Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

USA (ended 1999)





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  • It was kind of sad to see Hercules end but I geuss it was its time.

    For its time Hercules had brilliant special effects. The story line for Hercules was well done and the plot twist and plot turns were inspiring. It made you feel for the characters. Hercules up to date has thee most interesting plot turns and character developments of any show. The action gets better every season but early in the series its a little repetitive. Hercules also has some cheesy sound effects and the dialogue of some of the minor characters is poor done somtimes, but the overall dialogue is well done. They couldnt have picked a better actor to play Hercules, as Kevin Sorbo fits the role extremely well. They also potray Hercules better then he should have been portrayed but that only helps the show. The settings and enviroments were also well done and grow with the series. The music potrayed Greek Mythology at its finest and only gets better later in the series. Speaking of Greek Mythology this show really got me interested and I learned alot thanks to this show. Basing a show off of a Greek Mythology Hero was an excellent idea to begin with and it indeed paid off. It was kind of sad to see Hercules end but I geuss it was its time.