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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 2 Episode 7

The Mother of All Monsters

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Oct 16, 1995 on USA
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Episode Summary

The Mother of All Monsters
Echidna was the mother of all monsters, and she was angry. Hercules had fought and killed several of her offspring in the course of his adventures. Now Echidna wanted revenge. She planned to force Hercules' mother, Alcmene, to witness the slaying of her own son before she, too, was put to death. The instrument of Echidna's plan was Demetrius, suitor to Alcmene, but Hercules pursued them to Echidna's underground lair. Weakened by an arrow wound, Hercules still managed to defeat the monster mother, sealing her in a tomb forever.moreless

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  • The "Mother of all Monsters" goes after Hercules and his mother.

    I hate this episode. Echinda was the most annoying creature in the world. Just hearing her whine turned me off. The character was so annoying I couldn't really focus on the episode. Every time I tried to get caught up in the adventure I saw her again and I was brought down. If Echinda was done right I would have at least had some sympathy for her, but I think the voice did her in. It was just over-dramatized and way too much. And Alcmene's dishonest lover-boy, for all his swagger, is defeated way too easily. Hate ... this ... episode.moreless
  • This exciting, enjoyable adventure sees Hercules' mother Alcmene fall in love with a man who is actually working for Echidna, 'the mother of all monsters', in a plot to kill Hercules in revenger for him killing all of her offspring...moreless

    After the weak previous episode, 'Under A Broken Sky', things bounce back into life with this really enjoyable adventure.

    We're into the thick of the action within the first few seconds, as Hercules and Iolaus come to the aid of a peasant, only to find they are in a trap and attacked by a band of warriors. It is just villain Demetrius' opening gambit in his bid to get rid of Hercules. A nice moment comes as, commenting on how they'd rather fight monsters, Iolaus asks "are there even any monsters left?".

    Echidna is brought to life well, with a good costume and suitably monstrous (and slightly haunting) voice.

    She mentions her children as being the Hydra, the She Demon and the Stymphalian Bird. It is interesting to note that these were all monsters that Hercules fought (and destroyed) in the first season of the show.

    The first half of the episode plays as a mystery, as Demetrius (Martin Kove, the villain from 'The Karate Kid') wins over Alcmene. We know he is up to no good, but exactly what his plan is we don't know yet.

    As if that wasn't enough, Echidna conjures up a troupe of female warriors all dressed in some funky matching costumes, each armed with a crossbow loaded with poisonous arrows.

    Mid-way through the plot becomes apparent, as Demetrius kidnaps Alcmene, and Hercules is hit by one of the female archers' poisonous arrows which almost wipes him out.

    After he has had a miraculous recovery, Herc and Iolaus are on the path of Alcmene, leading up to a great showdown. [mild spoiler] I like how Alcmene asks Hercules to spare Echidna's life, and you just know that it's not the last time we're going to see the giant, tentacled creature in the series. [end of spoiler]

    This is a really good episode, and an enjoyable one to watch.moreless
Martin Kove

Martin Kove


Guest Star

Katrina Misa

Katrina Misa

Archer #2

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Don Linden

Don Linden

Master of Ceremonies

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Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Iolaus: (referring to the bandit leader who attacked them) Won't even show his face. How can you have fun fighting a guy like that?
      Hercules: I suppose you'd rather fight a monster.
      Iolaus: Are there any left?

    • Alcmene: Maybe I'm being too bold.
      Demetrius: Don't be silly, all you're doing is providing a public service. You're giving your neighbors something to talk about besides the weather.
      Alcmene: I already did that when I was young and foolish.

    • Iolaus: Look, I know you're worried about your mother, but right now you have other problems. Someone's trying to kill you.
      Hercules: That happens all the time. I don't have the energy to be impressed.

    • Alcmene: (about her boyfriend's treachery) You're a monster!
      Demetrius: I am nothing compared to what you're about to see.

    • Echidna: Hercules! Why isn't he dead?
      Hercules: Bad archers.
      Alcmene: Good genes.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Greek myth claims Echidna once stole the horses of Hercules, and would not return them until he slept with her. From this the triplets Agathyrsus, Gelanus and Scythes were born. The latter became the king of the Scythians.