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  • Hercules LIVES!

    This show is one of the best ever seen on TV.

    It has Sci-Fi, Action, and Acient myth all rolled up into one to make a outstanding seires.

    It had a great few year run and I am happy to say its one of my top TV series.

    I highly recomend this series to all loves of High action shows.
  • Heroic Performance.

    Hercules travels through the ancient world with his faithful sidekick, Iolous, righting wrongs and battling the forces of evil. His goal is to counter the influence of his hated step mother, the goddess Hera.

    “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” packs a high level of action into an hourly series. The production level is high, but the budget is low, due to filming on location in New Zealand.

    Viewers will recognize actors playing different rolls on a regular basis. Background characters are the same as on “Xena” with Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Renee O’Conner crossing over regularly.

    The action is great. Fights are choreographed with tongue in cheek humor. If you want action mixed with laughs, and flavored with beautiful scantily clad women, and men with bulgey muscles, you need to watch this show.

    All seasons are now available on DVD, with extras and commentaries.
  • Hercules fights against his evil step mother Hera, and along his side is his best friend Iolaus. The journeys never stop when the gods will do anything to stand in their way. Zeus, the King of the Gods, gave Hercules his half immortality, sometimes either

    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is my favorite show and it captured many audiances. There was a little bit of everything thrown into it. The drama was great and it seemed very realistic. All the season sets are available but the journeys will never end. The characters were great and you could see that they developed over time. Storylines were fun and interesting to tune into. This is the best show I have ever seen. I own the first five seasons and I will get the sixth and final one very soon.
  • Hercules fight and help people everyday!

    Ok to tell the truth i started watching Xena first and i had no clue Xena was the spinoff of this until i watched a episode of xena and saw hercules in it! Then i started watching this.. This is a really great show and one of my favorites i just wished it still aired occasionally!
  • Of the B-rated action shows such as this, Xena, and Beastmaster, this is by far the best. This show is actually entertaining. The acting is not great, but for shows of this type it recieves a passing grade as do its storylines. Overall, a decent show.

    Of the B-rated action shows such as this, Xena, and Beastmaster, this is by far the best. This show is actually entertaining. The acting is not great, but for shows of this type it recieves a passing grade as do its storylines as well. It's action is good for not having great special effects, but more importantly it has a very solid basis for a show in a loose based theme of mythology. This provides many interesting plot oppurtunities. This show is very entertaining if you enjoy mythology, however it is not one of the first things I would choose to watch on Televison. Yet, if nothing else is on, this is a very satisfying show. You feel like you made use of your time unlike other B-rated shows. Overall, a decent show.

    My final review: Of the B-rated shows of its type, this is by far the best and is actually somewhat entertaining. Yet, I still wouldn't recommend this show unless there isn't much else on TV, in that case it is a prime candidate for viewing pleasure.
  • The Chronicles of Hercules and his boyhood friend Iolaus.

    This was one of my favorites a decade ago and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Hercules (and Xena) were never meant to be intelligent television, but instead solid, and more importantly, funny action/adventures shows. Just with other actions show the acting, action, and special affects were never great, but enough. Sam Raimi has been one of my favorites for a long time. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • One of the greatest shows ever! Legendary!

    Now you could say that the action (special effects) were a little lacking, but that is not what makes this show truly great. The great part of this show isn't the fact that with one punch an ordinary thug could be hurled across town into some type of breakable furniture, no what makes this truly great is the dialogue. Oh yes, the tongue-and-cheek humor is what carries Hercules to legendary status.
  • A kinder, gentler Hercules

    I first watched this show because it aired just before Babylon 5. I am a student of Greek Mythology, and I couldn't believe the character of Hercules on this show! The Herc I'm familiar with would be just as likely to dash a baby's brains out as kiss one. He was a rapist who did went after men when there were no women available. He was definitely not a thinker, certainly not a lover, but he was strong beyond measure, and not someone you wanted as an enemy.
    It took me a long time to get over my prejudices, but I eventually came to sort of like the show. I especially enjoyed the portrayal of some of the other mythological characters, especially Cassandra (but perhaps that's because I love Claudia Black!)
  • Just my thoughts.

    From watching Hercules, it made me really interested in the spinoff they did then. Which of course was Xena: Warrior Princess.

    But this show still was one of my favorites back then. I watched it right along with Xena.

    I even watched the USA Network special they had all day. I didn't miss one minute of it, and infact taped the whole thing.

    I forgot to post something in my review of Xena, also checkout her SNL performance it was amazing.

    Back to Hercules. Was a show back then I loved, and still would watch it today. Will try, and get my hands on the episodes for sure.
  • Good when it was on.

    Funny, witty, lite, action, had that A-Team no one gets hurt / no blood on the bad guys type of action. The whole buddy-buddy thing with the producers / actors (Bruce Campbell, etc) made for easy working together I would think.
    They knew how to make a family-friendly comedic action show.
  • basically just me talking about long flowing locks and garlic sauce...and The Hoff

    gotta love Hercules. what with his long luxurious locks (of which i am rather envious) and his manly chest-hair protuding from his suade vest. the only man sexier than Hercules is The Hoff... as if ANYONE could be sexier than The Hoff. Puh-lease.

    does anyone else here constantly forget Iolaus' name? i generally just call him "Aioli" and my friend has resorted to merely making a noise roughly along the lines of
  • The power of the love and compassion can overcome just about anything.

    Hercules was one of the first shows I watches while growing up here in the United States. Beforehand, I had always been fascinated by Greek Mythology. When this show came on, I just had to watch it. The stories are engaging and at times very touching while the action scenes will pump some adrenaline into just about any action-loving fan. This show is a must watch and must buy DVD(the entire set) for anyone who's into good old fashioned Greek Mythology.
  • Great morals, Great characters, Great story = Great Show

    Hercules the Legendary Journeys is a very fun show to watch. Althought it does not strictly adhere to Greek Mythology, it provides countless hours of great story line and fun. I grew up watching HErcules and have recently enjoyed watching all the seasons on DVD. This is a very underrated show that has humor, action, and great characters that will make you fall in love with the show. It is unfortunate that the show only lasted 6 seasons, but atleast we had a show period. Hercules the Legendary Journeys also provides great moral lectures in almost every show which definitely teaches and or reminds us what life is all about.
  • Hercules, the legendary show.

    Hercules the legendary journeys was a show with a timeless quality. I grew up watching this show and loved it. It didn't always stick to how greek mythology actually is told, but this is one of the things that made the show great. If they only had Hercules do the things he did there could never have been a show. The show would always find a way to mix humor into unlikly places and the jokes are still funny when the show is watched today. The show had a great cast with charecters you couldn't help loving. From Hercules to Ares everyone in the show was brilliantly cast. This show is a must buy for DVD for anyone who likes mythology.
  • love it. they should put it back on.

    love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.love it. they should put it back on.
  • A classic!!

    That's absolutely a classic, there's no doubt in that, I love the idea of "the people had nowhere to turn, no one to look to for help. Until he arrived. He was a man like no other. Born of a beautiful mortal woman, but fathered by Zeus".

    People always look for heroes, well he is the one!!

    Yousef Hani
  • Hercules was a big favourite of mine a few years back. My sister and I enjoyed watching it no matter what the time. My love of Greek mythology only grew with the passing of this show.

    The great thing about Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, is that they focused more on the story and character relationships, then they did on the effects, fighting and weird occult stuff. (Sorry, I no like Occult)
    My favourite character was Iolus, he was cute and funny. The relationship Hercules had with his human/mortal mother was a bit of a surprise for public TV, as it's actually the kind of relationship a person should have with their parent.
    The Character of Hercules was portrayed well, and was a pleasure to watch. I wish they played shows like this more
  • The forbidden love.

    I know, I KNOW I shouldn't love that hair, but I do. How can you turn away from those gleaming muscles, that roughish smile? You can't. Not to mention they made a reference to this show on Andromeda, which makes me squee with delight. I just want to steal all of his hair and make it mine.
  • Hercules, the legendary show.

    I'm a big history buff diff. for the Greek times and I loved this show because they didnt change any Myths. The actor's on the show were so love-able so it made the show hard to help. I think they should find a way to get it back on air thats how great it was.
  • Hercules is a good show, with some interesting twists and turns, although it is hardly a correct re-telling of the greek hero´s life. Has a a lot of the myths and legens of the ancient Greeks, but told with a bias to promote Hercules and the hsow.

    Kevin Sorbo is Hercules in this TV series that was preceded by 5 TV movies and the series wastes no time in getting Herc back to basics, with Hera killing his wife and kids off in the first episode. Fortunately the show would never got quite so dark again and soon rested on a comedic adventurous tone with Hercules his best friend Iolaus going off on many adventures. I loved this show as a kid and still do (well the first 4 seasons at least). Bruce Campbell was also great as the recurring guest star role of Autolycus and the show was ones of the ones I couldn't miss during it's run.
  • Watered down mythology

    Hercules is a good show, with some interesting twists and turns, although it is hardly a correct re-telling of the greek hero´s life. The man himself was not the goody two-shoes portrayed by Sorbo, but was in fact a person wrecked by personal problems and with a taste for bloody deeds, such as killing his entire family in rage, as well as smashing his music-teacher over the head with a lyre when he dared to criticize the would-be hero´s lack of dexterity. Being a swede, the show that really stood out as another fine mess was the one with the norse gods. Some enlightenment: The viking-age took place some 2000 years after Hercules had died. Odin is one-eyed, and he meets his end in Ragnarok. Thors hammer (Mjollnir) has a shortened shaft due to Loki´s interference. Loki is described as a dark-haired, beautiful man (with a devious mind). But since this is a fantasy - who cares ? The acting is mostly fine, with Iolaus as the most complex character of the two, giving the show some depth. And there are some great characters coming and going, such as the self-absorbed thief Autolocus, the money-loving Salmoneus, and Falafel the chef, for comic relief. The women portrayed are for the most part strong and independent, with a will and resourcefulness to match the men, especially Echidna, Aphrodite, and the no nonsense Amazon warriors. Its a pity though that they didnt put Athena in the script, since she is the embodiment of female ingenuity and power - it would have been fun to watch the ongoing feud between her and Ares, but as it is, Xena is a worthy successor to the part. On the whole, this is a very nicely produced series, which, although it isnt a history-lesson, should generate some interest in the original sources - and that is never a bad thing.
  • Not just another hero and his sidekick show.

    Like Brit pop bands, there are dozens of shows using the hero and his sidekick formula. Batman, for example. Can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure there are more.

    My guess is that the humour in this show isn't exactly appealing everyone, but I like the way Hercules and his little friend Iolaus socialize.

    This show used to be on in the evenings, so after a long and tiring day I would sit down and watch Hercules. I looked forward to it every day.

    My favourite episodes have to be the ones with both Hercules and Xena, and of course the little love going on between their sidekicks. Too bad Xena's little helper, Gabrielle I think, was a lesbian..
  • This was the series of my school years.

    When I first heard they were going to make a series about Hercules and his journeys I was very pleased (I was about 12 back then) and really hoped it would show a lot of mythological beasts and gods (I really liked Greek mythology).
    The first episode of the series lived up to my expectations, having cool special effects for its time, a nice plot, good actors and soundtracks and an interesting story.
    I wasn't all that pleased that they changed the story so much, but adding Iolaus to the bunch was a nice touch, since it gave the show the humor it needed.
    The plot did thicken but it had quite a lot of episodes, and the episode puyt there just to fill up the seasons were nicely made too.
    The endinmg lived up to my expectations, as it showed Herc. finally defeating Hera and just the fact that the series kept me glued to the TV till its end is a lot for me.
    It is a good series that is still nice to watch nowadats.
  • It was kind of sad to see Hercules end but I geuss it was its time.

    For its time Hercules had brilliant special effects. The story line for Hercules was well done and the plot twist and plot turns were inspiring. It made you feel for the characters. Hercules up to date has thee most interesting plot turns and character developments of any show. The action gets better every season but early in the series its a little repetitive. Hercules also has some cheesy sound effects and the dialogue of some of the minor characters is poor done somtimes, but the overall dialogue is well done. They couldnt have picked a better actor to play Hercules, as Kevin Sorbo fits the role extremely well. They also potray Hercules better then he should have been portrayed but that only helps the show. The settings and enviroments were also well done and grow with the series. The music potrayed Greek Mythology at its finest and only gets better later in the series. Speaking of Greek Mythology this show really got me interested and I learned alot thanks to this show. Basing a show off of a Greek Mythology Hero was an excellent idea to begin with and it indeed paid off. It was kind of sad to see Hercules end but I geuss it was its time.
  • never thought it would last

    when i first saw this show, it was a series of made for tv movies. then it became part of the action pack, a series that revolved this show, tekwar, knight rider 3000, and something else. that format did not last long and hercules went into syndication on its own. it was a very corny tv show, but it was good for the first few seasons. by the time it ended i rarely watched it, i felt like it was the same stories over and over again.
  • A fun show to watch.

    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a very fun show to watch. It's from the producers of Xena Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. Just like Xena, it exists in a mythical world of the ancient greek gods. It exists in the same universe as Xena, their characters from time to time appear in each other's show. Hercules like Xena goes on an adventure with a sidekick. Each week they encounter a monster or something evil that threatens the lives of the living. This show is entertaining, there's action in it, this show is also a comedy, so you don't have to take it very seriously, you can just enjoy and have fun watching it.
  • I would watch this show religously.

    I was in elementary school when this show was in its prime but I never missed an episode! I loved this show and thought Kevin Sorbo was so cute (what was I thinking). I thought Greek mythology was so interesting and I think watching this show is what made me gain a deep understanding of all of the myths and stories. I remember the storylines and the episodes I would watch the reruns on the Sci-Fi channel whenever they came on, I was a fanatic. I wish the show could've lasted longer even though it did have a very good run. I really wish they hadn't killed off Eolis, oh well but this show is definetely a personal favorite of mine.
  • The fictionalized and frequently wrong version of Hercules

    I sort of have a love-hate thing for this show. First off, it's great! It had great stories mixed with action and comedy, and it introduced a lot more people to the mytholgy of the Greeks, and later on the gods of the Norse and Mesopotamian. On the other hand, it's far from accurate. There is very little space in the history of the historical Hercules for him to do any of this stuff. Another thing, he lived around 1200 BC, and much of this series is set around the reign of Julius Caesar, around 60 BC, going by the time period of the majority of the historical characters. However, if Hercules became a god as he did, then maybe he did do this stuff as Caesar was conquering the world. One the other hand, the visual depictions of the gods are great. The late Kevin Smith as Ares, great ! Roy Dotrice as Zeus, excellant! Meg Tilly as Hera, interesting (Linda Gray of Dallas fame would have been my choice). Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite, way over the the top. Donna Dixon would have been better. Tydings may be funny, but she gets irritating after a few episodes. Meighan Desmond as Eris (Discord), wonderfully excellant. On the other hand, Kevin Sorbo's portrayal of Hercules as a boy scout is far from accurate. Mythologically, Hercules WAS an obnoxious and over-bearing lout and it's doubtful that godhood tempered his ego. I can't forget Michael Hurst either; he was the anchor that made this show work. The New Zealand settings look a lot like Ancient Greece must have been, but no one on the staff ever did their myth research. Most of the series is made up with only a fair knowledge of the Olympian Gods; the inconsistencies will make most myth buffs cringe !
  • By Zeus! I think we have a winner!

    This was a fun show! They had a good cast, storytelling,
    action and special effects. And a great sense of humor.
    I enjoyed Xena in much the same way, although I always
    liked Hercules a little more. And it was a treat every
    -time Bruce Campbell guest starred. Damn that guy cracks
    me up! LMFAO! SO underatted too... However, if u look
    at the transition from the mini movie's to the show, they mucked it up with the role of Zeus. No disrespect
    to Anthony Quinn, but I liked the other guy better. But I dislike it when they change a cast member like
    that. Other than that, I have no complaints. The show
    ran a fine course.
  • Hercules and his sidekick Iolaus.. the fun never stopped.. buddy action/comedy made fun and entertaining.

    You know.. Sorbo was a good Hercules.. in many ways.. if Hercules is suppossed to be sympathetic and humble.. LOL.. well anyways, obviously, the show played very very loosely with the actual myths..

    But nevertheless it was a great show, fun to watch..

    I only found out in Andromeda, that Sorbo, doesn't act much.. In that show, he was Hercules in space kinda, without the super-strength :P

    But still.. to give credit where it's due, this was a good show, all cheesy effects aside. It would be fun to see something out of this with the Xena show in a movie format, especially, considering today's technology in F/X.

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