Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Monday 5:00 PM Jan 18, 1999 on USA
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Dahak, chained to the altar in the body of Iolaus, hatched a plan to kill Ares, which would give him the power to break his bonds. Meanwhile, the demon showed Hercules how he had seduced Iolaus at the moment of death. Appearing as Hercules, Dahak promised Iolaus the power to set everything right in the world. With time running out, Hercules was sucked into the spiritual world, where he found the real Iolaus. The two friends fought side-by-side once more, sending Dahak into a fiery chasm. Then they said good-bye, and Iolaus disappeared into a shaft of light.moreless

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  • Bruce Campbell directs this conclusion to the Dahak story arc, as Hercules attempts to exorcise Dahak from Iolaus' body and free his friend's soul. Although it doesn't live up to the previous episodes, a satisfactory conclusion to the arc...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    The Dahak story-line comes to an end in this reasonable episode. While it is a perfectly good episode, it suffers in trying to live up to the great premise that has built it up.

    It reminds me a lot of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation''s classic third season cliff-hanger 'The Best of Both Worlds', with Captain Picard turned into Locutus of Borg. It had such a great build up in that whatever the conclusion, it couldn't live up to the first part. And much is the same here. We've had a great story about the evil demon Dahak possessing Iolaus' dead body, now how on earth do they finish it?

    The sub-plot, with Nebula and Morrigan sent to keep an eye on Ares, is little more than padding, and didn't seem to make all that much sense to me.

    And when Ares suddenly double-crosses the pair and turns them in to the followers of Dahak... I didn't understand that much at all.

    Meanwhile, back in the temple, Zarathastra, the only person of carrying out the exorcism, is killed by Dahak's powers, leaving Hercules having to try and find a way to free Iolaus.

    The climatic scenes are rather surreal, as Iolaus' hand comes out of the Dahak / dead Iolaus' chest. And then, Hercules leaps inside! Weird.

    Then its time for the final showdown with Dahak, who we finally get to see, in the form of an 'Alien' sort of monster. I personally think it would have been better to leave it up to the imagination as to what he looks like, but anyway...

    There is the final duel, as Herc and Iolaus outmaneuver Dahak and send him falling off into some deep chasm. Seeing as it's all built up to this moment, I found this climatic scene over a bit too quickly.

    Either way, Iolaus is finally free of Dahak, and Herc says goodbye to his old friend, before he ascends into the light.

    This is a satisfactory conclusion to the Dahak story arc, and well directed by Bruce Campbell, but as I say, its biggest problem is to living up to everything that previous episodes have shown.moreless
George Henare, OBE, CNZM

George Henare, OBE, CNZM


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Daniel Logan


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Bruce Allpress


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Hercules/Dahak: Congratulations, Iolaus, you just committed murder.
      Iolaus: He was gonna kill those people.
      Hercules/Dahak: So, you took it upon yourself to punish him for a crime he hadn't committed yet. Technically, he died an innocent man.
      Iolaus: I am tired of your games!
      Hercules/Dahak: But you're learning, aren't you? The abstract notions of right and wrong that you've held so dear no longer have to mean anything. With the power I give you, you can reshape the world as you see fit and fulfill your true destiny.

    • Hercules: Iolaus still has the power to fight you.
      Iolaus/Dahak: Your faith in your friend is misplaced. He invited me into his heart, and now we are one and the same.
      Hercules: Then why do you refer to him as 'he'?

    • Iolaus/Dahak: Zarathustra, have a thousand winters taught you nothing? I am as much apart of this world as the light that warms the day.

    • Ares: I never thought the day would come that I'd be rooting for my dear brother, but the truth is I have little faith in his chance for success.

    • Hercules: You sold him a lie.
      Iolaus/Dahak: I didn't have to sell him anything. The seeds of doubt were already in his own heart.
      Hercules: Iolaus was a hero in his own right.
      Iolaus/Dahak: That's what you tell yourself to placate your guilt, but you know the truth, don't you? You used him merely as a traveling companion on the road to your destiny. (Hercules laughs) What's so funny?
      Hercules: You obviously don't know Iolaus very well. You're too selfish to understand. Whenever I lost sight of what we were fighting for, Iolaus reminded me through his own courage and strength. I don't know what his life would've been like without me, but I can't imagine my life without him.

    • Iolaus/Dahak: (after he kills Zarathustra) Oh, spare me your contempt. I gave him immortality. It was mine to take away.
      Hercules: I have no contempt for you

    • Iolaus: You never gave up on me.
      Hercules: What do you expect? You're the best friend I ever had.
      Iolaus: Oh, but I betrayed you, Hercules. I betrayed you and everyone else that had faith in me. I just hope you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me.
      Hercules: I already have.

    • Zarathustra: Deception is the Will and the Way of Darkness, Hercules. The Demon will say anything to break us down. I would not have the strength to do this without you.
      Hercules: Something's watching over us, Zarathustra. I can't explain it, but I feel we're not in this battle alone.

    • Ares: (as he runs away from Dahak's followers) You're all on my list!

    • Iolaus: (seeing Dahak in Hercules' form) Dahak?
      Hercules/Dahak: Oh, I've been called many things.
      Iolaus: Yeah, I can think of a few right now!

    • Hercules: (fighting Dahak inside Iolaus) You took something that didn't belong to you, Dahak. I'm here to repossess!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Iolaus/Dahak: I brought the serpent of temptation into man's garden.

      Dahak refers to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the snake whose temptation led the humans to the Tree of Knowledge and their being cast out of Paradise.

    • Morrigan: (searching for Ares) I'm starting to think we'd have more luck finding a virgin in Caligula's palace.
      Caligula was a Roman Emperor famed for his depravity, including having an incestuous relationship with both of his sisters. There was also a movie made by Penthouse loosely based on his life in 1979 that is famous for it's orgy scenes. Caligula would later be featured in the sixth season Xena episode "The God You Know".

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