Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

USA (ended 1999)





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  • The fictionalized and frequently wrong version of Hercules

    I sort of have a love-hate thing for this show. First off, it's great! It had great stories mixed with action and comedy, and it introduced a lot more people to the mytholgy of the Greeks, and later on the gods of the Norse and Mesopotamian. On the other hand, it's far from accurate. There is very little space in the history of the historical Hercules for him to do any of this stuff. Another thing, he lived around 1200 BC, and much of this series is set around the reign of Julius Caesar, around 60 BC, going by the time period of the majority of the historical characters. However, if Hercules became a god as he did, then maybe he did do this stuff as Caesar was conquering the world. One the other hand, the visual depictions of the gods are great. The late Kevin Smith as Ares, great ! Roy Dotrice as Zeus, excellant! Meg Tilly as Hera, interesting (Linda Gray of Dallas fame would have been my choice). Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite, way over the the top. Donna Dixon would have been better. Tydings may be funny, but she gets irritating after a few episodes. Meighan Desmond as Eris (Discord), wonderfully excellant. On the other hand, Kevin Sorbo's portrayal of Hercules as a boy scout is far from accurate. Mythologically, Hercules WAS an obnoxious and over-bearing lout and it's doubtful that godhood tempered his ego. I can't forget Michael Hurst either; he was the anchor that made this show work. The New Zealand settings look a lot like Ancient Greece must have been, but no one on the staff ever did their myth research. Most of the series is made up with only a fair knowledge of the Olympian Gods; the inconsistencies will make most myth buffs cringe !