Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 2 Episode 12

The Sword of Veracity

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Jan 08, 1996 on USA
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The Sword of Veracity
The legendary Sword of Veracity renders one incapable of lying. Hercules and Iolaus set out to find the sword in the Thalian Caves, believing the sword was the key to exonerating their friend, Amphion. Trachis, the evil tyrant of the town of Pluribus, had framed the peaceful warrior for murder. With the help of Leah, who turned out to be Amphion's fiancée, Hercules and Iolaus found the Sword of Veracity and fought off several sword-wielding Minotaurs. Finally, they returned to Pluribus and made Trachis admit his treachery. Amphion was freed, and the town celebrated his marriage to Leah.moreless

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  • Herc and Iolaus search for the "Sword of Truth" to help a friend.

    This is an "okay" episode, the funniest bit being Iolaus falling in love with the supposed "hestial virgin" Leah. Of course it's pretty obvious she's faking from moment one. Still, she provides some amusement along the way. And it's hilarious how Herc suggest the cold shower to cool Iolaus down. This is one of the few situations where Iolaus doesn't get the girl as she's already in love with someone else. Amphion is played as a "redeemed" man of war who now preaches peace. I felt was suppose to be moved by Amphion's fate, but I never really was moved by him enough to care about him. The primary villian of the story who (surprise, surprise) calls on Hera to bother Hercules and keep him from the "Sword of Truth" is as carboard evil guy as you get. Watchable episode, but not one I'm in love with.moreless
  • When a friend of Hercules and Iolaus' is accused of murder, the duo must find the legendary Sword of Veracity that forces the truth to be told, to exhonorate him. This story mostly feels like it was designed to bump up the season's episode count...moreless

    I found it hard to really care about this episode. Beyond a couple of okay moments, it just felt like a rather hollow adventure one to me.

    It seems overly convenient that Hercules and Iolaus arrive on the scene to visit their old friend Amphion moments before he is accused of murder, but hey, that's television!

    Iolaus falling in love with Leah, the supposed Hestial virgin, and the pair telling lies to find the real Sword of Veracity amongst a pile of fakes, are the episode's only real notable moments.

    Meanwhile, Hercules has to deal with not one, but several Minotaurs, played by Anthony Ray Parker, the same person who played the Minotaur in the fifth television movie, 'Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur'. It is an interesting enemy, and deserved a better episode to be featured in.

    With the monsters (Minotaurs) and the influence of Hera, this in some ways feels like a first season episode. (Although it is not of the quality of most of those offerings)

    Once you've watched this episode through once, I found it didn't have all that much re-watchability value. I hadn't watched it for years until I came to review it. There are some potentially fair elements, but in my opinion, they just didn't have their hearts in this one as much; it just seems to be designed to push up the season's episode count.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Hestian (or Hestial) Virgins, the virgin Priestess' of the Goddess Hestia are responsible for guarding the "toys" of the Gods, such as the Sword of Veracity and the Shield of Forgetfulness.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Searching caves for the Sword of Veracity)
      Hercules: Any luck?
      Iolaus: No, just some broken wine jugs and love letters all over the walls. I mean, what is it about kids these days?

    • Trachis: (as he tortures Amphion) I can help you if you'll let me. All you have to do is to go out there and admit you were wrong. Tell them to pay their tribute and respect my authority. If you do that, I'm sure the real killer will turn up somewhere and you'll go free. And if you don't, your naive ideas about peace will die with you.

    • Iolaus: Well, how are we going to find the right cave? I mean, do we just say, 'Hey, here we are,' and expect it to pop up in front of us?
      Hercules: We could try that.
      Iolaus: No, better yet, we spin a stick and go in whatever direction it points.
      Hercules That sounds even better.
      Iolaus: Herc, you do have a plan, don't you?!

    • Hercules: (when asked for advice on dealing with a Virgin Priestess) All right, if nothing else works here's what you do. First you find a lake or river, but it can't be just any lake or river.
      Iolaus: No?
      Hercules: No, it's got to be cold. Colder the better, in fact, it should be freezing.
      Iolaus: Okay, then what?
      Hercules: Jump in.
      Iolaus: What, and that works?
      Hercules: Every time.
      Iolaus: How do you know?
      Hercules: I've employed the method once or twice in my life.

    • Iolaus: Uh, I don't mean to pry, but how does a woman like you get to be a Virgin, anyway?

    • Lead Guard: (under the influence of the Sword of Veracity) Don't hurt me! I'm a coward, honest, I just work for Trachis cause he pays well... girls like the uniform. I'll do anything! Please, please let me go.
      Leah: Get out of here. (points the sword at another guard) And what about you?
      Guard: My father beat me when I was a kid. Being a bully is all I know.
      Hercules: Well, it's never too late to change.
      Guard: I always liked working with my hands. I could make pottery! Bruce and I can open that interior decorating business we've always dreamed about!

    • Leah: Iolaus, I'm sorry. I didn't set out to mislead you.
      Iolaus: Look on the bright side, Leah. Least I won't burn in Tartarus for having fantasies about a Virgin Priestess.

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