Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 2 Episode 4

The Siege at Naxos

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Sep 25, 1995 on USA

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  • A innocent fishing trip goes awry.

    This is an entertaining little romp of an episode that starts (innocently enough) with a fishing trip for Hercules and Iolaus. But of course, an episode about fishing would be boring... well not really Xena pulled it off a couple of times. You can tell the writers/producers were real fond of it.

    Anyway, the good times are interupted by a murder and Herc and Iolaus take it upon themselves to take the Barbarian Warrior to justice. Sounds easy enough except they find themselves persued by the Barbarian's army and end up Baracading themselves in a fort full of dead men in order to hold off the army. The plot was simple enough and fun enough to be entertaining, mostly due to the acting talent present. We have another "you're a girl" moment when Elora (gal-of-the-week) falls on Herc while attacking him. These are getting old after the Amazons, Xena, Atalanta, Oi-Lan etc. You'd think they'd be over finding women ready for battle. And even though it turns out she's not a warrior woman, the surprise is getting old. Still, she and her VERY amusing father turned out to be fun characters. As did Goth, who is (symbolically) the "spoiled favorite son" of his warrior band. Brian Tompson (who plays Goth) is well known for playing scary villians on shows like The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. But his brilliance here is shockingly in being annoying. I mean I knew the guy could look impossing, but I didn't know he could act. He played the annoying, spoiled, warrior jerk so well I couldn't help but smile and laugh throughout his performance. He also plays a smooth, slick talking bad boy with the gal-of-the week with the same ease. I was plesantly surprised to see him out of a "ultimate evil bad guy" role.

    All in all, in fact, the episode was a fun easy watch and it's tottally one of my "re-watch for fun" episodes.
  • Taking the murderous Goth to stand trail in Athens, Hercules and Iolaus are surrounded in an ancient and (almost) deserted fort, with Goth's bloodthirsty barbarian army all around, in this simple but hugely enjoyable tale...

    After two average installments ('All That Glitters' and the rather disappointing 'What's In A Name?') things spring back into life with this absolutely cracking episode.

    We first find Hercules and Iolaus in this episode fishing. While Iolaus is doing it the more traditional ancient way, Hercules is using a more unconventional method. Little moments like this liven up even the dullest of stories.

    One thing I did notice – usually, the film stock used in the series is quite good, but at the beginning of this episode, during the initial brawl before Goth is captured, the film quality during some of Iolaus' footage is really grainy and poor, like they didn't realize until after shooting had wrapped, or simply didn't have time to do it again.

    Naturally, there are a couple of odd inhabitants of the fort for Herc and Iolaus to encounter – a young woman and her frail father, who is fond of a good drink and has been chained up in the fort for many years.

    The reason that the fort has become deserted, filled with skeletons of its former guards, is never really delved into; but I didn't really find myself asking this question until the story was over and done with.

    The plot itself is pretty simple, but not any the weaker for it, giving it a 'bold' sort of feel. And I often find that these simpler tales are just as effective (sometimes even more so) that the more complicated ones.
    Later on in the tale the story does verge on having a slight feel of padding to it, but its not too severe, and the episode is over before it becomes overly apparent.

    All-in-all, I really enjoy watching this great episode. It's simple, but very watchable and likable.