Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 3 Episode 7

The Green-Eyed Monster

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Nov 11, 1996 on USA
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The Green-Eyed Monster
Aphrodite was consumed but jealousy at the notion that Psyche, a mortal, was as beautiful as she. But her son, Cupid, was in love with Psyche. When Hercules was accidentally shot by Cupid's bow, making him fall in love with the girl, Cupid's jealousy transformed him into a green eyed monster. The change was not permanent, and Psyche began to return Cupid's affections. Finally Aphrodite allowed Psyche to keep her beauty on the condition that she live with Cupid on Mount Olympus. For Hercules, the spell was broken when his thoughts turned to his late wife, the only woman he ever truly loved.moreless

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  • Aphrodite's son Cupid is in love with Psyche, a mortal. But Aphrodite is jealous of Psyche's beauty. Hercules is accidentally shot by one of Cupid's arrows, making him too fall in love with Psyche. Lots of running around... not one of the best episodes...moreless

    Not as bad as the poor previous episode, 'Monster Child in the Promised Land', but still hardly one of the best episodes, in my opinion.

    Cupid makes his first appearance in the series, as played by Karl Urban. He is an interesting character, although I didn't find that this episode showcased him all that well.

    This is a rather silly instalment, with everyone falling in love with the wrong person, and lots of chasing around and misunderstandings.

    Salmoneus stumbling across Cupid's accidentally dropped bow could have made for a great sub-plot, but it was hardly used at all and the idea didn't lead anywhere.

    The best point of the episode is probably the CGI effects, as the jealous Cupid turns into the (green eyed) monster and whisks Psyche away to the deserted castle.

    But much beyond that, I can't say that this episode really did much for me. It was around this point that, although I love both series, I started to prefer 'Xena: Warrior Princess', which was offering up far better stories than the last few silly 'Hercules' episodes.moreless
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Susan Ward


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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the only appearance of Cupid on the series, though he would appear two more times on Xena.

    • Nitpick: Aphrodite gives Psyche a cup of Ambrosia to drink, but Ambrosia is the food of the Gods, and Nectar is the drink. It is also at odds with the jello-like ambrosia previously presented on Xena.

    • Nitpick: About ten minutes into this episode, Hercules says that he hasn't seen his mother or Jason since there wedding which took place in season two. This is not true as we see both of those characters in the fifth episode of the third season, "Not Fade Away". This is most likely due to the fact that these episodes were shown in a different order than that in which they were produced.

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    • Greek Mythology: Aphrodite and Adonis

      In this episode, Aphrodite repeatedly tells Cupid that gods shouldn't fall in love with mortals because it won't work out. She emphasizes this, saying, "Believe me, I know." This would seem to refer to Aphrodite's love for the mortal man Adonis, who died while hunting a wild boar (potentially sent by a jealous Ares).

    • Cantankerous Man: I love you, man.

      This is a famous line from an ad campaign for Bud Lite.

    • Greek Mythology: Aphrodite, Eros and Psyche

      In mythology, Aphrodite was jealous of Psyche's beauty and told Eros (Cupid) to make her fall in love with an ugly creature. However, he falls in love with her instead (in some versions, by accidentally pricking himself with his own arrow). He marries her with one caveat- she is never allowed to see him. He takes her to a magnificent mansion and they live happily (in the dark) until her jealous sisters tell her that he must be a monster since she isn't allowed to look at him. She sneaks a peek while he is sleeping, but a drop of hot wax from her candle awakens him and he leaves her. She begs Aphrodite for another chance with her son and the Goddess sets her three seemingly impossible tasks which she successfully accomplishes (with the secret help of Eros, who still loves his wife) and they are reunited. They ask for Zeus' blessing, who grants it along with immortality for Psyche.