Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

USA (ended 1999)





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  • Hercules is a good show, with some interesting twists and turns, although it is hardly a correct re-telling of the greek hero´s life. Has a a lot of the myths and legens of the ancient Greeks, but told with a bias to promote Hercules and the hsow.

    Kevin Sorbo is Hercules in this TV series that was preceded by 5 TV movies and the series wastes no time in getting Herc back to basics, with Hera killing his wife and kids off in the first episode. Fortunately the show would never got quite so dark again and soon rested on a comedic adventurous tone with Hercules his best friend Iolaus going off on many adventures. I loved this show as a kid and still do (well the first 4 seasons at least). Bruce Campbell was also great as the recurring guest star role of Autolycus and the show was ones of the ones I couldn't miss during it's run.