle of a lot of drama. At first I thought the early murder of Lyla was to avoid doing another Lyla episode as the character wouldn't exist anymore to be played by Lawless, but the cheesy and unnecessary twist at the end made that not so. Actually the ending was the weakest part of the episode. It was a really interesting story about over coming bigotry with characters who kept your attention and then they had to go and pull the same trick (sort of) that they pulled in the "Amazon Women" movie in order to heal the harms. Now maybe I bought Zeus did it to kind of say "sorry" to his son for not being there in the situation with Hercules' wife and children, but it just cheapens the whole story somehow that she *spoiler* just walks back in alive. Also Kefor's age makes me wonder about time-lines in Hercules/Xena and if we can actually say "just one year ago" because it was a season ago as they pull the same trick with Ares son Evander who goes from his first appearance as a baby to his second appearance as a five year old with only a season between the two appearances. I also believe Ephiny's centaur kid Xenan goes from infant to an older toddler in an illogical timeline. Oh well, that's kids on TV, they grow up quick.moreless
  • After Lyla is killed in a fire started by bigots, Hercules and Salmoneous must stop her centaur husband Deric from taking his revenge and killing the group and allow the law to take its course, in this fair-average installment...moreless

    This episode is a sequel to the first season's excellent 'As Darkness Falls'. Although there are some nice references to that episode, you don't really have to have seen it to watch this one.

    Lucy Lawless makes brief cameos as Lyla, first in the living and later as a ghost. The first episode produced for the second season, Lawless filmed the appearances just before she took up filming as 'Xena: Warrior Princess'.

    Although she only has brief cameo appearances, it is maybe surprising that Lawless is tucked away with the co-starring cast on the end credits.

    I like Hercules and Salmoneus commenting on how Lyla resembles Xena (but with a different temperament), a nice nod to how the series recycles actors.

    Another moment of note is, after the initial brawl with the local goons, Salmoneus tries to high-five Hercules, who stands in bemusement; a sign of the series starting to put more and more modern day references in.

    The story rolls along at a reasonable pace, with fair performances from those involved. It is one of those episodes that has a rather average, unspecial feel about it, but for what it is, it's a reasonable episode.

    [spoiler] I wasn't keen on the episode's final scene, with Lyla suddenly being returned to the living by (the unseen) Zeus. I found this to be very abrupt and out of nowhere, and not necessary; it just raised more questions than it answered. Kevin Sorbo has also commented that he wasn't keen on this element. [end of spoiler]moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Merkus: Well, 'Mr Immigrant', I'm about to brain you!
      Salmoneus: Wait! (raises two fingers and hums)
      Merkus: Why are you humming?
      Salmoneus: I'm finding your internal flower. Hmmmmmm. Ah! It's a weed! (pokes him in the eyes)

    • Salmoneus: (after Hercules defeats the Cretans) Yes!
      Hercules: (pulling his hands away from Salmoneus' slap) Is there some reason you're trying to slap my hand?
      Salmoneus: I saw it in an athletic contest once. It's a way for winners to congratulate each other.
      Hercules: Why don't they just say nice job or congratulations?
      Salmoneus: You need more fun in your life.

    • Deric: (seeing Lyla materialize) You're here! But how?
      Lyla: (turning to Hercules) Your father Zeus.
      Hercules: He can undo the evil of men. It's the malice of the Gods he has trouble with.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Salmoneus: Lyla, Lyla, does she remind you of anyone we both know?
      Hercules: Come to think of it, she looks a little like Xena.

      This is an allusion to the fact that Lucy Lawless played both Lyla and Xena on the show.

    • Salmoneus: (taking care of young Kefor) Not potty trained, hmm? Well, if he can handle the Augean Stables...

      This is a reference to one of Hercules Twelve Labors. He was ordered to clean the stables of King Augeas, which hadn't been mucked out in years. He diverted a river through it to wash the dung away, but then demanded payment. King Eurystheus, when he heard about the compensation, ordered Hercules to perform another Labor for him, since he was supposed to be doing them solely for King Eurystheus' benefit.

    • Hercules' speech about whomever is not different casting the first stone is like the biblical "let he among us without sin cast the first stone".