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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 4 Episode 3

Regrets... I've Had a Few

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Oct 13, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

Regrets... I've Had a Few

Celesta, also known as "Death", came for Jaris, Hercules old friend. The Goddess' appearance prompted Hercules to remember the time when, as a cocky youth, he met Celesta for the first time. It happened when young Hercules accidentally killed Jaris' brother, Bartoc. Hercules had kept the truth from Jaris and his family for a while, but finally revealed his secret when a teenage gang attacked. But that was all in the past; now Hercules had to stop his friend from a rampage against the evildoers of his town. Celesta finally took Jaris, leaving Hercules with his memories.


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  • When Hercules learns from Celesta ('Death') that his old friend Jaris is about to die, it sparks memories of a tragic event from Herc's teenage years that led him to meet Jaris as a child. A reasonable pilot for spin-off 'Young Hercules'...moreless

    This episode serves as the pilot for spin-off series 'Young Hercules'.

    Celesta had previously been seen in the first season 'Xena: Warrior Princess' episode 'Death in Chains', although played by a different actress (and brunette rather than blonde as seen here). Hercules learns that she has come to claim the life of his friend Jaris (one of those many old friends that are never mentioned before or since the episode!), causing Herc to reminisce about how they first met.

    The story isn't exactly riveting, but it's reasonable enough, as we are introduced to the teenage versions of Hercules and Iolaus.

    Ian Bohen does reasonably as the Young Hercules. Bohen was recast for the series when he decided that he didn't want to commit to spending so much time shooting in New Zealand.

    It is a good touch that Young Herc wears a brown top, rather matching up with the one that adult Hercules wore in the first television movie 'Hercules and the Amazon Women' (although obviously not the same one – he'd never fit into it!!). ...And Dean O'Gorman makes a good young Iolaus, even though he doesn't get all that much to do in the story.

    I like the way the 'current' events (i.e. those of adult Hercules) fade in with those from the past. The closing scene, of adult and teenage Hercules talking, may sound a bit corny, but it somehow works. I (at time of writing) haven't seen 'Young Hercules' as a series, so I can't say how this episode compares to it. Here in the UK, it was picked up by ITV, who in true form of the channel, only showed a few episodes, amongst many schedule changes, before just abandoning it. I wouldn't mind picking it up on DVD if it is released at some point.

    As a stand alone episode, it is a reasonable if not outstanding one.

    Oh, and one more than – we are never told of what Jaris suddenly dies of, as even the claimer ('Jaris' cause of death remained a mystery during the production of this motion picture') jokes at. Seeing as the whole plot revolves around it, you'd think they'd at least give us a clue!moreless

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    • Jaris: You should have thrown that knife through my heart.
      Hercules: You should listen to your heart. Listen to your brother, Bartoc. He'd tell you that killing isn't the answer.
      Jaris: Don't you get it? There is no answer. I'm a walking dead man!
      Hercules: But you're not dead yet. Every moment of life is precious. Spend it with your son. Spend it with the people who love you. Because of me, your brother never had that chance, but you have.
      Jaris: I'm afraid to die, Hercules.
      Hercules: Well, we all are.
      Jaris: I can't fight it, can I?
      Hercules: None of us can. Once we realize that, the hard part is over.
      Jaris: Will you tell my son about me someday? And tell him his father loved him?
      Hercules: I will, my friend. I promise.

    • Celesta: (As Hercules takes Bartoc's body back to his family) What you're doing, taking him to his family, it's a very compassionate act. Most of us on Olympus are very proud of you, Hercules.
      Hercules: And my father Zeus? Is he proud of me too?
      Celesta: Of course!
      Hercules: Of course.

    • Kenickus: (Bragging over a beat up Iolaus) I float like a harpy, and I sting like a Stymphalian Bird!
      Iolaus: (Iolaus sucker punches him) And you drop like a rock!

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