Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

USA (ended 1999)





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  • Hercules the son of Zeus and a mortal mother hated by Zeus's wife Hera. He helped people and Those from mount olympus when they needed his help along with his trusted companion and friend Lolous. They slayed so many demons and monsters together.

    Hercules was my favourite Drama as a child. I used to watch it every week. Kevin Sorbo did a good job plaing Hercules and the acting improved with timw. I used to love all the characters there.
    Every Season was new and fresh with new characters and deity's being introduced. It was funny at times with Lolous and a romantic element to it.
    Hercules grew up with superstrength and was not liked by his half brother. He was hated by Hera because of Zeus's betrayal(He cheated on her). Hercules went to do the 12 labours for his brother and also to prove himself. Hercules acomplished all his goals and brought back souveniers to prove that he did the tasks.
    Hercules fell in love with Dienara and had 3 children with her but his happiness did not last. Hera took her revenge and they all died. Hercules then went and helped others to ease his suffering and had a friend by his side.
    Lolous and Hercules together went on many missions together. We were even introduced to a spin-off character of the show Xena the warrior Princess.
    Overall this show rocked and still deserves to be on TV now. It had all that Mythology about it that i loved. At leat Hercules had a happy ending and went out on a HIGH. Don't mean i don't want it back.
    There were also several Tv movies that were made that were also cool. Loved all of them. Hopefully we get a big movie out so that it can be on the big screen that would be cool.
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