Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 1

USA (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Unchained Heart
    Episode 18

    Hercules and Xena thought Darphus had been killed in the battle over Parthis. But Ares resurrected Darphus, who headed off to cause more mayhem with his army. Darphus fed his victims to Graegus, Ares' man-eating Dog, and the creature grew more powerful with every meal. Working together, Hercules and Xena outwitted the evil Darphus and destroyed Graegus. They also fell in love. Although the passion they felt for each other was strong, Xenafelt compelled to make amends her past wrongdoings on her own. She thanked Hercules for unchaining her heart and departed.

  • The Gauntlet
    Episode 17
    Hercules was angry when he heard that the Warrior Princes Xena was raiding villages to increase her power and territory. What Hercules didn't know until later was that Xena's lieutenant Darphus was the one responsible for the total massacre of the villagers. When Xena protected an infant from her lieutenant, Darphus forced her to endure the Gauntlet, where she has brutally beaten by her own soldiers. Fleeing on her own, Xena challenged Hercules to a duel- and lost. But he spared her life, and eventually she joined him in defending the village of Parthis from her former army, slaying Darphus. Unfortunately, one of the Gods has plans for Darphus, so he becomes Ares' undead henchman.moreless
  • The Vanishing Dead
    Episode 16

    A mystery drew Hercules and Iolaus to the city of Tantalus. There, the bodies of fallen warriors were disappearing from the battlefields. Hercules learned that Ares, the God of War, was to blame. After King Memnos' death, his son Daulin had assumed the throne, and Daulin's sister Poena took up arms against him. She believed Daulin had killed their father. Ares had created the entire situation merely to satisfy the appetite of his bloodthirstyDog of War, Graegus. After leashing the vicious beast, Hercules explained the truth to Daulin and Poena, bringing an end to the family war.

  • Gladiator
    Episode 15
    Menas Maxius, the wealthiest man in Apropus, enslaved innocent men and forced them to fight wild animals for the amusement of his friends and his wife, the evil Postera. One of those imprisoned was Gladius. His wife, Felicita, explained the situation to Hercules and Iolaus, who got themselves thrown into prison so they could free Gladius. Menas forced Hercules and Gladius to fight each other by threatening the lives of both Iolaus and Felicita. But the two men turned on their captors and fought their way to freedom, denying Menas and Postera their sadistic pleasure.moreless
  • 3/13/95

    The beautiful warrior woman Xena was intent on securing complete control of the region of Arcadia. To accomplish her goal, Xena decided that Hercules must die. She posed as a maiden in distress and effectively lured Iolaus away from his best friend. Xena then used all her beauty and charm on Iolaus, even preying on his jealousy of his friend's reputation. Hercules discovered Xena's true identity and went to rescue Iolaus. At first, Iolaus turned on Hercules rather than join him. But eventually Iolaus realized the truth. He and Hercules fought Xena and her army until Iolaus was injured. Xena departed, vowing a vengeful return.

  • 3/6/95

    When Hercules returned to his childhood home to visit his mother, he encountered Oi-Lan on the trading block. The young woman had been taken prisoner by Belus, a notorious slave trader. Disgusted by the spectacle, Hercules bought Oi-Lan and set her free. Then Hercules and Oi-Lan joined forces to free her fiancé, Cyrus, who was being taken to Libya to be pitted in the arena against the lions. Belus was beaten in a pitched battle, and Oi-Lan and Cyrus were married at Hercules' mother's home. Hercules then invited them to settle on the land he once shared with his family.

  • 2/27/95

    Pride and arrogance are ugly traits ill befitting an honorable warrior. Yet Iolaus succumbed to pride as he and Hercules made their way to Thrace. First Iolaus fought a taunting bunch of thugs and had to be rescued by Hercules. Then he took his own path toward Thrace, determined to beat his friend to the city. On the way he met Lydia and escapedmany dangers, but Hera sent Nemesis to kill Iolaus for the sin of pride. Only when Iolaus committed a selfless act of friendship toward Hercules did he earn his own reprieve.

  • As Darkness Falls
    Episode 11

    In the town of Nespa, the winsome Penelope was about to marry Marcus - much to the dismay of Nemis the Centaur. Nemis prayed to Hera for a way to win Penelope for himself, and she gave him amagical cudgel. Hera's challenge to Nemis: kill Hercules. Nemis enlisted the aid of the Centaurs Craesus and Deric, plus human Deric's girlfriend Lyla, who cunningly blinded Hercules. Nemis kidnapped Penelope, but Hercules used his sense of sound and touch as well as his wits to even the odds in his fight against Nemis. Hercules prevailed, and Penelope was returned to Marcus.

  • Ares
    Episode 10

    Ares thrived on conflict and bloodshed. Hercules did not share Ares' passion for killing, and when Ares tried to assemble an army of teenage boy soldiers to do his bidding, Hercules knew he had to stop him. With help from the powerful blacksmith Atalanta and the young widow Janista, Hercules must work to help the village against Ares and his new boy army.

  • 2/6/95
    A power struggle threatened to send the peaceful kingdom of Meliad into war. Fearing the worst, Queen Camilla summoned Hercules to the annual Festival of Dionysus. If Dionysus, the god of wine, did not find King Iphicles worthy to rule another year, ten lovely virgins would become drunk and slaughter the King in a terrible frenzy. Good king or not, someone wanted him dead.moreless
  • 1/30/95
    A group of refugees in search of a safe haven came upon the ghost town of Parthus, where one of the group has stole a golden chalice from Hera's temple. The theft brought down the wrath of Hera, and only Hercules can protect the refugees.
  • 1/23/95
    An entire village was terrorized by a giant Cyclops, prompting a visit from Hercules. The Cyclops was diverting the village's water supply to irrigate Hera's sacred vineyard and leaving none for the villagers. Each time they tried to get any of the water, the Cyclops was known to start killing.
  • The Wrong Path
    Episode 6
    After Hercules and his friend Iolaus stopped a band of hoodlums from robbing an innkeeper, Hercules went home to his family. The horror that followed was over almost before it started. A huge ball of fire burst through his bedroom window and consumed his wife, Deianeira. In the next instant the fireball took Hercules' three young children. His step mother, Hera, was to blame. Consumed by hatred, Hercules set out on a path of destruction. But the beautiful slave girl Aegina helped Hercules overcome his grief and set him back on an honorable path, but not before he learns that his friend Iolaus is possibly dead.moreless
  • Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur

    Hercules discovers he has a half-brother he never knew, but more importantly, that Zeus was forced by his brother's evil behavior to punish him by changing him into a monster trapped in a maze. When some young men accidentally find their way into the minotaur's lair, it's up to Hercules and Iolaus to save the day.

  • Hercules in the Underworld

    When a beautiful young girl asks Hercules to save her city from an abyss that has opened within it leading straight to the Underworld, Hercules leaves his family to help her. But the evil Centaur Nessus plants the seeds of jealousy in Deianeira's heart, driving her to kill herself in her despair. Now it is up to Hercules to leap into the abyss of death to rescue his wife and all mankind.

  • Hercules and the Circle of Fire
    All over the world, the fires are dying. The planet will become an icy wilderness. Mankind is threatened with extinction. At the heart of this fiendish plot lies Hera, Queen of the Gods and Hercules' implacable enemy, who has taken the eternal torch before it is extinguished. Many dangers lay in wait: an invincible giant, a treacherous wood sprite and the wrath and jealousy of his father: Zeus, king of the gods. But Hercules must not fail; if the Eternal Torch dies, all life dies with it.moreless
  • Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

    Hercules is pursued by his deadly, implacable enemy, his stepmother Hera, who uses many supernatural disguises to try and destroy Hercules as he searches for the lost city of Troy. She lays in wait as Hercules undertakes his epic quest. His only ally isthe youthfulDeianeira, a beautiful but stubborn young woman whose secret destiny might even outstrip that of Hercules himself.

  • Hercules and the Amazon Women

    A village besieged by mysterious unseen monsters is the setting for this disarming display of evil that has Hercules taken captive and tortured under the watchful eye of his evil stepmother, the Goddess Hera. Swords, sorcery and stunning special effects- including Hera's gruesome disguises- make this an adventure that you won't want to miss.