Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 3 Episode 19

The End of the Beginning

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Apr 21, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

The End of the Beginning

Hercules was in the middle of a fight with bullies when Autolycus stopped time. Autolycus had stolen the Chronos Stone from King Quallius' palace museum. Suddenly he traveled five years back in time. Hercules witnessed the first meeting of Ares and Serena, the Golden Hind Hercules had married and lost. When Ares tried to kill her, Hercules forced the God of War to spare the Hind's human half. Later, when he and Autolycus returned to the present, Hercules had a bittersweet encounter with Serena, now a happy wife and mother. She had no longer died tragically, but history had changed, wiping out everything they shared together.


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Grant McFarland

Grant McFarland


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David Mackie

David Mackie


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Kara Zediker

Kara Zediker


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Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell


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Kevin Smith (II)


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Hercules: (threatening to kill Ares) This is Hind blood. You know what it can do.
      Ares: You're bluffing. She's dying anyway. What is the point?
      Hercules: It's in your power to take the Hind and spare her human half. Do it!
      Ares: You would kill me over that pathetic creature?
      Hercules: SHE WAS MY WIFE!

    • Hercules: (catching Autolycus with his latest stolen treasure) That's the Chronos Stone. You better hand it over. It was never meant for mere mortal hands.
      Autolycus: Not so fast! I may be mortal, but I'm hardly mere!

    • Younger Autolycus: What happens to me that turns me into you?!
      Autolycus: You know, it's a wonder I ever survived my reckless youth to become the master knave that I am.
      Younger Autolycus: I'd hang myself if it would just put you out of my misery!

    • Younger Autolycus: (to Autolycus) Jerkules is your partner?! What kind of Goody Two Shoes did you turn into?!

    • Autolycus: (after tying up and gagging his younger self) I know this is a huge shock, Hercules, but at one time I was actually obnoxious.

    • Autolycus: You gave Serena her life back. Too bad to do it you had to wipe out everything the two of you would have shared.
      Hercules: Yeah, the best thing that never happened to me.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Although it is not explictly stated in the episode itself, promotional material for this episode states that the Chronos stone takes Autolycus and Hercules five years into the past.

    • They wanted Sam Jenkins (later Sam Sorbo) to reprise her role as Serena, but she didn't want to have to wear all the prosthetics again as the Hind, and declined to take part in this episode. But in later episodes, when there was no danger of her having to wear all of that make-up again, she gladly returned.

    • This story was pitched as a Xena story originally, but it was decided to use this to tie up some loose ends from the Hind trilogy.

    • Disclaimer: Neither the time-space continuum nor any previous storylines were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


    • Ares mentions that the Hercules of his time is searching for the Erymanthean Boar. Capturing this boar was one of Hercules Twelve Labors.

    • Autolycus is disguised as a statue of Hermes, who is the God of Thieves, among other things. Autolycus also remarks about the mercury dust of his disguise, which is an allusion to Hermes' Roman name Mercury.

    • When Hercules meets the two Autolycuses at the campfire, the past version calls his future counterpart a "goodie two shoes" and starts dancing around singing "Mr Goodie Two-Shoes" in mockery. The future Autolycus knocks him out and says "I'm not that good." This is exact dialogue from Bruce Campbell's movie Army of Darkness where his character, Ash, is fighting his evil double. Ash, however, blows his evil doppelganger's head away with a shotgun.