Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 5 Episode 17

The Academy

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Mar 15, 1999 on USA
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The Academy
Hercules and Jason arrived at Cheiron's academy to find things greatly changed. The youths were out of control, and the headmaster left the school in Hercules' hands. Zylus, an upperclassman, had a secret plan to take over the school. When Hercules discovered Zylus and his friends were the masked attackers he had fought off earlier, he expelled the group. Zylus tried to burn down the school, but was no match for Hercules. After the fight, Hercules named Jason the academy's new headmaster, and Lilith -- Jason's first love -- promised to visit often.moreless

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  • Combine Hercules, with Young Hercules and a few lessons to be learned and what do you get?

    This is one of those episodes that can be fun to watch, when you want to just sit back and not think at all. The episode starts off fairly average with an unnamed woman showing off her acrobatic skills and than revealing herself to be Lilith, a member of the Academy that Hercules trained in, than we get Hercules, Iolaus II and Jason(played by Jeffrey Thomas)talking about how they grew up in the Academy and the memories they have of going there and being tutored by Chairon(with Iolaus II giving us a little insight on HIS world's Academy and Chairon), we than of course get the pre-credit fight sequence, complete with one liners and wire pulling. The pre-credit sequences(aka Teasers)have always been just a way for the audience to get into the episode and basically get all the info they need on the episode before it kicks into full gear. This particular one was no better or worse than the dozens of previous ones that have come before it. After the credit sequence, we continue to focus on the changes made to the Academy as the trio soon discover that the headmaster who was in charge decided to leave, due to bandits as well as the students who have been causing trouble(hmmmm do I sense a connection, how will we ever know). The leader of the Academy since the headmasters department Zylus(played by Young Hercules' Hercules Ryan Gosling)right off the bat shows disdain for Hercules and his plans to revive the Academy to its honorable roots(its funny to also think that maybe Ryan Gosling had a bit of disdain for Kevin Sorbo, since he got used to be center stage as Young Hercules and now has to be a forgettable villain). A few subplots creep up in this episode, one of which is done well enough to be in this episode, while the other just feels thrown in to fill up clock time.

    The first, involves Jason, learning that he and Lilith have a teenage daughter named Seska(played by Young Hercules' Lilith Jodie Rimmer)and his attempts to get to know her. Ok, this story is done pretty well, but a few issues kind of get lost in the non-explaining in the episode. For one, when did Jason and Lilth show interest in each other during the course of Young Hercules' run? I mean watching that series, I always felt that Hercules and Lilith may have had a thing going, not Jason. Also, why is Seska mad at Jason? He had no idea of her existence and Lilith isn't the type who would make it out to be that Jason knew, but didn't care. Other than those issues the story is done pretty well and gives Jason something to do, other than blabber about right and wrong(which this series was annoying of doing). The other story which really wasn't needed, but did help to add the comedy relief involved Iolaus II having to learn to relate to kids as their math teacher, the kids of course start off as unruly, until he learns that his silly jester routine would get them to behave, umm I have a bit of a problem with this. In the real world if a child sees an adult act like a goofball, they will keep on acting like a goofball themselves. When I was younger I got a kick out of this scene, but than realized as I got older that its just in there to take up space. Overall the episode is re-watchable, you won't go away different than you were before, but not many shows do that anyway, especially in this genre. The fight sequence are as wild and fake as usual, which of course is the point to a MYTHOLOGY show like this one. I'd say I would give this episode 3 out of 5 stars.moreless
  • Hercules and Jason return to their old academy with Iolaus II, where they find the place in chaos as a group of renegade cadets are taking over the running of the school. Meanwhile, Jason finds he has a daughter he never knew existed. An average episode..moreless

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    I found this to be an average episode. It has a couple of okay moments, but never really rises much beyond the average mark.

    This episode almost has the feel of a fourth season episode, with not as much screen time for Hercules, and not as much action from him either.

    Although I'm starting to warm to Iolaus II, I found his scenes with the infant pupils quire silly and unnecessary.

    The other subplot, of Jason discovering that with Amazon Lilith, has a daughter that he never knew about, is okay and well played out, but doesn't really hold many twists or surprises.

    I felt there was a bit of a plot hole – indeed we see the principal quickly leaving the academy, but where are the other teachers? This is never explained.

    Once again, I guessed who the villain of the piece (smarmy Zylus as his crowd) was long before it was revealed. I really should find something better to do with my time!

    I also felt that at one point, the story jumped somewhat. After Zylus (Young Hercules Ryan Gosling) and his gang have drugged Jason, Hercules suddenly knows that they're the ones that are causing all the trouble and throws them out. Except he does this without any clues as to their identity whatsoever. I wonder if this was another of those episodes that was overrunning and had to be edited down to fit the 44-odd minute time slot.

    All-in-all, not a bad episode, but as I say, it never really rises beyond average status.moreless

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